Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar Trailer Unleashed
The Patch 5.4 trailer has been released! You can see more of the new Garrosh model animations here, including some fun facial expressions.

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  1. PolarVargen's Avatar
    1:26 in this trailer. Those few seconds are so disappointing. Is that supposed to be a battle cry? From what I understand, orcs battle cries are earsplittingly loud, especially Grom Hellscreams battle cry, thus his name - Hellscream.

    Maybe it's intended as Garrosh sighing at the insult about his father..
  1. Chimeras79's Avatar
    Impressive cinematic!
    Always a great job, Blizzard!
  1. Revic's Avatar
    Bad ass trailer. voice of garrosh could have had more balls, deeper, growlier.
  1. jishdefish's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Romanthony View Post
    Oki 2 things i noticed here.
    the first being Notice how they dont show any of the other orcs, As if they Keeping there models out the picture, since Player models are incomming? blizzcon announcement Imo)

    And regarding Taren Zu If you notice, Garrosh Simply "caught" him on the top of his Axe, not his sharp end, if he is dead, it be Due to the Sha Explosion not Garrosh
    That's what I thought, but I watched it again. He landed on the front of the axe (albeit at an odd angle) and not the top. If he had landed at the top I'm pretty sure he would have only been winded and been able to continue the fight (and the sound effect that plays is a slice, not a thud). That said, I think he probably survived both.
  1. SodiumChloride's Avatar

    The usual 1D characters and "meaningless" dialogue (mostly made up of taunts; reminds me of wrestling "dialogue") we have come to expect from Blizzard.
  1. Viscera's Avatar
    Garrosh acting tough only to end up being beaten by a bunch of LFR scrubs
  1. Celawien's Avatar
    So Trolls, BE, Undead and Goblins.....those that supported Garrosh and his work, what do you think of him now after his comment? "They are not part of MY horde". Basically according to him if you are not an Orc in HIS army then F**K YOU and you should die. Gonna be so much fun blowing him up in the upcoming raid.
  1. RaoBurning's Avatar
    That was pretty hot.
  1. Kalcheus's Avatar
    "All who challenge me will burn in the fires of my hatred"
    "U mad bro?"
  1. n00bmeister's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Why did Taran Zhu didn't even bring his Shado Pan army with him? They could've ambushed all the orcs, burned down the bridge, and overwhelm Garrosh with more men... then they would have the hearth to destroy.
    If those were members of the Shado Pan fighting Garrosh's Kor'kron forces then that is your answer (although they should have switched to attack Garrosh). However, if those were members of the Golden Lotus then I'm just as confused as you. But would you really have wanted them to kill Garrosh? I would rather kill him myself xD
  1. Hightotemz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Viscera View Post
    Garrosh acting tough only to end up being beaten by a bunch of LFR scrubs
    So true, it wouldn't be the case with Jeff Kaplans wow.
  1. WarpKnight's Avatar
    I was waiting for Garrosh to decapitate Taran Zhu, but it never happened
  1. D9elitex's Avatar
  1. Xargoth6634's Avatar
    Holy shit. It's going down.
  1. Cerura's Avatar
    So for all of those who made fun of "heart" as in "Let our powers combine: earth - fire - wind - water - heart!": 3:44 And that was only combined with water...
  1. Rustedsaint's Avatar
    poor Taran Zhu always getting his @ss handed to him =P.
  1. Soulfròst's Avatar
    I am definitely excited about this. Great job on the trailer. You know, I wasn't really feeling the whole pandas thing throughout the whole expansion. But I watched all of the Burdens of Shaohao videos yesterday and the story it tells is, in my opinion, quite good. I enjoyed it and now I don't look so glum upon the Pandaria thing. But, still. Bring on The Dark Below or whatever the heck it's called. Gief moar Legion!
  1. Seasz's Avatar
    Fuck the whore
  1. Nuvuk's Avatar
    I though Taran Zhu was still alive now hes dead? He may have been stubborn to visitors of pandaria but I was getting used to him. Garrosh must die.
  1. Anjerith's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by markdall View Post
    Good question - how the F do you get impaled on the flat dull end of an axe?
    If it can happen, Taran Zhu will do it.

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