Blizzard Trademarks "Corgis Unleashed" (Okay, not really)
It's time to end the fun party we've been having for the past 24H. As it turns out, it's pretty easy to add whatever the hell you want on a .gov website. According to this new page, Blizzard just trademarked Corgis Unleashed, a game that according to our sources would kind of look like this.

Edit: Apparently the original news was too subtle, the "Corgis Unleashed" trademark was registered this morning for fun, as it turns out, there is absolutely no check and anyone can register something under Blizzard's name. This is an application, not a confirmation, you don't even need to pay the $275 application fee.

We probably jumped on the bandwagon a little early and I spent the past 24H double checking stuff since it was basically everywhere, I guess today is just not the day. Sorry guys, going to call the whole The Dark Below thing a hoax.
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  1. dave20010's Avatar
    I wanted Corgi's unleashed
  1. mmoc6c30925f7e's Avatar
    It'd be nice though to have an entire game about corgis
  1. mmocde93fb022d's Avatar
    corgis unleashed would have been the best thing ever, haha
  1. toliman's Avatar

  1. mmoc8cdb07cb56's Avatar
    Wait...what if the Corgis are the Warlords?!
  1. Saerise's Avatar
    Best expansion ever! LOL.

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