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Patch 5.4 - Kor'kron Supplies
One nice addition in Patch 5.4 that not many people have noticed is the Kor'kron Supply crates scattered around the Dark Shaman area of the Siege of Orgrimmar. These boxes contain flasks and potions that aren't specific to your class or spec and are a nice way to supplement your guild's (or your own!) consumable supply.

Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Schedule
Don't forget that Siege of Orgrimmar Raid Finder Wing 2 opens this week! You can get started on building your Tier 16 set.

Patch 5.4 Hotfixes: September 23
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Timeless Isle
  • Fixed an issue where defeating rare creatures while in a raid group may sometimes incorrectly display a loot cursor or sparkle effect when the creature has no loot.
  • Vision of Time items can no longer be used while in a Raid Finder raid until the wing has been completed.
  • Fishing in the waters surrounding Timeless Isle should now yield different fish than in the lakes within Timeless Isle.


Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Norushen
      • Reduced the number of Fragment of Pride patrolling the area leading up to Norushen on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • A number of changes have been made to Norushen on Heroic difficulty.
        • Starting Corruption for all players is now 75.
        • Residual Corruption and Burst of Anger no longer pulse additional raidwide Corruption.
        • Expel Corruption no longer increases the target’s Corruption.
        • Increased the health of the Amalgam of Corruption to offset the reduced Corruption generated by external sources.
        • The Purified buff no longer persists after gaining additional Corruption.
    • Siegecrafter Blackfuse
      • Automatic Repair Beam should now always be properly applied to Automated Shredders when they get near Siegecrafter Blackfuse.
  • Ulduar
    • Fixed an issue with the Yogg-Saron encounter, where players were unable to proceed to phase 2 of the fight by damaging Sara.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Players should no longer be unable to cast spells or use items after repeatedly using restricted items while in a Wargame.

  • Reduced the activation rate for caster and healer Legendary cloak effects for characters in a tanking specialization by 75%.
  • Evil Eye of Galakras was only reducing the cooldown on 5 abilities for Warriors. The trinket should now also reduce the cooldown of Heroic Leap.
  • Unerring Vision of Lei Shen now has a 40% reduced chance to activate its effect for Warlocks.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
DPS/HPS logs should have never been added to the game. The cost is not justified by the benefit.
It's nice to be able to evaluate your performance to fine tune gear or rotation. Agree the competitive aspect is out of control. (Source)

This AM I saw: our DPS is too low, nobody wants us, we need an overhaul from pretty much every class. Those all can't be true. (Source)
I think it's obv from buffs/nerfs through the exp cycle that it's obvious overhauls needed. Scaling is out of control
Players obsess about scaling too much. OTOH even with perfect scaling, players would be unhappy if we didn't constantly tune balance (Source)
Put another way, even if all specs scaled identically with gear, encounter mechanics have a far greater impact on performance. (Source)

I disagree. I think a support class fun as long as people knew up front that's what they were rolling.
That's possible. Back in the MC days I suspect many players made their class decisions without that information. (Source)
In fact, I suspect back in the MC days, many players didn't even consider the endgame until they got there. (Source)
I will agree it was bullshit to find out that your feral was garbage. Less impressed with shaman/pally arguments tho.
My original MC raid had at least 4 paladins that rolled to be melee DPS and were told they had to heal and buff in raids. (Source)

Actually it's because the class has been switched upside down since launch
Claiming we don't have a direction or vision for a class is generally a good way not to get us to read something. (Source)
It's not that we are afraid of criticism; far from it. (Source)
We were pretty clear that Fistweaving was always a secondary mechanic, much like Atonement healing. (Source)
We never wanted to hear monks (or any healer) say "I cannot stand with the other healers. I MUST be in melee." (Source)

When people ask me what spec to play, I often tell them "whatever you enjoy or can do the best at" is this good advice?
Yes. Most players worry far too much about theoretical max DPS. The success of *your* group is rarely dependent on it. (Source)

what u think of talent trees? do u really think ur playerbase wants to constantly switch talents every 5 seconds?
We think they want to change talents once in awhile, versus the old model of never looking at the talent screen again. (Source)

e.g. specialize on the talent level, not the class level, by providing talents that significantly favour single or AE healing?
I think you would have to do something like: must have a shield healer and an AE healer, with 2-3 class choices each. (Source)
The problem with talents, though we still do it sometimes, is AE usually wins in MoP. (Source)
It's really hard to get that "glad we have a druid" feel you're looking for without very strong / mandatory unique utility. (Source)
A different design is that instead of tank, healer, DPS (ABC) you have ABCDE and a 10 needs two of each. (Source)
The ABCDE model lets each class / spec feel powerful and unique but hurts the raid that likes to raid with e.g. 3 hunters. (Source)

why all caster class haste make more DoT's Ticks, but meele and ranged this isn't happen??
The intent is haste generally provides more resources for melee and hunters to deliver on the "haste lets you do more" concept. (Source)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Example A: Deterrence doesn't work how it is supposed to work and is half as strong as it is supposed to be. no fix
Deterrence in 5.4 is working as intended. The charge system has proven challenging to explain / understand. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
the question about female Demon Form is constantly dodged by Blues. Is this so hard to implement? Would make locks happy.
Not that hard to implement, but it does take real artist time if it's more than just a bow on a Voidwalker. (Source)
but what if my voidwalker wants to wear a bow, even voidwalkers want to feel pretty.
I'm not judging. Each voidwalker can dress how he or she wants. I won't burden them with traditional gender norms. (Source)

Character / Items
Can we remove Personal Loot from Flex, Getting the same item 4 weeks in a row in LFR is terrible design
Sharding the same item 4 weeks in a row in heroic isn't all that fun either. (Source)
so why are there capes dropping in heroic soo?
Maybe one of your raiders decided to reroll and doesn't have an orange cloak? (Source)

Hey Greg, would you be so kind and explain the drop-system of the new heirloom weapons?
The first one you get will be for your loot spec. After that it's random. All are personal loot. (Source)
Is it the 1st one on each difficulty mode (F/N/H), or only the 1st one on the first difficulty mode you clear?
The intent is per difficulty. We don't want someone e.g. avoiding N Garrosh for fear of wasting their chance. (Source)

Flex Raiding
First 2 wings of Flex down and must say rivals BT for epic so far. Boss fights are mad fun and seem to reflect player feedback
Oustanding. (Source)

How many teeth are missing from the average Flex audience member? Are they shirtless? Have they been on "COPS"?
Our hope is that they are pretty normal players who put a premium on playing with friends and family over progression. (Source)
A traditional raiding guild might boot a nice player with low DPS. The intended flex audience would never dream of it. (Source)

i will not use on principle its an attempt to kill lfr.
It is not an attempt to kill LFR. It's an attempt to provide a more casual alternative to N for social groups who don't enjoy LFR. (Source)
Flex just is not needed. There's already that... it's called 10-man. If guild can't form then they have bigger issues.
We disagree. 10-player ToT is harder than 10-player ICC. The players who enjoyed the ICC level of difficulty are shut out. (Source)
What was the rationale for the step-up in difficulty since Wrath? Did 10-man ICC feel too easy to devs?
A series of steps. 1) Didn't want 10s to feel like 2nd class citizens, so we gave them the same ilevel. (Source)
2) Didn't want same ilevel for easier difficulty, so we brought 10s up to the 25 level (overall - there is variety per boss). (Source)
You can argue that those were both missteps, but that's how we arrived where we are today. Flex is trying to recapture ICC 10. (Source)

Dark Legacy Comics #408
DLC #408 takes a look at the different types of raiders in WoW.

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  1. Drunknforsetti's Avatar
    more brew nerfs :'( i am sad
  1. Durandro's Avatar
    Minor buffs for Destruction. Nom nom nom. Happy with that.
  1. Roetorooter's Avatar
    Honestly one of the best DLC's I have seen in a loooong time!
  1. Zannypants's Avatar
    Afflic and Demo nerf, with Destro buff, please stop Ghostcrawler.
  1. Getreuer's Avatar
    Brewmasters now deal 10% less damage with all attacks.
    Ouch! That's gonna hurt!
  1. Dimmune's Avatar
    Dat Marksmen dps
  1. Buu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Roetorooter View Post
    Honestly one of the best DLC's I have seen in a loooong time!
    Does that mean that Unicorns don't exist in real life because we simply don't allow them to be?
  1. Snuzzfizzle's Avatar
    The caster cloak made up around 20% of my overall damage as a prot paladin.
    I sure will miss it - a lot.
  1. Aquarela's Avatar
    hahaha that comic is awesome. I'm a combination of the casual, the broken veteran and the professional.
  1. Nerfarien's Avatar
    Unerring Vision of Lei Shen now has a 40% reduced chance to activate its effect for Warlocks.

    Well f*ck you too Blizzard, you seriously need to ruin this one as well? Ty very much...
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    That DLC is the most epic thing in a long time.

    The lock nerfs however are not.
  1. Kingpinwlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nerfarien View Post
    Unerring Vision of Lei Shen now has a 40% reduced chance to activate its effect for Warlocks.

    Well f*ck you too Blizzard, you seriously need to ruin this one as well? Ty very much...
    It is (WAS) kinda OP already still. You get it at the start of the fight for demo, and you can, if lucky keep the 100% crit doom run on the maintarget the entire fight. It is however really really rare you can, deppending on the fight obviously. And this nerf in my eyes well..
    .. You could however be happy if you get Agony as affli with the trinket, for multi-target fights where amazing. Dont really know if it's still worth useing. But for protectors you'll get a hell of a burst. Like I said, 97% out of 100% it still procs at the start, and I bet it will still proc at the start of a fight.
  1. Oneirophobia's Avatar
    The shadow priest nerfs, they burrrrn
  1. Sellest's Avatar
    Whole MoP I was behind our Druid tank. In SoO I was ahead (was using dps cloak and he tank one) and now they nerf me by 10% QQ :< Sad monk here...
  1. simjanes2k's Avatar
    I don't get it. How can you work toward the BoA weapons from Garrosh in LFR? They don't drop in LFR. Was that supposed to mean flex, cuz that doesn't even open wing 3 until next week, right?

    I'm confused.
  1. thegempolice's Avatar
    Thank God for these fixes. UVLS Warlocks have been just ridiculously good on all fight types in SoO.
  1. Mousa's Avatar
    The Unicorn exists. You just havent found him/her yet!
  1. Celista's Avatar
    I am most definitely the broken veteran D:
  1. druvirus's Avatar
    For once this expansion, Assassination Rogues were actually pulling some decent numbers. Alas, .. everything changed when the Ghostcrawler Nation attacked.
  1. Terror Earth's Avatar
    Again, warlocks overnerfed as usual HOW DARE YOU PLAY MORE THAN ONE SPEC IN A COMPETITIVE RAID ENVIRONMENT demonology probably even worse than destro at this point with UVLS nerf ontop of imp damage nerf. The least they could have done is fix the green fire mount so it actually had green fire when crossing over water...

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