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Warcraft Movie Release - December 18, 2015
It looks like we will see the Warcraft Movie in 2015! For now, only people that were at Comic-Con have seen a tease of what is to come.

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  1. Waniou's Avatar
    Can't say I was expecting that to suddenly be announced. o_o
  1. Kargarok's Avatar
  1. moveth's Avatar
    Unnnf. Yes
  1. mmoc586e3b8dfe's Avatar
    Well, that is unexpected.
  1. wavey's Avatar
    time-skip please.
  1. Underverse's Avatar
    ooooh yess
  1. TOM_RUS's Avatar
    10 chars
  1. Sylf's Avatar
    Ooooh, excitement!
  1. Throne's Avatar
    i guess that's 'soon'
  1. mmoc0606183866's Avatar
    the hobbit and warcraft, so close together? MARVELOUS
  1. Xilurm's Avatar
    Which means we should be expecting a trailer next year.
  1. atrixx's Avatar
    The good thing...they didn't call it "World of Warcraft" since it would be stupid to do that. Hopefully they play with the lore a good amount and highlight more classic and recognizable parts of it. They have to be careful though this doesn't turn into another John Carter money pit.
  1. Moralgy's Avatar
    ...... lol
  1. mmoc46ab0bd3b5's Avatar
    Finally!! Been waiting a long time for this
  1. Williamgood's Avatar
    Wait could this be heroes of the storm related?...
  1. Xilurm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vindico View Post
    the hobbit and warcraft, so close together? MARVELOUS
    Actually the Hobbit's last movie is in 2014.
  1. mmoce994820d54's Avatar
    Get hyped!
  1. Pulski's Avatar
    If it flops, do you think they'll still make a sequel stating, "The first movie was only a setback"?
  1. mmoc5b3bf16116's Avatar
    Nice to have a date finally, but yet... 2 years. >_>
  1. jangkun's Avatar
    2 years and 2 months left guys xD

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