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Blizzard All-Stars Becomes Heroes of the Storm
It appears the Heroes of the Storm trademark is going to be used with The Game Formerly Known as "Blizzard All-Stars"! You can find some old screenshots from the last preview on the HoTS Wiki.

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  1. Aeluron Lightsong's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    Insulting? I didn't start the fire...

    He questioned my credibility, while, having none of his own. Fanboyed Valve like a 12year old girl. Made an account just to comment, more than likely because he is already banned.

    Yeah... totally on me.

    I can take a good guess on who the account belongs too. ^^^^^
    Then who? Cause it's not me rifl. Yeah you did start the fire. You called someone a fanboy and insulted them. So yeah, you fought back with fire and you are just as guilty.
  1. Jokerfiend's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    Don't try to guess, cause if you're wrong, you will only end up hating someone for no reason
    Hate is strong word for some internet keyboard battle. LMAO.

    Are you O.K.? Do you need a hug?

    On topic, I will definitely be playing the shit out of this game. I just find it humorous they, Blizzard, had the key it's pocket. Had the market cornered, AGAIN. I love the schadenfreude.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong View Post
    Then who? Cause it's not me rifl. Yeah you did start the fire. You called someone a fanboy and insulted them. So yeah, you fought back with fire and you are just as guilty.
    Of course, but I didn't start it. You make an account just to discredit someone, with no credence of your own. Is irony at it's finest. He bashes LoL and raises Valve on a pedestal. Fanboy. If he didn't want to be a fanboy, shouldn't act like one.

    I gave my experience with early stages of DOTA:TFT. Simply said, that the game, DOTA2, won't garnish as much of a following as LoL. Mainly because LoL is the market. I also praised the game in the same breath, and gave no critique. LoL is like WoW in comparison, already gave my reasons and I stand by it.

    You can go ahead and throw your 2 cents in, I just make more money that way.
  1. Darsithis's Avatar
    Knock it off
  1. drhovertop's Avatar
    There's something darkly amusing about the sequence of events that just happened with a mod coming in to quell a ridiculous argument followed by a random spammer advertising a vehicle won by "Uncle Zachary".

    I've been awake for way too long.

    Anyway, while Heroes of the Storm would have been a pretty janky name for the next expansion, I figured it would have made a decent title for Blizzard's new ARTS or whatever it's going to wind up being. I wonder if they're going to keep the DOTA style stuff down to the letter, give it a few twists here and there like Smite and Dawngate, or try to mix things up entirely and craft something that doesn't really fig snugly into most of the usual standards.
  1. itskevinlol's Avatar
    this looks really cool.
  1. Maxilian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    Hate is strong word for some internet keyboard battle. LMAO.

    Are you O.K.? Do you need a hug?
    Yes, and yes please... is pretty cold here :S
  1. Vanson's Avatar
    This looks pretty sweet.
  1. Satisdiction's Avatar
    I need to comment in a different thread with a picture, but it wont let me until i post a few times elsewhere. But, i cant post more than one reply to anything, within 30 seconds. I just want Blizzcon tickets, i mean really. The hoops.
  1. Maxilian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RAWRF View Post
    Why not give them a chance? Because, as I said, they can't balance ANYTHING in WoW, how are they going to manage a MOBA which is going to need constant balance changes? They aren't. It really is as easy as that. Plus the thought that they can come out with a MOBA that will compete with LoL is a complete and total fucking joke. More of a joke than DoTa2, which dropped onto the market and still has almost no support.

    This is one project they should cancel, it is not going to be a money maker for them.
    Well i'm pretty sure is way easier to manage the balance of the game in a MOBA than on WOW
  1. Maxilian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RAWRF View Post
    If they never plan to release champions beyond the initial set, sure. Otherwise, it will end up being much harder.
    But WoW have that problem too, they have to make sure an ability is not OP in PVP or PVE and at the same time not make it useless, (IMO they should separate both systems completely but whatever) that's why i think we have to see to actually know how good or bad the balance will be
  1. Thevannarch's Avatar
    Guinsoo and later Icefrog, both BEGGED. BEGGED, Blizzard to give official support of the game. They laughed! Laughed, at Guinsoo. I remember later when Gunisoo quit having anything to do with DOTA, and started on the "client" he called it, which would later be called, you guessed it, League of Legends. I was in the chat room, when everyone was saying "goodbyes" to him even though he officially quit off the screen.
    Where is your evidence that they begged Blizzard? Show me, if you can't then you've got jack all for credibility. Oh wait you didn't provide any proof and expect people to believe you blindly. Amazing.. yes and I was there inside the shuttle for the moon landing! I don't have any evidence for this but you must believe me! /s

    Now Blizzard wants part of the pie. Sorry, but League is the WoW of MOBAs. While, DOTA is a good game, it just won't drag as many people around like League has and will. Egg in the eye, Blizzard. Egg in the eye.
    Blizzard is a for-profit company. They seek to make money. They have seen how popular these types of games can be and it is only natural that they'd incline themselves towards what could be one of the their last opportunities to break into the market.

    You seem to have soiled yourself. Allow me to sincerely apologise for having a different opinion than to your own. Call me a nerd and a fanboy if you will but there are few gaming companies out there with the experience and loyal fanbase of Valve's (Blizzard is one exception).

    I talked about:

    • Dota 2 having 6.5 million active players (not including WC3: DotA players)

    Throw in all the other non-LoL DotA-style games and that's a good 10 million or so players in the genre who aren't playing LoL. LoL =/= the market.

    • It's a more solid title with better production quality, more depth and more diversity within the gameplay.

    My opinion and shared by a lot of LoL players too.

    • It's proven its longevity while LoL is more of a fad...

    DotA-Allstars is still going strong in the form of Dota 2 after 10 years of existence. The latter half is controversial, yes, but that's my opinion based upon my experience with it.

    • ...poorly balanced and the company (Riot) treats a good portion of its players like shit and handles the game disgustingly badly...

    Again this is my observation and based upon the general dissatisfaction of a lot of its gameplay balance tweaks (especially amongst pros) and upon their crappy client, poor server stability across multiple regions, shoddy customer support amongst other things.

    • Valve is a well-respected company with 50 million + active users on its Steam platform and has long valued custom mod support.

    Am I wrong?

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