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Patch 5.4 - Paragons of the Klaxxi Preview
Paragons of the Klaxxi is the thirteenth boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar. The encounter takes place under Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar. As promised, Kil'ruk and the other Paragons stand by Garrosh after he has the Heart of Y'Shaarj

Patch 5.4 Developer Interviews
Convert to Raid recently had the opportunity to interview Ion Hazzikostas. You can find information from previous interviews on our Patch 5.4 Developer Interviews page.

  • Siege of Orgrimmar begins in Pandaria so that you don't just end up going back to Orgrimmar in Patch 5.4, but instead experience a story that leads you there.
  • Gamon is one of the more notable things in Orgrimmar, so he got an achievement: Gamon Will Save Us!
  • Valor gear originally was added to complement normal difficulty raiding and filling in for bad luck. The Valor gear continued to work like that for normal difficulty raiders, but for players that just do LFR, it replaced the gear that dropped in LFR. Most of the gear that was best in slot for players that only do LFR was just purchased off a vendor, which isn't very exciting.
  • The devs try to attract players to higher levels of difficulty by adding new things, rather than taking away old things. The new things that are being added aren't essential. People that don't manage to kill Garrosh on Flex, Normal, or Heroic and don't get their heirloom weapon will still be able to level just fine.
  • Every spec in the game can get Gold in Proving Grounds for the appropriate role. Not every spec will be able to get deep into Endless. When comparing performance in Endless mode, it may be best to compare yourself to other players of the same class and spec rather than everyone.
  • There are some players that won't do Brawler's Guild because they don't want to have other players watching them make mistakes.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Saylin Battle Banner Disabled in Raids
The Salyin Battle Banner can no longer be used inside of raid instances. The item can still be used in regular dungeons, Scenarios, and in non-instanced areas.

Wow, fast reply. Any reason for the change?
The change was made to address a raid exploit. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 5.4 - Shine Engineering Auction House
Just checked in on this. The removal of the Engineering Auction House NPC's is, in fact, unintentional, and was merely an oversight that occurred along with some of the other changes to the Vale for 5.4.

We're in the process of getting them re-enabled in the faction shrines on the PTR, and they will continue to be available once Patch 5.4 is released. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Battlefield: Barrens Ending Soon
Quick note: Kor'kron supplies (lumber/stone/etc.) will turn gray when 5.4 hits (Sept. 10!) and be sellable. No need to destroy any extras (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New Character Models
I'm honestly a little miffed that models are ~25%. Kind of blew my mind in a bad way.
It is not necessarily the case that it will take 3x as long as the elapsed time to finish. Work, yes. Time, perhaps not. (Source)
Even still, it's a complicated task that needs to be done well or not at all, patience from the players is key
TOTALLY. May have tweeted this already, but this would be an easy thing to screw up and spend years trying to earn forgiveness. (Source)

I know new character models take a very long time and need to be perfect, but you talked about them 5 years ago. 25% done? wtf
I don't know when we first talked about them. We didn't start them until relatively recently. (Source)
There is a lesson here about not talking about things too early. (Source)
I think the assumption many made is we have been working on them nonstop and only 25% of the way there. (Source)
I just assumed since we didn't get them in MoP, they would be a major feat. of the next XPac. I think most ppl did
I would not make any assumptions about future expansions since we haven't made any announcements about them at all. (Source)

really? I cant remember the last time I actually saw my character model. Gear hides much and I'm zoomed way out
Keep in mind all the other PCs and NPCs (that use player races) would look better as well. (Source)

Are new character models not priority 1 right now?? /boggled If they are not.
They are *a* priority. I don't think players would be understanding if they saw no new art in the game just to get new models. (Source)
I thought these were expected feature for the next expansion? Guessing I assumed wrong.
You should have no expectations for the next expansion IMO since we haven't talked about a next expansion at all. (Source)

Stretching out new character updates over the next few years on into the next expansion? Art Dept take a budget cut?
We didn't think our players would accept tons of reused SoO boss models or armor sets. (Source)
We're making good progress, but at some point players started expecting it imminently. We wanted to remind them it's a long job. (Source)
Or another way to think of it: this is a really easy thing to screw up and you all deserve better than that. (Source)

Do you pay attention to PTR numbers dps wise?How much input?Good players showing true performance,not sims.
Yes, we look at PTR nos. a lot. It is a stronger argument when a player can link logs than to argue for buffs based on sims. (Source)

Made an acc to ask you this, WAS Garrosh behind Stonetalon's bombing? Kosak's answer was really up to interpretation. GJ btw
My assumption is he was, but that's my interpretation and not a canon answer. (Source)

Please stop being skeptical and at least *pause* for a moment to consider how important story is to your player base.
It is important to us as well. But WoW is primarily a game intended to offer fun gameplay. The gameplay for us is always first. (Source)
We care about story w/in that constraint, but story changes that require a lot of work w/out bringing gameplay tough to justify. (Source)
That is the context I am trying to provide to the "re-quest Ashenvale once again" crowd. (Source)
We spent A LOT of effort redoing Ashenvale and other zones for Cataclysm. In retrospect not sure bang for the buck was there. (Source)
Please don't interpret that as story not mattering to us. (Source)

So what was the reason for giving the horde Darkshore, South Shore and allowing them to nuke Theramore?
Those were all motivated by tryingnto provide an interesting leveling / scenario experience. (Source)
Many of these concerns seem motivated by issues like fairness or justice. We're just trying to make playing WoW interesting. (Source)

Pet Battles: The Celestial Tournament
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Not far off the southeastern shores of the Jade Forest lies the Timeless Isle, a mysterious place riddled with spirit creatures, challenging encounters, and even a fiery demigod. Explorers who reach its shores enter uncharted territory filled with trials that will test their skills, tenacity, cleverness . . . and Pet Battle prowess.

A Timeless Tournament

Among its many enigmas, the Timeless Isle plays host to a Celestial Tournament where veteran tamers can exercise their skills in an all-new Pet Battles Scenario. Led by Emperor Shaohao and featuring notable figures from Pandaren lore, this legendary event demands the utmost from those who participate—and requires a skilled and varied roster of level-25 pets if you have any hope to survive.

Speaking to Master Li will get you into the Celestial Tournament, where you’ll take on powerful Pet Battle pros like Chen Stormstout, Shademaster Kiryn, and even the imitable Blingtron 4000—and in the end, your skills will be pushed to the limit as you face off against the mighty Celestial Champions.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Upon completing the quests and your first run through the Celestial Tournament, you’ll be rewarded with enough Celestial Coins to purchase your very own Celestial battle pet. Each additional weekly attempt will continue to reward one Celestial Coin, which can be saved up and used to purchase the other three pets that will be available through a nearby vendor (progress will be tracked at the account level). Caring for these pets is a sacred honor, so each is account-bound and cannot be traded to other players.

To ensure only the best come out victorious, healing and reviving pets during the Scenario is strictly forbidden—so it’s important to come prepared. To win, participants will need to defeat three random tamer teams, along with all four offspring of the August Celestials. Losing a battle from time to time will be inevitable, but that’s not the end of the line. Though your defeated pets will remain down, you’ll be able to restart the fight and adjust who’s on your team before giving it another try. You’ll also be able to switch up your team between battles. Should you happen to leave the Scenario before it’s completed, you’ll be able to return later to restart the event.

Once Patch 5.4 is live and the Timeless Isle is revealed, new pets, new abilities, and exciting new challenges will be waiting . . . so keep practicing, pet battlers. You’re about to be put to the test!

Fan Art
Today we have some nice fan art that was done for the WoW Fan Art Tribute book.

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  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gilian View Post
    You make a pug and invite 25 people then you start the raid and when you see people failing or not performing well enough you simply kick them till there are 10 left so you end up with only the best players.
    Will be even worse in guilds. They will just drop the bad apples straight away. It's like going from a 25 man raidteam to a 10 man raidteam except much easier.
    This has been a subject of discussion on the official forums.

    Last I heard, they are tuning Flex so that the marginal increase in boss strength/health when you add another raider is fairly small. That means someone has to be quite bad before kicking them is worthwhile.

    The downside of this is that Flex with 25 raiders is going to be MUCH easier than Flex with 10, for raid teams of the same average skill/gear.
  1. Deleth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko View Post
    I wholeheartedly agree.

    The people complaining that they NEED models right NOW will be the same ones complaining when they are not 100% perfect, done right, when things are off and they don't like them, and when we get reused models for current/upcoming content instead.

    These people are serial complainers. It's their job, and quite frankly it's getting really old really fast.
    So is your Blizzard white knighting. The old models are way overdue. We've been promised them for a really, really, really long time and by now it's absurd we don't already have them. At the end of Cataclysm Blizzard was already talking about how Dwarfs were almost done and Orcs and Humans would be the next race, guess what? That was a lie as it turns out now.
    The old models are plain atrocious by now, troll females don't even have eye lids and the other races often have face plastered onto a head that can't even move. Compare that to Pandaren or even the Cataclysm races and it looks like a PS 1 game compared to a PS 4 one.
  1. Kaiarra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    I know that failing is part of the process when dealing with difficult stuff, but having others watch me while doing it just takes all the fun out of it.
    That and the queue system...
    Well nice to know other people hate the place due the the whole not instanced CRZ everyone watching you fail crap. Always thought I was just being weird.

    I only ever go there at silly AM in the morning, and just leave if anyone else I around because I don't want to be watched; was overjoyed at the idea of solo content when it was first announced, and then devastated when it wasn't actually solo instanced...

    Then again even if you try to only go there when no one is around, you're already being punished, as the end level bosses are seemingly balanced with the assumption you have full raid buffs...

    Also my banner. </3

    First the dagger nerf and now this... They can't be arsed to fix the Durumu exploit so lets just nerf it oblivion and take soloing Yog without RNG wiping along with it. Cheers Bliz.
  1. hobbsey's Avatar
    I feel kind of bad about killing the Klaxxi bros.

    I'm not that worried about the new models. I bet some of them are almost finished (they certainly didn't whip up the new Garrosh model animations or the new female troll model just for those bosses) and some of them they have barely touched. Also, if they just started them relatively recently and they're 25% done I bet there will be something to show at Blizzcon.

    Not letting the pets heal during the scenario seems so odd, isn't the game balanced around that? A lot of my favorite pets are heal-y types.
  1. Tedy's Avatar
    Great fan art!
  1. Irscary's Avatar
    easy bossfight

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