Update (4:30 AM EST): Blood Legion is now 11/14 as well.

Confirmed: D3 Will Stay Online, iOS Update May Reset Authenticators, Clarification on the AH, Paragon 2.0 Q&A

Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic Progression
Method is leading progress tonight, with 11/14 bosses down. Blood Legion has managed to kill one more boss since last night, now with 10/14 bosses down. Over in the 10 player column, Paragon is currently leading with 9/14 bosses down, followed by Sanitas, also at 9/14.

You can keep up with the rankings on WoWProgress and Manaflask.

Patch 5.4 Hotfixes: September 18
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Cursed Hozen Swabby now has a 2-second cooldown on their Rusty Shank ability.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Norushen
      • Players on Raid Finder difficulty with the Despair aura should no longer remain in the wrong phase when the fight ends.
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • Removing the Touch of Y'Sharrj or Empowered Touch of Y'Shaarj debuff now also removes Weakened Blows, Mortal Wounds, and Master Poisoner effects from the player.

Timeless Isle
  • Fixed quest tracking issues that affected some of the quests on the Timeless Isle.

PvP Season 14 Begins
Season 14 is live in the US and EU, so get to work on your Season 14 Armor Set! The new individual ladders are in place and updating.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With sharpened blades and well-honed spells, the time to strike has come! Season 14 has begun, and the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance are once again looking for new champions to carry their factions’ banners to victory!

In PvP Season 14, you will no longer need to join or create an Arena team to compete, and thus the current Team Ratings will be removed. You’ll now be able to queue for an Arena match in groups of 2, 3, and 5 (in line with the Arena team sizes available in Season 13 and earlier), and your opponents will be selected based on the average Match Making Rating of your party. Personal ratings have been reset.

You can find a complete overview of the changes in our Patch 5.4 Arena Update blog.

Patch 5.4 Resilience Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The increase in base Resilience in patch 5.4 is meant to counterbalance the fact that Resilience is no longer on gear (and thus does not increase as players gear up).

Prior to 5.3, players' survivability would naturally increase with gear. We didn't feel that that was creating an environment that would encourage undergeared players to continue playing, so in 5.3, we moved Resilience off of gear and increased base Resilience.

In Patch 5.4, we needed to do something similar. Since player power is still increasing as players collect more gear, we needed to once again increase base resilience to keep things from getting too out of hand. You'll still feel like your character is improving as you gear up, this just makes sure you don't improve to the point where you're able to kill someone before they have an opportunity to respond.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Conquest Vendors Temporarily Disabled
We're still working on a fix for the Conquest cap so the Conquest vendors can be brought back. I'll keep /poking for info but don't have anything new to share. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Raid Finder Difficulty
There are likely tweaks and fixes to be made here and there, but first week of any new LFR wing is like this as people learn the mechanics, and there are always threads like this.

I notice a number of people discussing about the difficulty of Norushen on Raid Finder. We're aware that the Look Within phase may currently be incorrectly selecting players; making the fight harder than it needs to be. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legendary Meta Gems
If you're referring to the meta-gems awarded by Wrathion from The Crown of Heaven they will continue to work as those gems don't have a Sha-Touched or Armament of the Thunder King requirement.

However, there was a change in 5.4 while using meta-gems outside of the intended specialization.

  • Capacitive Primal Diamond, and Legendary melee cloaks (Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen, and Gong-Lu, Strength of Xuen) now have a 40% reduced chance to activate its effects for characters that are in a tanking specialization.

Which was a very lazy change. Tanks should have wanted to use the tanking items because they were better than the DPS options, not because they DPS options don't work normally for tank specs.
Good thing we also did this then.

  • Indomitable Primal Diamond's effect now grants a 20% damage reduction to all damage taken (up from only physical damage), and its activation rate has been doubled.
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Proving Ground's NPC Party AI
We've actually been making several adjustments to the AI of the NPC party members in the healing Proving Grounds via hotfix. I don't believe all of the changes have hit yet as I write this, but if all goes well, they should be applied within the next day or so. I'd recommend keeping an eye on the official hotfix blog for updates. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
How much data after a patch do you need before you see a balance issue or it a case by case basis?
Case by case. For PvE, the first week has a lot of noise. Folks learning fights... overgeared heroic players gearing alts, etc. (Source)

is it frustrating how much emphasis people put on tiny stat/dps difference rather than play their class well/correctly?
Very much so. If a spec swap nets you 2% dps and playing your chosen spec better nets you 20% dps, your priorities are off. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
There is no way you can buff destro SINGLE target damage without buffing CBolt, but CB is too burtsy in pvp. Solution
We can make CB hit for less in PvP if necessary. (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Hey GC, can you explain why Warriors are not allowed to transmog their 2h weapons to polearms?
The intention was that they could. We'll investigate. (Source)

Character / Items
Legendary cloak contribution to overall dps: 6-8% from personal experience. Do you think that is too much ? People are asking
Is this for a specific spec or across the board? (Source)
Also consider players likely are playing sub-optimally on bosses they haven't really learned yet, inflating cloak influence. (Source)

Folks, why do you - developers, keep making pve and pvp items with such a dramatic diff in ilvls? 522 vs 572(0\2) ?
So that new / reroll PvP players can quickly get from quest greens to Honor items to Conquest items. (Source)

are timeless isle items with a single stat being weaker intentional? kinda frustrating using a burden and getting one.
Unlike normal loot, we cheated on the splitting rules for those TI items. They aren't weaker, assuming you like that stat. (Source)

As I understand it, that's just how they work. More of a stat costs more. So 3x stats gets more total than 2x or 1x
Typically items with more kinds of stats are more powerful, but not the case for the double stats on the TI randoms. (Source)

Raid Finder
It's just, for some of us, raiding - normal or Flex - is not viable. LFR is all we've got. It doesn't make us inferior.
*Totally* agree. On the other hand, we want to make the rewards for harder difficulties commensurate with their effort. (Source)

-esque whiners who complain they aren't special enough. Punishing LFR runners by delaying SoO's end by almost a month
We have delayed the final wings of the previous incarnations of LFR. (Source)
It's like this: we can't force LFR groups to wipe for a week before getting a new boss. So we just delay the later bosses. (Source)
The alternative would be you blaze through all 14 on the first week of LFR and each individual boss doesn't even get noticed. (Source)

This Week Only - 50% Off Mists of Pandaria (EU)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Pandaria needs you! Garrosh Hellscream’s rise to tyrannical power can’t go unchecked any longer, and heroes from both factions need your help to end his evil reign. If you haven’t upgraded to Mists of Pandaria yet, now’s the perfect time—because this week only, Mists of Pandaria is 50% off. Hurry, though—this sale ends September 25, 2013.

Warhammer Online Shutting Down
If you think back to this day 5 years ago you may recall Warhammer Online launching to much excitement. Sadly things have come full circle, and a planned shutdown in December was announced today.

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  1. Easo's Avatar
    Never played WAR, but still a bit sad.
  1. SodiumChloride's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoiD84 View Post
    Had the most fun in pvp with Warhammer then any other mmo, also warhammer got the best lore for fantasy and sci-fi and deserves a amazing mmo, lets hope one will come.
    I wonder if we would ever get a MMO that is as successful as WoW with interesting and consistent lore while match WoW in gameplay. Face it, WoW's lore is a bad joke and is one of the few things keeping it from being the perfect MMO.
  1. melak's Avatar
    Played it,and i am not surprised its shutting down tb
  1. ParanoiD84's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    I wonder if we would ever get a MMO that is as successful as WoW with interesting and consistent lore while match WoW in gameplay.
    That would be a dream come true.
  1. Nibi's Avatar
    WAR is fantastic on paper but then you look at the crap we actually got and wonder what the hell happened...

    The class designs are awesome i mean a melee healer is one of the best things i've played.. the Disciple of Khaine and Warrior Priests have almost been emulated i mean the WoW Monk is pretty close but melee healing just doesn't work all the time like it did with the 2 WAR classes

    The Magus class still has some of the sweetest armor concept and designs i've seen ever in an MMO it just oozes bad ass

    Such a shame it didn't turn out well because it pioneered alot of stuff you see in games today and they did them alright even for it
  1. araine's Avatar
    remember all the hype on when WOW was standing for Waiting on Warhammer and how it was going to destroy wow. well folks now we know how this wowkiller ended up. some would call Warhammer a fiasco from start to finish and most would not disagree with that.
  1. MrExcelion's Avatar
    Any old school players will remember when War was deemed the original wow-killer on the old wow forums. (of course we've seen many other games given that moniker over there over the years). Rip.
  1. Voidmaster's Avatar
    WHO dead, surprised it even took this long... Was a great game in the start but they never fixed the flaws and only added more....

    I am expecting a similiar message from Rift, Aoc and Lotro before the end of next year (lotro is already near death after most of what was left of their players flocked to gw2 and rift-f2p).
  1. Dch48's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    now for lotr to die which im suprised it hasnt yet
    LOTRO is a long way from dying. It has a new expansion coming soon and is doing very well. It's a pretty good game and It's realms are still pretty active.
  1. Voidmaster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dch48 View Post
    LOTRO is a long way from dying. It has a new expansion coming soon and is doing very well. It's a pretty good game and It's realms are still pretty active.

    It's an inch away from dying man.... sorry to burst your hope.....
    This is even from before the recent servermerge, stats are even worse now (huge plummet of activity after gw2 release and rift going f2p).
  1. Dch48's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Voidmaster View Post

    It's an inch away from dying man.... sorry to burst your hope.....
    This is even from before the recent servermerge, stats are even worse now (huge plummet of activity after gw2 release and rift going f2p).
    I never heard of any server merge so I don't where you're getting that from. When I log in there is still more activity than there was before they started F2P. There certainly wouldn't be a huge new expansion with sweeping class changes about to launch if there was a chance of the game dying. From the activity I saw, GW2 had little to no impact.

    That chart has to be bogus.
  1. Voidmaster's Avatar
    It's not bogus, it's from a program that measures online people, here is another with more recent data.

    Notice the massive drop in activity towards the end of 2012 at the GW2 release. The "expansion" that is coming is another farce, 10 more levels of garbage grindquests and no other pve content at launch except for dailies, just like it was with RoR. And they dare to charge 30 euros for that crap, plus dare to charge another 30 euros for some cosmetic addons.
    The "class balancing" that they are doing is going to cause another drop in activity, read the lotro forums (people generally are not skeptical but now it is a big pile of furious players).
    Turbine is just milking the last money out of a sinking ship, they are doing so ever since the game went "free to play", because face it, there is nothing free to play about lotro. When you are not premium that massive "buy more in the cash shop" popup is there, in your face, all the time at everything you do.
    Want to do more zones after lvl 20? Buy them in the cashshop, want to do an instance? buy it in the cashshop, want to do skirmish? guess what, shell out more money!
    They are even doing this to people that have been subscribed and paying for years. E.g. someone that has been playing lotro from the start and paid 4 years of sub before the game went F2P has to pay the same money to even unlock questing as a guy who just downloaded the game for free and never paid a penny before. That is what is killing lotro. The only people left there are either the few with a lifetime sub or the ones who are bored enough to grind for 50 hours to unlock one questzone for "free".
  1. Dch48's Avatar
    Well since I have always considered new leveling and questing content to be the best part of any game and never do the group content or raids in LOTRO, the expansion sounds good to me. I've been playing it off and on since 2008 and still am only at level 71 with my Hunter. I'm actually just starting the Isengard stuff and won't get to Rohan for a while so I'll wait to buy HD until it goes on sale like I've done with all the others. All the expansions have been good, especially MoM which was awesome. I enjoy seeing the story unfold like in the movies and books and that's why I play. I also get all the new festival mounts. LOTRO does the seasonal festivals much better than WoW does.

    LOTRO is a fine game and the complainers on their forums don't rate any higher with me than the ones in WOW.

    If you are a subscriber, and I am, you don't have to pay extra or grind anything to unlock anything except for expansions. And, I looked it up even though I knew I was right. There have been NO server merges in LOTRO.

    Like the WOW whiners, you say LOTRO is dying because you obviously want it to. It is alive and well whether you like it or not.
  1. Voidmaster's Avatar
    Explains a lot that you haven't been in RoI yet.......
    MoM was a good expansion, this is when the game was still good.
    Go and play the RoI content and you will soon find out why players are flocking from lotro en masse, it is just 10 levels of "kill 20 orcs" quests, and when you killed the 20 orcs, you get a quest to kill 20 wolves, and then another quest to kill 20 more of the orcs you killed before, then you get a quest to kill the orc leader in the middle of those orcs, but ofcourse they all respawned so you have to kill all those orcs again (Think of Mirkwood but then even worse).
    That is the whole RoI expansion, at it's launch there where NO new dungeons at all, they just upped the Mirkwood dungeons to the new level cap... It took like 4-5 months before any new pve content came along.

    If you are subscriber you do not pay additional cost for content, which is frankly exactly what i said >> there is nothing F2P about lotro, they mightve just as well called the "f2p"part a trial.
  1. Klostret's Avatar
    Not quite surprised about it

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