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Heroic Garrosh Hellscream Videos
Method and Stars have released their videos for Garrosh Hellscream.

Heroic Garrosh 10 (West) Defeated
Paragon managed to defeat Garrosh this weekend as well, with an item level of 565.

Patch 5.4 - Darkmoon Faire Updates
The Darkmoon Faire is back today and with it comes Moonfang, a new boss. Moonfang has a low respawn time, and can be tagged by anyone, and will give you an extra 10 tickets on your first kill. Be sure to enable the WoWDB addon to help us get drop rates faster!

Level Type Slot Name
20Companion Pets Moon Moon
90Quest Moonfang's Pelt
1Consumable Moonfang's Paw
1Consumable Moonfang Shroud
20Consumable Shimmering Moonstone

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
So you seem really set on balancing tank damage but ignore the huge healing output differences in 25m heroic content.
Source? Meters are a terrible way to assess healer potency. They work reasonably well for assessing tank DPS. (Source)

k what's with the warlock hate after patch release? nerfing 1 class to keep others in check is lame. buff mage huntard instead
We'd have to buff a lot of classes and then likely buff the encounters as well to compensate for all the higher damage. (Source)

There's so much focus on getting singletarget dps within 1%, but AoE/cleave feels like there are 50% differences..
I don't think ST at 1% differences and AE at 50% differences are true and they're certainly not goals. (Source)
Keep in mind AE varies enormously depending upon duration, number of targets and proximity of targets. (Source)
ST is more a function of ramp up time and duration (whether sustained or burst matters more on that fight). (Source)

Hundreds of constant minor tweaks erode class diversity. Ppl would complain less frequently if you changed less.
Do you think that's true or do you think they would just feel ignored since long-standing problems would go untreated? (Source)

I would like to see healing go back to making smart choices and acting upon them. I don't want the game to heal for me.
We agree in general, but how do you solve something like e.g. Atonement or Binding Heal glyph? (Source)
By making them poor. Any spell for which the game chooses the targets for you should lose to smart player decisions
Yeah, we think that is a good direction. We'd just need to make sure each healer had a "dumb (but smart!)" alternative. (Source)
I'm not sure casting PW:S on the whole raid or spamming Holy Light/Rejuv were "smart player decisions".
It's hard to imagine AE heals that aren't smart heals unless they are like HRain (area based) or PoH (goofy party based). (Source)

"...why play a non dot?" why make a dot spec if multidotting is always going to hold back it's single target dmg?
Class diversity? Why make a non dot spec if your ST damage is always going to hold back your AE? (Source)
At least players no longer say "I don't care about AE because that's just for trash." (Source)

If a tooltip is starting to get complex, I think it means that ability has too many jobs to do & needs rethinking.
We agree. That is just one of the risk of having too many spells of the design "X replaces Y but with Z extra effect." (Source)

sorry meant that most players just want to feel their dps is competitive but not the hardcore min/max definition
I used to think that, but I think today a lot of players look at highest possible DPS even though it barely affects them. (Source)
(And when I say "a lot" it still probably isn't that many total, but more than it used to be.) (Source)

The overall problem is you're not even trying to achieve class balance. When you do, then we can have a meaningful discussion.
We aren't trying to have all classes tie in all situations, no. (Source)

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
BrM nerf = fine, the way you doing it = terrible. You are nerfing our already "bad" 2p as well. Any compensation to our 2p?
The alternative is to nerf monks and then buff WW damage, but that carries a lot more bug risk. (Source)
I think it's hard to justify Brewmaster damage being so much higher than other tanks though. (Source)

exactly what aspect of revival prior to the 30% nerf broke the game?
The cast time. (Source)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
What happened to "take dmg done into calculation for healer balance"? And agree about all smartheals, they need to be limited.
Do you meant Atonement damage done? It's really fine and Atonement healing is fine too. (Source)
The deal IMO is that Disc can shift so effortlessly into that role whenever you don't need a lot of healing. (Source)

Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
- In all fairness and honesty, PvE Warlocks probably wouldn't be hurt too terribly with another nerf or two. - A PvE Warlock
We worry the Affliction nerf isn't large enough, but we'll see how it goes. We try and err on the side of not over-nerfing. (Source)

So are you gonna talk about the agony 15% stealth nerf? or is that going to be what must not be named?
It's not intended as a stealth nerf. The hotfix notes just haven't caught up yet. Affliction DPS was still too high. (Source)
Call it w.e you want. In most players eyes, it's a blatant nerf. Did you honestly think players wouldn't notice?
If they didn't, they would when the hotfix notes went out for the day. Stealth nerfs serve no purpose; players will figure it out. (Source)

yet that becomes a basis for damage too high, I think youre over nerfing here.
What current fight would you consider warlocks to be weak on? (Source)

Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
So warriors socket straight crit as arms or fury, yet you took away their static crit buff...why?
The intent of group buffs is that individuals can make the group stronger, not that individuals can be very self sufficient. (Source)

What about rage from damage taken? what was the reasoning for removing that?
For tanks, it made offtanking rough. For PvP, it made not getting attacked rough. For PvE DPS it meant standing in fires. (Source)
We tried to capture some of the feel with Berserker Stance, which isn't quite there yet, but is pretty close. (Source)

Do you —master of all UIs— think that the profession panel could display the breakdown of ingredients? #craftingnoodlecarts
Could the profession UI suck less? Absolutely. What do you mean by breakdown specifically? (Source)

Wondered if you've ever considered account-wide professions? With alts so prevalent is the 2 per char limit still useful?
Would love to see more discussion on this topic from players. Alts are cool, but alts just to get around the prof limit bug me. (Source)

Poll: Alts for Professions
One of this week's Blue Tweets talked about creating alts just to have access to more professions. Have you created alts that are mostly just to have access to more professions?

Poll #2: Alts for Professions
Ghostcrawler posed a followup question about how much fun having the profession alts is. Useful feedback is always welcome in the comments!

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  1. Tarx's Avatar
    Good Job Paragon..Sorry Method!!

    One more addition to Darkmoon Fair...
  1. taheen74's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Slappyjoe View Post
    The entire profession system in WoW is severely outdated at this point. At the very least, they should completely separate the gathering professions from the production ones. It's silly that gathering characters even exist simply because it was arbitrarily decided years ago that characters should have to specialize in picking flowers.

    Don't you mean combine? Gathering professions are already separate.

    The only profession right now that has a "gathering" type of thing is enchanting. I think they should revamp it to where if you pick up say, LW, you automatically get skinning. They have to get rid of the gathering perks but combining them makes more sense.
  1. zrankfappa's Avatar
    uh there is a lot of people answering the poll incorrectly .... incoming professions nerf on alts ... gg folks
  1. Wormweir's Avatar
    Professions have lost their fun. Now it takes so long to grind the materials in order to grind the recipe discovery that by the time you can make anything useful it's long past it's usefulness. I think Blizzard just keeps professions around to keep players busy.. give them something to do that is a complete waste of time. Unfortunately, I'm a completionist, so I'm dumb enough to keep that tread wheel going even though it's not even enjoyable anymore.

    I never wanted to get rich off professions by having all the recipes for all the professions. I just wanted to be able to craft things for myself without paying the ridiculous amounts people ask for when only a few people are willing to make it. There was a time when you could work hard to perfect your craft and ultimately make something useful for yourself. The iLevel churn has gotten to the point where if Blizzard allowed you to make something useful today, it's going to be worthless tomorrow... okay... maybe in two weeks.

    Blizzard will argue that this is the result of player demand for more content faster. Well who said that the players wanted more iLevel grind. I don't remember Blizzard asking anybody what players wanted in terms of more content faster. That leaves a lot to interpretation. Do we really want to grind new iLevels every few months? Not my idea of fun.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Additionally.... I prefer the Skyrim method of professions. The player can master all profession given the time, effort, and persistence to do so.

    Also, do we really need a bazillion recipes to learn to make the daily discovery last along time? I mean... at this point we have the same piece of armor reworked 4 different ways with class specific binds. Same ilevel, same stat budget, but one for each class with of that armor type. Imagine the time and effort saved if that was one recipe that attuned itself to a class when equipped... Thunder Forged Mantle of the .... <equip> *POOF* HUNTER
  1. woofpup's Avatar
    Account-wide professions were mentioned. There is one profession that should be account-wide and that is ENCHANTING. It would solve the problems of people not having enchanting mats or being forced to pay huge AH prices for them.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I've taken the time to level ALL the professions on various alts. Some I have multiples of (alchemy, enchanting, JC, tailor-for the extra cloth). This was a deliberate choice. Nearly all of my toons have a crafting profession AND a gathering profession to feed the professions of all while leveling a toon. I would be VERY unhappy if the number of professions per account were limited in any way.
  1. tuxedobob's Avatar
    Missing option in Poll #1: "I only leveled profession alts because the achievement told me to."

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Wormweir View Post
    You know, if you have no clue how to spell something, instead of just making it up, you actually *are* allowed to consult a dictionary and/or the internet.
  1. Sylinaa's Avatar
    Moon Moon is too cute!

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