Blizzcon 2013 In-Game Goodies Announced
Anyone attending Blizzcon in person or with the Virtual ticket will get some in-game goodies: WoW players get a Crusader Murloc, D3 players get a nice banner, SC2 players get a Portrait and Decal, and Hearthstone players will get a special commemorative card. Blizzcon is a little bit over a month away, taking place on November 8th and 9th!

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  1. ultimar235's Avatar
    As much as I like D3 i do hope this blizzcon which we been waiting for 2 years isn't just about it.
  1. Romanthony's Avatar
    Kinda disappointed by the SC2 and diablo rewards. Curious to what the mystery card will be
  1. KoolKidKaos's Avatar
    Does this murloc make the cute murloc noise ?!?!?!!?? CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS ZOMG
  1. Woa's Avatar
    Pets kinda lame. I want the mount with the murloc riding on it.
  1. rcshaggy's Avatar
    Hmmm...besides the good looking Murloc pet I don't see why buying this only for the other stuff.
    That Starcraft portrait looks terrible to, and that Diablo III tabard is a waste to.
    I kinda regret buying Diablo and I want to redeem it for something else, but to bad its on my account.
  1. Findus707's Avatar
    bought it at once it was i had the option to buy the virtual ticket, getting the pet and the Hearthstone card, so worth it.
  1. Mconniff's Avatar
    I need the fluffy!!!

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