Blizzard Trademarks "Warlords of Draenor" - WoW Expansion
Blizzard just trademarked "Warlords of Draenor" in New Zealand. It was then registered in Australia shortly after.

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It's also worth mentioning that was registered a month ago.

I do realize that we had a lot of fun times with trademarks in the past (*cough* Dark Below *cough*) but let's just say that on a personal level I'm pretty confident about this one. I'll leave the speculation up to you guys until Blizzcon.

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  1. mmocf2b99a75b9's Avatar
    Honestly, i think this is just fake, based on someones fantasy. The nest expansion will be Argus / Xoroth
  1. Azahel's Avatar
    You know that loooong week until blizzcon?
    It just got bigger.
  1. mmoc9ff7ae5337's Avatar
    I like it, let's see if it's legit.
  1. schwank05's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 3clipse View Post
    Burning Crusade was the best period of time in WoW's history. If we head towards more of the same I will be a happy, happy man.
    This X10000000000. I want to go back to my golden days of wow.
  1. Zatheyll's Avatar
    This is implying we are going back to Outland simply because it has Draenor in the name.

    Look at it more closely, it says "Warlords OF Draenor". That could mean we are going to a different Burning Legion planet entirely, but it'd have something to do with warlords of Draenor. (Probably a reference to the Burning Legion).

    I expect a different world, dealing with the Burning Legion, and having Velen, Wrathion, and the Naaru as the lead characters.

    Everything I wanted.
  1. Gheld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    Boubouille has a very great chance of accuracy so I'm 100% behind this one. He wasn't wrong with the last expansions.
    I'll drink to that. I think we all know despite his denials he has secret blue insiders.
  1. Sylreick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Qualther View Post
    Another part of Draenor was never mentioned in lore. I don't like that kind of tricks...
    Lore is just a compilation of major historical events in a story. Nothing says it has to describe everything and every land in detail. Chances are it deals with outland as we know it, but perhaps in a different timeframe. But, just because something wasn't in lore doesn't mean it can't exist. Lore doesn't say much if anything about many of the other planets in this universe, but that doesn't mean there aren't any other planets out there.
  1. Xrafice's Avatar
    While I don't necessarily hope for time travel, it certainly makes sense, what with the end Heroics of Cata and the Timeless Isle's existence. Kairoz' quest chain on the Isle lends itself to the idea, as well. Regardless, that's not the point of this post. I see a lot of people exclaiming frustration with potentially having to deal with the Legion again. You people DO realize that their return is inevitable, right? Whether they come to us or we go to them, it makes little difference. Kil'Jaeden was by no means the boss of the organization. But I am willing to bet they're pretty pissed and looking forward to try again.
  1. Sinkuu's Avatar
    After the last couple of trademark hoaxes... I ain't believing SHIT until next week.
  1. Dierdre's Avatar

    oh wait...
  1. CosmicGuitars's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sinkuu View Post
    After the last couple of trademark hoaxes... I ain't believing SHIT until next week.
    Only The Dark Below ever made it to the trademark database (and was removed).
  1. Zatheyll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sinkuu View Post
    After the last couple of trademark hoaxes... I ain't believing SHIT until next week.
    "Last Couple".

    You mean one?
  1. Kalium's Avatar
    Probably a Hearthstone Expansion.
  1. Chimeal's Avatar
    Draenor - Yes
    Warlords of Draenor - No

    Love the potential this expansion could have, but the name seems a bit....meh
  1. mmoc1b385c8656's Avatar
    Souns brilliant! Bring it
  1. Zacc's Avatar
    The rest of Draenor was 'believed' to be lost. But I think they found it!
  1. Gheld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicGuitars View Post
    Only The Dark Below ever made it to the trademark database (and was removed).
    And the WoD leak also states that "The Dark Below" was Titan. And if the leak was right about WoD then it is probably right about everything else. So it's possible The Dark Below trademark application ended up being mailed out along with the "Reaper of Souls" application by mistake. And that's why it showed up but was later withdrawn.
  1. Xilurm's Avatar
    So it possible that we could see Draenor before it shit struck the fan? And that means, can we expect the same treatment for Azeroth in the next expansion after that (Emerald Dream)?
  1. Zarc's Avatar
    If this is really the name I will be disappointed. I thought Outland was awesome, I thought Northrend was awesome, but I hated Cataclysm and I hated Pandaria. Why? Because after having checked Outland and Northrend off my list of places I want to go there is the South Seas. So for every expansion that hits that is not a South Seas expansion with Queen Azshara as the main villain I will remain disappointed. Once I get that expansion and can cross it off my list I can start being excited for other stuff. I wouldn't even be happy going to Argus (which should be really cool) if I don't get to see the South Seas first. Really hope this is not the name of the next WoW expansion.

    Although Outland/Draenor is really cool, much much cooler than Pandaria. So it should be exciting nonetheless, albeit disappointing. But what would really suck is if this time-travel talk going around is true. That would really suck. I hate time-travel shit. Like how they made those changes to the War of the Ancients. What. The. Fuck. Time-travel always ruins things, unless you do it like Star Trek did it by creating an entirely new timeline once you alter something in the past. But Warcraft is doing the sucky old version of time traveling so... I hope it isn't that.
  1. Gheld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalium View Post
    Probably a Hearthstone Expansion.
    It's the NEW NEW title for Blizzard DOTA All Stars HoTS MOBA

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