Blizzard closes down Diablo 3 Auction House on March 18, 2014
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
When we initially designed and implemented the auction houses, the driving goal was to provide a convenient and secure system for trades. But as we've mentioned on different occasions, it became increasingly clear that despite the benefits of the AH system and the fact that many players around the world use it, it ultimately undermines Diablo's core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot. With that in mind, we want to let everyone know that we've decided to remove the gold and real-money auction house system from Diablo III.

We feel that this move along with the Loot 2.0 system being developed concurrently with Reaper of Souls™ will result in a much more rewarding game experience for our players.

We're working out the details of how the auction house system will be shut down, but we wanted to share the news as soon as we made the decision in order to give everyone as much advance notice as possible. Please note that the shutdown will occur on March 18, 2014. We will keep everyone informed as we work through this process.

Josh Mosqueira and I wanted to provide everyone with a little more information behind this decision, so please have a look at the video, and stay tuned to this site for further updates in the months ahead.
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  1. Boppalopigus's Avatar
    About god damn time.
  1. Dundebuns's Avatar
    They just need to remove the requirement to play online now.
  1. drake741's Avatar
    Hahaha Perfect timing! The very next post STILL complaining about it.
  1. Grievuuz's Avatar
    Respect. First for me, seeing them choose something that helps a game but hurts their pocket. Nice.
  1. Jinx16's Avatar
    Very happy to hear this.
  1. Aranoch's Avatar
    I'm gonna miss the buying/selling/gearing tbh. -.- Trading will ofc take it's place, but it will invite scamming and the inefficient advertising we had in d2. D2jsp are probably happy though, their trading forum usage will increase ten-fold!
  1. Palmolive's Avatar
    RMAH did ruin the game a bit, I can agree that. HOWEVER.

    Auction house helped people to get an honest price on items, it helped to add more variation to items and made it easier to buy/sell/trade whatever you want.

    Removing this feature will just send us back to the stone age, help players scam others with overpriced items also let the chinese run over the market.

    I hope you guys are satisfied.
  1. Tolstyj's Avatar
    Finally, will be able to enjoy the game again.
  1. ImpTaimer's Avatar
    Oh god please let this mean Offline mode.

    All I ever did was cheese difficulty by using AH to get a better weapon every 5-10 levels with the best gem available.

    Sure I still died because my other stats (mainly HP) suffered but there's just no reason not to rush to 60/Inferno and grind for gear.
  1. Duncanîdaho's Avatar
    Wow, never would have expected this. Props to blizzard for realizing their mistakes with D3 and adapting. RoS is looking pretty damn awesome, this announcement alone will bring lots of people back.
  1. Emzky's Avatar
    Wow, this is like literally taken from my mouth. I wrote exactly those words in my message to Blizzard during their poll on the future of Diablo 3: AH undermines the purpose of the game; to kill monsters and get loot. Happy days. Shame that they are going to remove something that theyv'e spent a long time on implementing and that worked so fluently. But this is for the better of the game.
  1. Venant's Avatar
    This is extremely stupid, the AH is incredibly useful for anyone that wants to play the game for more than 15 minutes a week. I don't get why people opposed the AH, except for the idiotic notion that without an AH they could make the drop rate on good items much higher. So now if you want to be competitive you will have to use 3rd party sites/forums for trading?
  1. Mesovr's Avatar
    Ok well now I cant wait to see what loot 2.0 is all about. If done right it can be the LoD of D3.
  1. Silverspark's Avatar
    Terrible decision. Oh well, the game was fun while it lasted, but I will not tediously grind my way through inferno on all my chars until I finally have gear that is semi-decent enough to let me play on MP1 and then do it all over again so I can play on MP2 ...
  1. tyrindor's Avatar
    What's stopping someone on the last day from buying 100 billion gold, and then having all that gold for the expansion while everyone else has to farm it? With Loot 2.0, the economy will be reset. This is the path I see most people taking unless they do something to prevent it. Will gold no longer be the economy after this happens? My guess is it could be gems or something else. They could also just make gold drops much higher to make it so 100b isn't much gold in the expansion.

    I fully support this as long as they prevent that. Otherwise, people who just buy tons of gold right before the expansion will ultimately be the ones buying everything people want, making trade prices not reasonable for any "legit" players.
  1. iggie's Avatar
    Too little too late for me. I won't buy an expansion just to see if it doesn't suck still.
  1. Soulfròst's Avatar
    Looks like I'll have to get on leveling my Monk and Wizard sooner than I expected to get a set that will allow me to make it through MP5+ on Inferno...
  1. elderamy's Avatar
    The true reason why loot2.0 is not up right now!
  1. pmgbro's Avatar
    This game has life after all. I have never been more excited for an announcement in my fucking life no joke. Blizzard finally gets it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAPER OF SOULS LETS GO
  1. Msshammy's Avatar
    Hmm... Maybe this will cut down on the 10+ realid invites from gold spammers I get a day!

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