Last Chance Contest: Win 2 BlizzCon Tickets!

Blizzcon General Admission Ticket Giveaway!

Blizzcon Ticket Giveaway
We have some spare Blizzcon tickets to give away this year! Read below for entry information and be sure to enter on DiabloFans and HearthPwn if you want a better chance of winning.

  • To enter: Post a comment telling us which of the Blizzcon panels you are most excited for, other than the Opening Ceremony.
  • Tickets do not include travel and accommodation expenses. You are responsible for getting to Blizzcon!
  • There will be 5 (five) winners selected, each of them will receive 2 (two) BlizzCon tickets.
  • Deadline for entries is Saturday, November 2nd at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Winners will be selected randomly and contacted via PM.
  • Winners need to respond with their shipping info within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • You may only enter once per site. More than one entry on this site will disqualify you.
  • You may only win one prize, regardless if you enter on each site.

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  1. Shadowpain's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: What's Next
  1. Lithiyum's Avatar
    Hands down it would have to be the World of Warcraft: What's next? Section. I am so excited to see what is in store for my favorite game!
  1. Bheastwood's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: What's Next. I'm excited to see whether my prediction of an expansion that deals with the Emerald Dream comes true.
  1. xaeronn's Avatar
    world of warcraft and newcomming expansion. Long live king and hopefully emerald dream
  1. Jaggid's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: What's Next
  1. dragonheartck's Avatar
    I'm most interested in the World of Warcraft: What's Next panel.
  1. ColbaneX's Avatar
    Oh wow. Uh, the What's Next panel for WoW, the Reaper of Souls stuff for Diablo, Heroes of the Storm just to see how it is going to turn out, which characters will be in it, how it looks. I am so excited for Blizzcon it isn't even funny! Even if I can't go I'll sure as hell be on MMO Champ obsessively waiting over new info.
  1. JLarks's Avatar
    The next movie is the one I am most interested in. Here's hoping it is based on WoTLK
  1. seriouslyshift's Avatar
    World of Warcraft : Whats Next!!
  1. Kremzy's Avatar
    World of Warcraft Movie ofc ^_^
  1. Dmann5439's Avatar
    I am really excited for the contests and such there always really good each year and the live raid this year should be fun!
  1. eldramir's Avatar
    i'm Excited for , "World of Warcraft Movie" announcement !!
    I was waiting for that for a long time!! Soo Excited!
  1. Hszanka's Avatar
    I'm the most excited about "World of Warcraft: What's next", I think that next expansion could be EPIC!
  1. gnail's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues
  1. Rainman's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: What's Next and Warcraft Movie!
  1. Sulphuric's Avatar
    World of Warcraft - What's Next =)
  1. morph4037's Avatar
    I always look forward to the Art of World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More panels.
  1. halby's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues

    Obviously need to know where ScrubBusters is heading next.
  1. nicksere's Avatar
    World of Warcraft: What's Next - PLEASE give me a ticket for me and my GF! ^_^
  1. Rashazz's Avatar
    Most excited for the Warfaft Movie update! Everyone already knows what the next expansion is going to be...excited to see what they will do with it but the movie is a long time coming!

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