New Stuff Coming to the Pet Store!
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We’ve got some new stuff coming to the Pet Store, and we wanted to give everyone a quick sneak peek. Obviously, the Pet Store has been the place where we sell pets and mounts, but we’ve come up with some new types of cosmetic goodies, including some fun new little toys and Transmogrifiables.

First up: a trio of cosmetic helms for Transmogrification. ( Jewel of the Firelord, Hood of Hungering Darkness, and Crown of Eternal Winter) When Transmog went into the game, people immediately started talking about the possibility of just buying armor looks. So we’re going ahead and forging a few helms and seeing how they fit. They don’t have any stats, they’re just for looks, and you can use them to change the appearance of the helms for any characters of any class or race (they work with all armor types). They’re great for spicing up a Transmog set—or replacing a tier head piece you hate the looks of. No need to check that ‘Hide Helm’ box any longer!

Here are a few images, but keep in mind that these are all special-effecty and animated in a really cool way. You may have even seen these models pop up on Wowhead or MMO-Champion earlier this year.

We’re also trying out something else new. A lot of people have liked the kinds of fun, limited-use items you can get from the WoW TCG—so we’re taking that idea to the Pet Store. Soon you’ll be able to snag two fun new little toys: the Seesaw and Iron Hitching Post!

You can jump on the Seesaw with a party member and relive the childhood glee of trying to slam your friend into the ground . . . or you can have a big ogre named Lunk launch them into the air. Really, though, you’ll probably just look super cute gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. D’awwwww.

True story: Worgen are exactly the same weight as Ogres.

The Iron Hitching Post is a little different: It’s an item you set down that allows you and up to 24 of your closest raiding cohorts to each jump on your own new unearthly Iron Warhorse mount. You can use it for smaller parties too, and it’s also great for Battlegrounds. Imagine the look on your opponents’ faces when they see a unified front of ghost horses galloping toward them . . . just to ruin everything and capture Snowfall Graveyard. (STOP IT!)

Hyah ghost-steed! Later I’ll feed you some ghost-oats in the ghost-barn.

We don’t have specific release dates for any of these items yet, but you can expect to see them show up in the Pet Store in the near future.

Let us know what you think, and what other kinds of fun and cosmetic items you might like to see in the Pet Store in the comments below!
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  1. Ziddy's Avatar
    And now we know why there is no resources left to create 5 man dungeons - It's time spent on money grabbing scams like this. I already pay a subscription to the game, I should not need to pay more to get cosmetic items which have been developed and paid for with my subscription money.
  1. Balong's Avatar
    To be honest, i don't like those helmets and this new mount.

    So, no danger with my money. XD
  1. Mojo Risin's Avatar
    How short-sighted can people get?

    Micro-transactions are great, so long as they don't break the game. A lot of people pay for this stuff, and Blizzard will make a ton from it that goes back into creating more game content.

    How can anyone be opposed? If you don't want to buy anything, fine, don't. But at least see the obvious benefit this will be to the game as a whole. What Blizzard invest in this they get back a thousand-fold.
  1. Redmage's Avatar
    This is not good...
  1. GrieverXIII's Avatar
    In before revamped models on the Pet Store. That would be absolutly hilarious.
  1. Creotor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Conical View Post
    They may look awesome at first but then, once you see everyone running around with those helms, they won't be as cool anymore. Trust me. Save your money and thanks me later.
    They will probably put in a lot more of them, to introduce variety. Unless the amount of complaints is enormous; in that case they may not continue with this at all.
  1. Prince Oberyn Martell's Avatar
    Any smart customer would not support this... Use your brains people, stop throwing your money at Blizzard before they start selling (old) tier-sets too...
  1. Netherspark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rogueMatthias View Post
    Since when were cosmetics not a part of the game that we're paying for? Since when were they not included in our subscriptions???

    Getting sick of this argument. Without cosmetics this games just a load of maths and RNG, the cosmetics ARE what makes it a game and creates the world. Infact, now we have transmog, cosmetic appearance is JUST as important to a lot of players as the quality of the armour.

    Speaking as a Rogue, our latest PVP AND PVE armours have been PISS poor for a long time. Ranging from "really lazy and not thought out" to "a fuckin horrendous mess". Last season we had to look like someone had emptied their KFC leftovers over our heads. Blizzard actually designing cooler armour to sell for an additional cost is an insult.

    This is MEANT to be a Pay to Pay model. With Blizzard trying to have a F2P model at the same time, and getting every penny they can from players, is IS a pisstake and disrespectful to those with subscriptions, even if you aren't using that armour.
    This is exactly the point. It's not about "if it's cosmetic or not", it's about taking things that should be included in the subcription fee and charging extra for them.

    Nobody really knows how far this is going to go. Just look at SwTor - you have to pay extra for additional hairstyles, races and quests on top of subscription fees. Is Wow going to end up like that? Are they going to try to boosts store sales by putting less cool stuff into the sub-only game?
  1. Amerrol's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziddy View Post
    And now we know why there is no resources left to create 5 man dungeons - It's time spent on money grabbing scams like this. I already pay a subscription to the game, I should not need to pay more to get cosmetic items which have been developed and paid for with my subscription money.
    Yeah, but Ghostcrawler says it's too costly and time consuming to create new art for dungeons! The art team must have been hard at work for all the new items that are going to be rolling out the next few months.
  1. Woakerio's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    They are charging you for unique and high quality (unobtainable) models. In a subscription based game where they have a large emphasis on cosmetics. Challenge modes are an example of this, they offer high quality armour sets for completing difficult challenges. By adding gear into a micro transaction system, its just inexcusable. Especially when you already pay a subscription.

    Its a bad path they are going down, so far its just been getting worse.
    WoW has most often emphasized the importance of stats on gear, not the looks. Until the shop has stat gear, it isn't a big deal; meanwhile GW2 adds an item to Black Lion chests that grants a level/skill point but people say its ok because its a free monthly game :P
  1. tuckfruck's Avatar
    Fuck this shit I'll quit if they keep up with this.
  1. Millennía's Avatar
    Even though I don't play anymore (thankfully after seeing this) I still think this is shocking and hugely hypocritical of Blizzard. Over the course of MoP we have heard the excuses that they can't make 5 man dungeons because they take too long mostly due to the art and new player models are taking a very long time because the art team needs to find the time in between creating new content. Then all of a sudden they magically find a lot of time to create cosmetic items for the cash shop? Yea...
  1. Woakerio's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cherrypowdah View Post
    Fuck this shit I'll quit if they keep up with this.
    Don't quit, just /spit on players wearing the transmog headpieces and go about your day because nothing will change
  1. vawugz's Avatar
    A lot of Pandaria fun items have 10-30 minute cooldowns.

    So far everything they show in the pet store has a 3 minute cooldown

    Thanks blizz
  1. jimlow's Avatar
    Gets Popcorn...This aught to be good.
  1. rewn's Avatar
    Don't know why people are so upset/annoyed by this. Many saw it coming and it's not really detrimental to the game. It gives Blizzard extra money which continues their ability to develop the game. And for people who pull the "its just more profit for them", what the hell is wrong with that? If you were in their position you'd want as much profit as you could make too. Shouldn't put others down for doing the same.
  1. AK_47's Avatar
    Haha, april fools ?

    It seems americans forgot who raised them ...

    Dear Americans, we, Europeans are your fathers, we raised you and fed you. We are smarter and stronger .. you can't fool us.

    thanks for trying. (again)

    So long ..
  1. Smeeh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    Mind if i bookmark this and quote it in a year or two when you're proven wrong?

    Otherwise, Blizzard lost its soul a long while ago so they can keep milking all they want, its way over my head at this point.
    Yea, you can put it right a long side the quote of people saying the same thing about the guardian pet, or the ones saying the EXACT same thing when the celestial steed was announced. I'm pretty sure that according to people like you i should have been able to buy fully geared max level characters a few years ago.
  1. PuppetShowJustice's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    In before revamped models on the Pet Store. That would be absolutly hilarious.
    Man, I'm kind of hoping that they do this now just to witness the outrage.
  1. SodiumChloride's Avatar
    And down the slippery slope we go ... weeeeee

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