New Warchief Revealed
Spoilers ahead! Congratulations to Availed of US-Anvilmar for being the first to defeat Garrosh on 10 player normal difficulty!

Vale of Eternal Blossoms - Garrosh Defeat Cutscene
After Garrosh's defeat, there is an extra cutscene in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Patch 5.4 - Visions of Time: Courting Destiny
Patch 5.4 adds a quest line on the Timeless Isle that involves working for Kairoz of the Keepers of Time. He is on the Timeless Isle because the Bronze Dragonflight is not as powerful as it once was, only being able to catch furtive glimpses through time. He has created an hourglass that will allow for a window into the timeways, but you must collect 50 x Epoch Stones to make it usable.

After collecting the stones, you embark on a series of weekly quests to use the Vision of Time in different locations to calibrate the Vision of Time. Kairoz eventually will reveal that there is a traitor among the Bronze Dragonflight.

As the hourglass grows more powerful, he will send you to the Temple of the White Tiger to see a glimpse of Garrosh and Anduin, which is the scene you see below.

Patch 5.4 Hotfixes: September 11
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


  • Burning Berserkers and Eternal Kilnmasters no longer use Fiery Charge on targets who are not in combat.
  • Dread Ship Vazuvius now deals less damage with its Cannon Barrage, the range of its knockback ability has been reduced, and can apply its Eerie Fog effect more readily.
  • Nomi should now have the correct conversation text for players on the appropriate reputation level.
  • Zarhym should now properly despawn after a player has started the event to search for his body.
  • Rare creatures in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms should now follow the correct tapping mechanics.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios


Timeless Isle

Bug Fixes
  • Players in the Silent Sanctuary area in Vale of Eternal Blossoms should no longer be put into an incorrect phase.
  • Items that starts a quest with Tina Mudclaw should now be dropping at the appropriate friendship faction levels.
  • Fixed an issue where the Healer Proving Grounds had a chance to cause the realm to crash.

Patch 5.4 Recap
If you didn't make it through our Patch 5.4 Recap, you can find the Patch 5.4 highlights in the video below.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    Troll master race!
  1. frozenembers's Avatar
    Old news......
  1. DaHomieG's Avatar
    Honestly disappointed. An Orc should've been Warchief. Besides that, who will be the Orc faction leader?
  1. Krathdar's Avatar
    ...saurfang? eitrigg? we have our options, don't worry brony
  1. Itisamuh's Avatar
    Good grief, the most pathetic choice they could have made besides the goblin. Well, there goes my Horde pride. Might as well faction change.
  1. Romanthony's Avatar
    kinda expected, for Months really xD the horde Cinematic, will likely, show the leaders talking before picking him
  1. Yukimaru's Avatar
    I kinda predicted that he was going to be warchief. Awesome Cinematic though!
  1. Unholyground's Avatar
    Vol'jin is badass either way.
  1. Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
    Woohoo, Cross Faction Raids next expansion.
  1. Sicarius87's Avatar
    @ Itisamuh Good we dont want you horde anyway. Faction change. As for the warchief saw it coming. As for the video, this dude needs a better computer to be streaming. Shit is all choppy and the video pauses but the audio continues.
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    Garrosh stays alive for trial... there's our 5.5 storyline.

    What a twist. (not)
  1. Solidusbr's Avatar
    Well, I'm not surprised.
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    Lor'themar Theron would have been my pick.
  1. Zylos's Avatar
    kinda boring...hope the horde one is more interesting. Not seeing what happens to Garrosh is extremely anti-climactic
  1. Luxeley's Avatar
    Got a real strong inclination someone from the alliance will do something to piss Vol'jin and the horde. It's just gotta be, why else would Vol'jin even think for a second about following Garrosh's path. Either someone almost completely forgotten from the Alliance's past will stir things up or Jaina herself. It's just gotta be, otherwise; they'll need to change the name to World of Peacecraft and that won't be any fun.
  1. Amithyst's Avatar
    Taz'dingo! Yeeees!
  1. MetroidHunter's Avatar
    IMO expected and anticlimactic.
  1. mmoca1e94eb7cd's Avatar
    The graphic quality of this video is completely disgusting....
  1. Kioshi's Avatar
    Well I'll see you guys around, Final Fantasy here I come.
  1. Therealmagoo's Avatar
    I love what varian said in the end, i would of loved it more if he did what jaina wanted tho and just smashed them all right there and then lol , jaina should have just taken her chance and blew them all away. but still not too bad an ending for alliance i think.

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