Patch 5.4 Live This Week
The Siege of Orgrimmar begins this week!

WoWDB Modelviewer
If you are tired of seeing armor set previews on the Human Male, we have some good news for you! We are now ready to start testing a modelviewer on WoWDB which will let you preview armor sets on the different races. This modelviewer will also work for regular items and NPCs. This will also allow us to let you see new models even faster with new PTR builds, rather than having to wait for our normal high quality previews.

Keep in mind this is a beta version! There are some bugs that need to be fixed still.

To use the modelviewer, you must have hardware acceleration turned on in Flash. Click the image below to open a version check, right click on the version, open the settings, and be sure the box is checked, similar to the image below.

After you have that working, go ahead and give it a try with Pierre by clicking the View in 3D link on WoWDB!

Patch 5.4 Notes
The final Patch 5.4 notes have been released!

New World Bosses - Ordos and the August Celestials
You can find Ordos on the Timeless Isle, but to access him you will need a legendary cloak on one of the characters on your account. Ordos drops item level 559 gear and is the more challenging boss of the new bosses, similar to Oondasta.

You can find the August Celestials in the Celestial Court in the middle of Timeless Isle. You can kill all four every week, but you will only receive loot from the first one. They all share the same loot table, which consists of item level 522 PvP gear and item level 553 PvE gear. The Celestials are the less challenging world bosses of the new bosses, similar to Nalak.

New Raid - Siege of Orgrimmar
Get ready to fight your way to Garrosh by reading the encounter journals and watching guides! Normal and Flex Wing 1 open on Tuesday.

Connected Realms
Patch 5.4 will connect low population realms into groups to form a single Connected Realm.

  • Players from the other realms will be treated as if they were on your realm, so you can trade, raid, and join guilds with the other players.
  • This solution gives all the benefits of server merges without having to give up your character or guild names.
  • In the process of grouping low population realms, faction balance will be taken into account as much as possible.
  • Connected Realms won't be applied to all of the realms that need it on patch day, but will be applied to a small group of realms as a test first. If everything works well, it will be applied to other realms similar to the release timeline of Cross-Realm Zones.
  • For more information, take a look at the connected realms preview below, as well as the information from developer interviews.

Flexible Raid Difficulty
Patch 5.4 will add a a new raid difficulty:

  • Bring anywhere from 10 to 25 people to your raid and the difficulty will automatically scale.
  • Works with battletags, so you can bring friends from other realms.
  • Item level of loot (540) is between Raid Finder (528) and Normal (553) and loot is awarded with the Raid Finder style loot system.
  • Separate lockout from Raid Finder and Normal, allowing you to do all three difficulties.
  • The Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider meta achievement for Siege of Orgrimmar can be completed in Flex difficulty.

Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds is a way for players to practice new specs and get better at their current spec in an environment that doesn't inconvenience other players.

  • There are four difficulties: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless. Endless just keeps getting harder every wave and your highest Endless score is stored as a statistic.
  • DPS must kill of the enemy mobs in the time allotted while dealing with different PvE mechanics such as kiting and stuns.
  • Tanks must protect a single healer NPC while dealing with different PvE mechanics like knockbacks and fire.
  • Healers must keep a party of NPCs alive while dealing with different PvE mechanics like dispelling. Some of the NPCs even like to stand in the fire!
  • For more information, videos, and the official preview, see the link below!

Armor Sets

New Garrosh Models
Several new models of Garrosh were added for the raid, including one that may be a preview of the new Orc character model.

Legendary Cloak Guide
If you already have your item level 600 cloak and are in a hurry to get your legendary cloak on Tuesday, this guide should help!

Legendary Quest Line Updated
Wrathion is back again in Patch 5.4, first asking you to meet him at the Tavern. He has learned of the new Timeless Isle added in Patch 5.4 and wants to further augment your cloak by "time-locking" it.

You will have to head to Timeless Isle and collect 5000 x Timeless Coin for one step in the quest. While you are there, you can also defeat the four August Celestials of Pandaria in combat, which is the other step of the process.

Once you have completed both steps, you head to the Seat of Knowledge so that Wrathion can give you the Timeless Essence of the Black Dragonflight to upgrade your cloak with.

These cloaks have a nice proc spell effect, as well as a spell effect that appears at random, even on druids! You will need a cloak on your account to access Ordos, the new world boss.

If you aren't caught up yet, you can collect Sigil of Power and Sigil of Wisdom from all of the Throne of Thunder bosses. If you are a little further along, you can collect Sigil of Power, Sigil of Wisdom, Secrets of the Empire, and Titan Runestone from the first eight bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
600BackTankBack Qian-Le, Courage of Niuzao
600BackTankBack Qian-Ying, Fortitude of Niuzao
600BackMeleeBack Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen
600BackSpell SpiritBack Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji
600BackPhysical DPSBack Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen
600BackSpell DPSBack Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon

Timeless Chests Guide
One of the main sources for the Timeless Isle Armor is the chests located around the island.

Timeless Isle Events and Rare Spawns
There are almost no daily quests for you to complete on the Timeless Isle, so you are able to explore the island, take part in events, and hunt rare spawns!

Timeless Isle Vanity Items
The Timeless Isle adds more than 50 new items for you to collect!

Timeless Isle Armor Sets
The Timeless Isle will allow players to obtain item level 496 and 535 gear through drops found around the island.

The items used to create the 496 armor are found all over the island in chests and dropped by mobs, similar to the items used to create armor in Battlefield: Barrens. The Burden of Eternity is a rare drop from mobs, found in the Blazing Chest, or in one of Kukuru's chests.

The item level 535 version of the gear is called "Timeless" and is obtained by using a Burden of Eternity on an item that creates armor, such as a Timeless Leather Helm. You cannot use the Burden of Eternity to upgrade existing gear.

Patch 5.4 normal difficulty gear has an item level of 553, while flex gear is 540, and raid finder gear is 528. This makes the 535 Timeless gear a nice upgrade for players that will only raid in Raid Finder difficulty and a temporary upgrade for players who will be raiding Flex difficulty.

Type Role Normal (496) Timeless (535)
Plate ArmorStrength TankElder TortoiseshellElder Tortoiseshell
Plate ArmorStrength DPSCliffbreakerCliffbreaker
Plate ArmorIntellect HealerEverbrightEverbright
Mail ArmorAgility DPSCrimsonscaleCrimsonscale
Mail ArmorIntellect DPS/HealerOrdon Legend-KeeperOrdon Legend-Keeper
Leather ArmorAgility Tank/DPSCranefeatherCranefeather
Leather ArmorIntellect DPS/HealerFire-ChanterFire-Chanter
Cloth ArmorPure Intellect DPSCloudscorcherCloudscorcher
Cloth ArmorIntellect DPS/HealerAmaranthineAmaranthine
Timeless LavalliereAllNecklacesNecklaces
Timeless CloakAllCloaksCloaks
Timeless SignetAllRingsRings

Timeless Isle - Timeless Coins Armor and Weapons
First up we have the armor and weapons that you can purchase for Timeless Coins, which are gathered by taking part in activites on the Timeless Isle. The cache items are used to create a random 496 item for your spec, as seen in the Armor Sets table above.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Cost
496TrinketTrinket Time-Lost Artifact7500 × 
535None Burden of Eternity50000 × 
535TrinketPhysical DPSTrinket Discipline of Xuen50000 × 
535TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Yu'lon's Bite50000 × 
535TrinketSpell DPSTrinket Contemplation of Chi-Ji50000 × 
535TrinketMeleeTrinket Alacrity of Xuen50000 × 
535TrinketTrinket Resolve of Niuzao50000 × 
496Other Timeless Plate Armor Cache7500 × 
496Other Timeless Mail Armor Cache7500 × 
496Other Timeless Leather Armor Cache7500 × 
496Other Timeless Cloth Armor Cache7500 × 
476ShieldTankOff Hand Daylight Protectorate10000 × 
476One-handed MaceMeleeOne Hand Pandaren Peace Offering10000 × 
476StaffSpell DPSTwo Hand Cloudscorcher Greatstaff20000 × 
476ShieldSpell DPSOff Hand Shield of the Eternal Noon10000 × 
476StaffPhysical DPSTwo Hand Contemplation of Shaohao20000 × 
476Fist WeaponPhysical DPSOne Hand Hozen Can Opener10000 × 
476PolearmMeleeTwo Hand Yak-Herder's Longstaff20000 × 
476DaggerSpell DPSOne Hand Ordon Sacrificial Dagger10000 × 
476BowPhysical DPSRanged Featherdraw Longbow20000 × 
476DaggerPhysical DPSOne Hand Scavenged Pandaren Dagger10000 × 

Timeless Isle - Timeless Coins Vanity and Misc Items
Next is the set of vanity and miscellaneous items that you can purchase with Timeless Coins.

Level Type Slot Name Cost
1Consumable Magical Pet Biscuit500 × 
90Mount Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent100000 × 
1Key Kukuru's Cache Key500 × 
1Other Censer of Eternal Agony1000 × 
1Other Mask of Fear500 × 
1Other Mask of Hatred500 × 
1Other Mask of Doubt500 × 
1Other Mask of Violence500 × 
1Other Mask of Anger500 × 
1Other Scroll of Challenge500 × 
1Other Celestial Defender's Medallion2500 × 
1Other "Dapper Gentleman" Costume500 × 
1Other "Little Princess" Costume500 × 
1Other "Dread Pirate" Costume500 × 
1Other Big Pink Bow500 × 
1Junk Time-Worn Journal500 × 
90Inscription Technique Technique: Glyph of Shifted Appearances4000 × 
1Other Harmonious Porcupette7500 × 
1Companion Pets Sky Lantern7500 × 
1Companion Pets Flimsy Sky Lantern500 × 
1Other Golden Glider2500 × 

Timeless Isle - Bloody Coins
Patch 5.4 adds Speaker Gulan, who will sell you a Censer of Eternal Agony, which allows you to become hostile to all players (including your own faction) and kill them for Bloody Coins, which are used to purchase the items below.

Level Type Slot Name Cost
1Other Fire-Watcher's Oath50 × 
1Other Black Ash1 × 
1Other Vengeful Porcupette100 × 
90Mount Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast500 × 
496TrinketTrinket Pouch of White Ash20 × 

Reduced Cost Vendor Gear
Patch 5.4 converted many of the items that currently cost Valor Points to Justice Points. This excludes the Shado-Pan Assault items, which were discounted by 34% from their previous prices.

New Mounts
Patch 5.4 adds several new mounts, including the very popular Sky Golem!

New Battle Pets
Patch 5.4 adds several new pets, including Pierre and Rascal-Bot!

World Changes
Orgrimmar and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms have seen some significant changes in Patch 5.4!

Visions of Time
Patch 5.4 adds a new quest line that involves working for Kairoz of the Keepers of Time. He has created an hourglass that will allow for a window into the timeways, but you must collect 50 x Epoch Stones to make it usable.

After collecting the stones, you embark on a series of weekly quests to use the Vision of Time in different locations to calibrate the Vision of Time. As the hourglass grows more powerful, he will send you to look at different timeways.

RPPM Changes
Patch 5.4 will be changing RPPM procs to not double dip on haste. This means procs that give a stats increase will no longer have a proc rate that scales with haste. Also, your RPPM time since last proc will be reset to 120 seconds. That means the more frequent procs will still be more or less guaranteed to go off, but the rarer (and more powerful) procs will just have a high chance.

For full details, check out the blue posts in this topic and the table below.

New Cosmetic Glyphs
Patch 5.4 adds lots of cosmetic and fun glyphs for your minor glyph slots!

Level Type Slot Name
25Warrior Glyph Glyph of the Weaponmaster
25Paladin Glyph Glyph of the Exorcist
25Paladin Glyph Glyph of Pillar of Light
25Rogue Glyph Glyph of Headhunting
25Rogue Glyph Glyph of Improved Distraction
25Priest Glyph Glyph of Angels
25Priest Glyph Glyph of the Sha
25Priest Glyph Glyph of Shifted Appearances
25Priest Glyph Glyph of Inspired Hymns
25Death Knight Glyph Glyph of the Skeleton
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Spirit Raptors
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Lingering Ancestors
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Spirit Wolf
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Flaming Serpent
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of the Compy
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Elemental Familiars
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Astral Fixation
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Rain of Frogs
25Mage Glyph Glyph of the Unbound Elemental
25Mage Glyph Glyph of Evaporation
25Mage Glyph Glyph of Condensation
25Druid Glyph Glyph of One with Nature

New Combat Glyphs
There are also some new Glyphs that will affect combat.

Level Type Slot Name
25Warrior Glyph Glyph of Impaling Throws
25Warrior Glyph Glyph of the Executor
25Warrior Glyph Glyph of the Raging Whirlwind
25Warrior Glyph Glyph of the Subtle Defender
25Warrior Glyph Glyph of the Watchful Eye
25Paladin Glyph Glyph of Divine Shield
25Paladin Glyph Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice
25Death Knight Glyph Glyph of Swift Death
25Death Knight Glyph Glyph of Loud Horn
25Death Knight Glyph Glyph of Regenerative Magic
25Death Knight Glyph Glyph of Festering Blood
25Death Knight Glyph Glyph of the Long Winter
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Purging
25Shaman Glyph Glyph of Eternal Earth
25Druid Glyph Glyph of the Sprouting Mushroom

The Balanced Trillium Ingot and Accelerated Balanced Trillium Ingot have been added as world drops. This reagent is needed to craft the new epic item level 553 gear. A new item level 476 crafted PvP set has also been added.

Name Reagents
Blessed Trillium Greaves  Balanced Trillium Ingot × 28
Protector's Trillium Legguards  Balanced Trillium Ingot × 28
Avenger's Trillium Legplates  Balanced Trillium Ingot × 28
Blessed Trillium Belt  Balanced Trillium Ingot × 21
Protector's Trillium Waistguard  Balanced Trillium Ingot × 21
Avenger's Trillium Waistplate  Balanced Trillium Ingot × 21

Patch 5.4 finally adds several of the items that originally appeared in Patch 5.2, including the new and improved version of the Sky Claw, the Sky Golem! These are all crafted using Jard's Peculiar Energy Source, which is taught by Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard's Journal, a random world drop.

Blingtron 4000 Gift Package now also has the chance to contain a Lil' Bling.

Name Reagents
Jard's Peculiar Energy Source  Ghost Iron Bar × 10
Sky Golem  Jard's Peculiar Energy Source × 30 ,  Living Steel × 30
Pierre  Jard's Peculiar Energy Source × 15 ,  Living Steel × 15
Advanced Refrigeration Unit  Jard's Peculiar Energy Source × 5 ,  Living Steel × 5
Rascal-Bot  Jard's Peculiar Energy Source × 15 ,  Living Steel × 15

Many new glyphs have been added, as well as a recipe for crafting a item level 476 PvP trinket. Some of the glyph recipes are world drops, some drop from Timeless Isle rare spawns, and one comes from a vendor.

Name Reagents
Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity  Ghost Iron Bar × 10

Leatherworkers also have a new reagent for crafting item level 553 gear, a Hardened Magnificent Hide. This can be made daily or more frequently with Accelerated Hardened Magnificent Hide. The pattern for this is a world drop.

The Drums of Rage have also been added, allowing anyone to provide a weaker version of Bloodlust. The pattern for the drums is also a world drop.

New item level 476 crafted PvP gear has also been added.

Name Reagents
Pennyroyal Leggings  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 28
Krasari Prowler Britches  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 28
Snow Lily Britches  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 28
Gorge Stalker Legplates  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 28
Pennyroyal Belt  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 21
Krasari Prowler Belt  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 21
Snow Lily Belt  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 21
Gorge Stalker Belt  Hardened Magnificent Hide × 21
Hardened Magnificent Hide  Magnificent Hide × 2
20 Drums of Rage  Magnificent Hide × 1
Accelerated Hardened Magnificent Hide  Magnificent Hide × 2 ,  Spirit of War × 1

Tailors also have a new reagent for crafting item level 553 gear, Celestial Cloth. This can be made daily or more frequently with Accelerated Celestial Cloth. The pattern for this is a world drop.

New item level 476 crafted PvP gear has also been added.

Name Reagents
Celestial Cloth  Bolt of Windwool Cloth × 10
Accelerated Celestial Cloth  Bolt of Windwool Cloth × 10 ,  Spirit of War × 1
White Cloud Leggings  Celestial Cloth × 28
Leggings of the Night Sky  Celestial Cloth × 28
White Cloud Belt  Celestial Cloth × 21
Belt of the Night Sky  Celestial Cloth × 21

Darkmoon Faire Updates
Moonfang is the new boss added to the Darkmoon Faire in Patch 5.4. There is a mount, pet, transmog weapon, and a few novelty items in the loot table:

Level Type Slot Name
20Companion Pets Moon Moon
90Quest Moonfang's Pelt
1Fist WeaponOne Hand Moonfang's Paw
1Consumable Moonfang Shroud
20Consumable Shimmering Moonstone
1Consumable Moonfang's Paw

New Music and Audio
The patch has lots of new music and audio; even Gamon has some lines!

Developer Interviews
The developers were interviewed by many different sites over the past few weeks, giving us some interesting information. Here is a very short recap of the recaps:

Proving Grounds
  • As long as Proving Grounds works out well, it could be used as a lower level training environment in the future.
  • Proving Grounds could even be used to replace item level as the gating requirement for Raid Finder or other things that use matchmaking.
  • Every spec in the game can get Gold in Proving Grounds for the appropriate role. Not every spec will be able to get deep into Endless. When comparing performance in Endless mode, it may be best to compare yourself to other players of the same class and spec rather than everyone.

Siege of Orgimmar
  • The heirloom weapons that drop from Garrosh are personal loot in Flex, Normal, and Heroic difficulty.
  • The first heirloom weapon that drops for you will be for your current loot spec, but after that you will get one at random
  • The Kor'kron Dark Shaman cosmetic armor will drop off of mobs in Flex, Normal, and Heroic difficulty Siege of Orgrimmar. The armor already existed for NPCs, so adding it is a cool bonus for Shaman. We may see more in the future if a similar situation arises
  • There might be some changes made to Orgrimmar in a future patch, but there won't be any dramatic changes right away.
  • The Horde version of the cinematic after Garrosh will show the process of the Warchief selection. The Alliance version will be slightly different.

Connected Realms
  • Connected Realms will roll out fairly quickly after Patch 5.4 is released, similar to the release timeline of Cross-Realm Zones.
  • The population targets for Connected Realms are between an average and full realm, providing enough players that you can do PuG Flex mode raids from trade chat or see a real population in the capital city, but not so many people that you have a login queue.

Future Plans
  • Normal difficulty raids and scenarios are good candidates for applying the Flex tech to in the future, but Normal raids are tuned tighter than Flex, so this isn't a promise at all.
  • There will be some kind of content and event between now and the next expansion, but the patch number isn't determined yet.
  • An item level squish is likely for the next expansion and is already being tested internally.
  • The team size has increased 40% and another 40% increase is planned, which will hopefully allow for a new content patch every month, a new raid tier every three to five months, and an annual expansion.
  • The technology for scaling up old content is mostly in place now, but the devs haven't come up with a good rewards scheme for scaled up old dungeons and raids yet. Today, players can go back and solo old content for transmog gear, but if they were going to go back and do it in an appropriately sized group, they would expect something useful other than transmog gear.
  • The character models are roughly 20 or 25% done. It is unlikely that all of the new models will be released at once. The ones that are done will be released and then more will be added throughout the patch cycle.
  • The new Garrosh model has a lot of bones and facial animation that could be similar to what we see in new character models. Garrosh also provides a nice test case to see if players want their character to look like that.

Battle.Net Desktop Client
If you are just coming back, you may have missed the new Battle.Net Desktop client. It is a launcher for WoW, SC2, D3, and Hearthstone that allows you to skip typing your username and password every time you play. You can find out more in our original preview or download it below.

Class Forum Guides
Several of the class forum guides are already updated for 5.4! If you don't see your class or spec represented, feel free to contribute your own guide or assist in updating an existing one.

IcyVeins Updated
IcyVeins is in the process of updating their Siege of Orgrimmar encounter guides, but it is never too early to start reading up on the new bosses.

OpenRaid Updated
OpenRaid is ready to go for creating your Patch 5.4 raids, with several runs already listed. If you want to try Throne of Thunder or Flex difficulty Siege of Orgrimmar with people from other realms, now is your chance!

AskMrRobot Updating
AskMrRobot is still in the process of updating for Patch 5.4, but in the mean time they have a helpful blog post!

WoWDB Addon Data Collection
Quickly populating the database with 5.4 additions is done with the help of many players. The more people that contribute data, the more accurately and quickly we can update the database with things like NPC locations and drop rates.

To help out, just click here if you have Curse Client already installed.

When you are playing the addon will gather data and save it. When you are done playing, Curse Client will see the game close and upload the collected data from the addon. You can see the last time data was uploaded by looking in the Plugins tab of the options, as well as making sure the addon is enabled there. If you don't normally leave it open, be sure you open Curse Client once in a while so that the data will upload!

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    sorry but rather play FFXIV than this wack patch
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    3-You actually think ff14-reborn is remotely good
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    Proving Grounds could even be used to replace item level as the gating requirement for Raid Finder or other things that use matchmaking
    They better not even fucking think of that. I play MMO's to do multilayer content. If I am forced to do any single player content I will fucking quit and go play single player games. Single player content has no place in an Massive MUTIPLAYER online game and i have no clue why people want it so bad. And why the hell would you have to prove ANYTHING for LFR it's a fucking joke to begin with. Not even sure why it has an item level to get in anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magemaer View Post
    Sorry, but if either
    1-You play any recent Square Enix game
    2-You believe there's any mmo out there nearly as good as wow
    3-You actually think ff14-reborn is remotely good
    Them you are to be considered a dirty braindead monkey.
    ff14 is really good and i have played alot of mmos and its one of the best ones. But i don't see the need to compare games. You can play more then once at a time believe it or not...
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    Sorry, but if either
    1-You play any recent Square Enix game
    2-You believe there's any mmo out there nearly as good as wow
    3-You actually think ff14-reborn is remotely good
    Them you are to be considered a dirty braindead monkey.
    So what you're saying is.. You -haven't- played the game yet?

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