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Beta Patch 3749 - EU Preparation Patch

Patch 5.4 - Spawn of Galakras
Patch 5.4 adds the Reins of Galakras mount, which is a reward from the Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider achievement. Keep in mind that this achievement can be completed in Flex, Normal, or Heroic difficulty.

FEEDBACK: The Gates of Retribution (LFR)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The second wing of Siege of Orgrimmar is now available on Raid Finder mode, and will remain available through Monday, September 2.

Please use this thread to provide feedback on any of the bosses being tested in this wing, including group makeup (premade, random, mixed) and Determination stack count.

PTR Hotfix to RPPM Mechanics
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hi folks,

Over the last few days we identified a glitch that was causing the “time since last chance to proc” counter of RPPM mechanics to reset unnecessarily, regardless of whether the effect had actually had a chance to activate. This was resulting in much lower than intended proc rates for RPPM effects on the 5.4 PTR.

We’ve applied a hotfix that should resolve the issue, but wanted you to be aware – RPPM trinkets (and other effects) should be activating more regularly on the PTR now. Note that this issue was unique to the 5.4 PTR and is not present on live servers.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Battlefield: Barrens Ending Soon
Vanity rewards that reflect the achievements of the player should follow the player, not simply be restricted to a character that may very well be set aside one day.
Agree to disagree? I have my Tabard of the Protector on a single character, and I'll always cherish that item, and remember that I was there for the Burning Crusade launch with that specific character. She was there, she stepped through the portal at midnight, and that's not some generic reward all my characters have. I can see the appeal of having that available to all my characters, but personally I quite like that the character itself has a history, and has individual accomplishments, rather than everything I do being given to every new character I make.

I totally get that not everyone is going to care about building a legacy of experience with each character, and they just want everything to be account-wide, but obviously there are others that appreciate that being at a point in the history of the game with a specific character leaves some kind of lasting mark on that character.

so glad I spent 2 hours last week farming the head-shrinka only for it to be removed. Cool.
It's not going to be removed from your character, he means removed from being obtainable to anyone that doesn't already have it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
about the gamebreaker interview: Heroic scenarios are not premade content. Most people chose the first people from trade chat
That's still premade, just premade without much effort. You still have more control over the group than LFD. (Source)
Have you forgot what desaster 5 mans were in tbc without df?
There was no alternative though. With scenarios, normal = matchmaking, heroic = premades. Could have worked for dungeons maybe. (Source)

Any chance on having the other scenarios scaled up to heroic? I really enjoy heroic scenarios.
No immediate plans, but we'd call heroic scenarios a big success. They are very popular, despite lack of matchmaking. Yay. (Source)

Raid Finder
No other game forces you to complete it on easy mode before you have access to the way was intended to be played
I think you are assuming intentions that aren't actually there. If you are an LFR player, then the intent is LFR is for you. (Source)

That's a very valid concern, and one I've raised. The activation barrier to being social is feeling insurmountable.
I don't think LFR is ever going to feel very social, nor was it intended to be. OTOH, features like Flex have a decent chance. (Source)

thoughts on limiting lfr? Say 10/12 available bosses -> incentive to push normals, exclusivity for norm/hc.
Potentially. We all like exclusive content. You just can't let that come at the expense of content in general. (Source)
but its also a question wether content is lfr appropriate by design. Lei Shen wasn't, so why force it? Sour taste.
We tried to push it a bit with Lei Shen LFR. Should it be a goal that NO communication or coordination is required for LFR ever? (Source)

It's infact a broad audience gamestyle, while organized raiding is and was niche.
That's not really accurate. LK Nax and ICC had huge participation without LFR. (Source)
The diff was they were fairly forgiving, which is what we're going for with flex. (Source)

It's essentially solo play. I don't know anyone else in LFR plus trolls are there
LFR is ideally for when you're between friends or your friends aren't online. (Source)
I just don't think playing WoW completely as a solo game would be a great experience. (Source)
We expect to see flex pugs spring up in a month. Even that is more social than LFR. (Source)
We will see how it will work out. I would love flex to be successfull.
Give it a few weeks for players to learn the fights and let us know how it goes. (Source)

I really have to agree here, it feels like being punished for only being able to run LFR
It's a carrot. If you can get every reward from LFR there is much less motivation to play with friends. (Source)
Short term, we get that solo is a big convenience. Long term, we think it drives players away from the game. (Source)
Your fixation on "organized gameplay" is scary, even if it is just not successfull at all.
It's a multiplayer game. Organized gameplay is it's heart and soul. (Source)
playing is it's heart and soul. And please tell me which letter in MMORPG stands for organized
The second one, as I said. If you ignore all those other players or treat them as NPCs then why not play Skyrim or something? (Source)

I would have to agree that LFR is in a weird place. It is fun for everybody to see it once or twice but then it gets old. fast
Some motivation to perform would go a long way. Currently success is nearly guaranteed whether you are paying attention or not. (Source)
I don't think we could make LFR so challenging that you have to perform well, but there are other approaches. (Source)

Could you disable the chance for TF items to drop until after world first H clears? Or maybe "non-raid" patches.
Getting a weapon vs not during world first > getting a TF weapon vs non TF weapon. (Source)

Can you address 10m vs. 25m thunderforged loot? 10m almost never gets the drops they can use in TF form.
Ten has so many other benefits though. Doesn't 25 get to have a few? (Source)
weapons tend to be the biggest problem - can we just not have TF weapons at all?
It makes me sad to talk about removing the most exciting, powerful drops just because players can't count on getting them. (Source)
If I can't count on getting the best drops, that's fine. If Method can't, then something is wrong with the system
Method is affected far more by whether a weapon drops period than whether a TF one does. (Source)
They are going to clear the zone with very few drops per boss period. They may have raiders with 1-2 heroic pieces at first. (Source)

Why is that? NA Subs don't want harder bosses in 25 and gear separation? I miss how the loot diff was separate in 25.
We locked 10 and 25 based on burnout complaints from NA/EU but Asia had a strong tradition of running both, so they still can. (Source)
Note that I am generalizing regions here. No doubt there are burned out Chinese or NA/EU players who want to raid more a week. (Source)

ilvl jumps between tiers are insanely huge. why did you guys think this was a good idea?
Otherwise raiders can't improve their gear every week to beat new bosses. (Source)
We have also found, through feedback, that 13-19 ilevels of power feels, psychologically, like a noticeable increase. (Source)

Why not remove enrage timers from bosses in normal modes? WoW has too many guides for maxing DPS. This would help reduce that.
The timers are pretty relaxed in 5.2 compared to 5.0. Without them, risk of normal guilds bringing 10 healers and nearly no DPS. (Source)

You disguise "We were wrong" as "Were trying something else" though. Cant remember you ever saying you were wrong
We were wrong to make the DMF trinkets so powerful without giving them an appropriate ilevel to communicate that intent. (Source)
We were wrong to put so much emphasis on daily quests that locked gear in 5.0. (Source)
We were wrong to make Cataclysm dungeons hard without offering any alternative for the LFD crowd. (Source)
I'd like to see 4 difficulties for dungeons. Leveling, Max Level, Heroic Max Level, and Challenge. Epics for H mode like TBC.
Yeah, we think tough heroics could work so long as they aren't the only route to gearing for LFR and flex raiding. (Source)

I would be really pleased, knowing that I can be staisfied with 300 points in a busy week, and 1700 when I'm off duty.
Yeah the challenge is that if some players earned 1700 a week, others would think that's what they had to do to keep up. (Source)
why not put a cap limit on spending instead of gaining like lesser charms
I said a few weeks ago that a spending cap has potential. It just needs bulletproofing (example: We offer refunds). (Source)

LK model worked well here. Lots of new content addressed 11 geared toons now what syndrome. Not sustainable?
We saw the alt explosion in the ICC and DS tiers though. Guess which equivalent tier hasn't shipped yet. (Source)

so, unh, isn't it a little backwards to do so much raid testing before the tuning pass is done?
The raid testing helps us with the tuning and also with the raid mechanics (and fun) in general. (Source)
There will be plenty of raid tests with stable numbers as well. (Source)

Do you think that perhaps many people are intimidated by raiding guilds, and prefer to see content on own terms
I'm not sure that's common. You don't need to be in a hardcore guild to be in a fun guild that still raids (or not even). (Source)

Please don't even consider normal raids for flex. It's the last thing I really enjoy in this game, it's fine the way it is.
You aren't ever sad when you have to turn someone away or cancel a raid when too few show? That's the strength of flex. (Source)

with the celestials been the new nalak/sha. are the loot tables linked i.e. kill one thats it or 4 chances for loot
it's one a week. Pick which one you want to fight. (Source)
So to be clear, they all share the same loot-lockout and loot table?
Yes. (Source)

Have you guys ever considered/talked about, making your own verison, or possibly working with the guys from WoWProgress?
We would have to make a lot of hard calls, like whether skipping the 2nd boss to kill the 4th and 5th is more or less progress. (Source)

Fan Art
You can find a high res version of this artwork here.

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  1. lyphe's Avatar
    You can take that mount and XXXX it.

    You release the incredible BAT mount on the store for people to buy, then toss out that re-skinned piece of crap for your subscription raiders as a reward for months of effort? I really want to continue loving you guys, but you make it hard with the garbage you keep providing as big time reward mounts. Maybe it's time to capitulate and pick up a copy of FFXIV like my friends have been encouraging.
  1. Gemini4t's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GGA1759 View Post
    So Flex raids which are easier than Normal and you can still get the Glory Achievement? Why not just give the mount away for completing LFR? What's to stop any group, including Guilds, from doing Flex since it's easier and you still can get the mount? People mainly take the path of least resistance. And there are some people who think Blizzard has not dumbed down the game. LOL
    A lot of guilds have to choose between doing an achievement run on a fight or doing it on heroic. With flex having a seperate lockout from Normal/Heroic, they can now focus on progression, and pick up achievements on an off-night.
  1. lyphe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nexsa View Post
    Raid for fun and enjoyment, not a mount. When I see people complain about a reward that isn't even needed and is part of doing bosses different is annoying. Also, I think it looks nice.

    I hope when some of you people have kids you don't look and the kids and go, "Damn it! A reused model."

    Fan art looks amazing!
    Look, that argument is old.

    There is a reason that thousands of people run marathons. They don't need to. They could go run in the park and get the same "enjoyment" out of it. But part of the experience is the prize at the end. And so yes, people will raid for the fun ... but when you have a prize worth striving for - then the trip is all that much more fun.

    In life, all you really need is a roof and food. But the other stuff adds to the journey. Wow isn't a communist era apartment building where you should be happy with what you get. It's a game ... for entertainment. So it is completely justifiable for people to be sorely disappointed when the 'reward' they want to chase is a complete let down, to the point that you don't even care about it.

    I personally love the raiding. But I also get enormously pumped when there is a great reward at the end. And that mount is terrible.
  1. Sam the Wiser's Avatar
    Anyone else notice that someone went to trash talk the picture on the art website.
  1. TrollShaman's Avatar
    Amazing Fan Art!
    Also there's no special snowflake point in getting such a mount via Flex raiding, unless it's a completely new model or something. I for one look forward to work on the Glory achievement via Flex raiding.
  1. noskillz's Avatar
    we'd call heroic scenarios a big success. They are very popular, despite lack of matchmaking

    Free and fast VP are a big success, heroic scenarios are pretty lame.
  1. Morgomir's Avatar
    to all those dumbshits complaining about reskins etc
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Majestian View Post
    I am so sick of players trying to destroy LFR. Tons of threads on the WoW forums, questions to blues, LFR, LFR, LFR.

    Why do people CARE? Why are they so hell-bent on getting LFR nerfed or removed? Why are they so intent on forcing others into what they consider to be "really playing the game"?
    I think forum-geeks like us severely underestimate how many players ONLY do LFR as their endgame.

    This is one of those anecdotal things.. But I have a guild with about 400 different accounts. Probably 100 level 90s from different accounts. There are 3 of use.. THREE that have ever killed a raid boss while it was current tier. I have been putting together our Flex raid group for next week... you are talking about 80 or so characters with ilvls above 500 that have never done anything but LFR.

    If you take away LFR..what do those players have left? LFD dungeons and normal mode scenerios?

    I really hope Blizzard continues to ignore the wanna-be hardcore players. The fact is, all of the really hardcore players understand the value of LFR. It is the SOLE reason there are 14 raid bosses this tier, and 12 last tier. The real problem is the wanna-be hardcore players.... they want to be considered hardcore, but they don´t want to do anything extra. A hardcore raider THRIVES on finding any little thing they can do to give themselves an advantage... remember when people were changing professions on a weekly basis? Now you have the wanna-bes who want to sound tough on the forums, but at the same time, they cry if they can´t be ´hardcore´ by raiding 6 hours a week.
  1. Duende's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgomir View Post
    to all those dumbshits complaining about reskins etc
    So the only difference is their shape... Whoopdie freakin doo!

    Btw its a reskin. They just added spikes.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Crummy View Post
    It's getting pretty old hearing people complain too, actually.
    In fact, the whine is more expected than the re-used model.
    Nothing gets solved if people dont speak up.
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by noskillz View Post
    we'd call heroic scenarios a big success. They are very popular, despite lack of matchmaking

    Free and fast VP are a big success, heroic scenarios are pretty lame.
    They are an improvement over just doing heroic dungeons. Nothing in the game is perfect for everyone. Heroic scenerios are much better if you have 2 friends and don´t want to LFD with 2 strangers.

    I disagree with the fast VP thing. As a tank, I can steamroll a heroic dungeon, even with 4 strangers and get more VP per hour and get a COA satchel.
  1. arcaneshot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Duende View Post
    So the only difference is their shape... Whoopdie freakin doo!

    Btw its a reskin. They just added spikes.
    'Added spikes', as you put it, qualifies as a remodel.
  1. Tenjen's Avatar
    for the love of god. The orc clan who joined the horde, an clan who is notorious for capturing, taming and riding dragons. Are doing so to Proto drakes.

    It makes frikkin sense for SoO to drop such a drake from such a boss. ya know, since its the one being frikkin ridden.
  1. seebs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Majestian View Post
    I am so sick of players trying to destroy LFR. Tons of threads on the WoW forums, questions to blues, LFR, LFR, LFR.

    Why do people CARE? Why are they so hell-bent on getting LFR nerfed or removed? Why are they so intent on forcing others into what they consider to be "really playing the game"?
    wannabe elitists who see themselves not as LFR heroes, but as temporarily embarrassed world heroic raiders
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Raeion View Post
    Amazing Art work just don't know if that human to the left is Tirion or not because Greymane has black hair not white !
    He has Grey hair - it's him. Besides it's just fanart, there are some mistakes.
  1. Soulfròst's Avatar
    Yay, reskinned Red Proto-Drake! Keep the creative juices flowing, Blizzard.
  1. Shudder's Avatar
    Wahhh wahhhh I don't want to have to talk to people in an mmo waaah. Those whiny posts were hilarious. Just remove LFR and be done with it. It's the cancer of this game and I'm glad they're finally realizing it. Like he said, stop whining and go play skyrim if talking to people is such a hassle in an MMO.
  1. Spammeister's Avatar
    Oqueue would love to say a big F-U to Blizzard and whatever they think qualifies as a premade.
  1. Bahska's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Majestian View Post
    I am so sick of players trying to destroy LFR. Tons of threads on the WoW forums, questions to blues, LFR, LFR, LFR.

    Why do people CARE? Why are they so hell-bent on getting LFR nerfed or removed? Why are they so intent on forcing others into what they consider to be "really playing the game"?
    You dont have much to worry about i dont see lfr going anywhere regardless of the QQ. They are not gonna take a whole feature out because part of the playerbase dislike it. If there is something broken they will attempt to fix it like item level changes for example or build things around it like Flex raiding.
  1. Mr. Smith's Avatar
    Ech, what an underwhelming mount, especially when stacked up against all the other mounts being added with this patch.

    Seriously, it's so mediocre, it's something I would expect to be the reward for a mount collecting achievement.
  1. Vegas82's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Last raid of the expansion and what reward do we get.......A re-used Proto-Drake model with some original and creative......
    Considering how easy it is to get you shouldn't be complaining. Do it in flex and get a free mount. There are other mounts for this tier as well.

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