Blizzard Trademarks "The Dark Below" - WoW or D3 Expansion?
Blizzard just trademarked "The Dark Below" and it definitely looks like it has something to do with a new game or expansion!

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It could be anything, but it could also be the next WoW expansion. With Gamescom coming up in a couple of days, we could also be looking at the name of the next Diablo 3 expansion.

In any case, it looks like it's time to jump on the speculation train until we can get our hands on more information.

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  1. Azax's Avatar
    "The demons from the Dark Below apparently exist apart from the Burning Legion, who reside in the Twisting Nether."

    Considering its believed by most the next expansion will involve the legion this is kinda fitting i guess
  1. Veyne's Avatar
    It's almost DEFINITELY, like 98% surely, the Diablo 3 expansion. Especially considering the other week Blizzard said they'd have announcement for Gamescom this month and said something about heaven and hell.
  1. Leonheart327's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by masteryuri View Post
    Azshara, diablo, guys are you all mad?
    Tbh I would prefer either. It's going to be a kickass expansion anyways xD
  1. Ultramonkey's Avatar
    Didn't Diablo fall from Heaven at the end of Diablo 3? Yeah pretty sure it's Diablo expansion.
  1. Digory Kirke's Avatar
    I'd agree, its either a South Seas WoW expansion or D3.
  1. Boricha's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mightypally View Post
    could be something to do with burning legion maybe?
    It's not The Burning Below, silly
  1. Berri's Avatar
    Hello N'zoth!

    If you guys remember, Ozumat was listed as a 'Fiend of The Dark Below.'

    Never been so sure of anything in my life.
  1. mmoc9444fef82b's Avatar
    Ra'Den and Stormrage book "mentioned" Dark Below, also = Next WoW Expansion
  1. Kalcheus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    The Dark Below is literally from WoW. Word for word, it is part of the Burning Legion.
    RPG is not canon. Sorry, playing Dark Below's Advocate here.
  1. serenka's Avatar
    if its WoW expansion i think it will be old god, sleeping in the dark below.
  1. Thyranne's Avatar
    A bit off topic:

    When is Gamescon?
  1. Schmeebs's Avatar
    i would be dissappointed if they announced the wow xpac before blizzcon, because that means blizzcon will be d3 centric :/
  1. Nivena's Avatar
    I think it's the Diablo 3 expansion since they will most probably announce it at gamescom & the high heavens are 'clear' of Diablos grasp.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Thyranne View Post
    A bit off topic:

    When is Gamescon?
    august 21-25
  1. tobiashunter's Avatar
    So far, I've searched USPTO and OHIM and this is not trademarked on either? Where is the trademark located?
  1. mmoce994820d54's Avatar
    D3 if its even d3 or wow.
  1. The Stormbringer's Avatar
    The 'Dark Below' is another way of saying Hell or the Twisting Nether, so while it is entirely possible they retconned the meaning, I think it's entirely possible we could have either our next Burning Legion expansion coming down the pipeline, or they decided to use the same phrase for Diablo 3... or maybe change its meaning altogether to have a N'zoth and Azshara expansion. There's literally no way to know yet! I'M SO EXCITED!
  1. mmocde4cab52d3's Avatar
    I hope for WoW, and hope it's not underwater shit ...
  1. Vermicious's Avatar
    Sounds more like something for Diablo...
  1. damonskye's Avatar
    For those thinking it's a D3 expansion... why would Blizzard wait until a few days before Gamescom to register a trademark? Obviously they've probably already printed the signs for their booth, their merchandise, etc.

    Remember, if they waited so long to register their trademark on this, all it would take is a very unscrupulous person to register it out from under them, and then they have a problem.

    No, this is something you do months in advance. If it's true that this was just registered... it's not for D3, if such an expansion is being unveiled at Gamescom.
  1. MrKnubbles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    The Dark Below is literally from WoW. Word for word, it is part of the Burning Legion.
    It's not confirmed that it's tied to the Burning Legion. They came from the Twisting Nether which is UP, this is implying that it is DOWN. They only when I can see that this is Burning Legion is if it's under Outland or another new planet. I would love a Burning Legion expansion though. That's what I've been waiting for.

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