Blizzard Trademarks "Warlords of Draenor" - WoW Expansion
Blizzard just trademarked "Warlords of Draenor" in New Zealand. It was then registered in Australia shortly after.

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It's also worth mentioning that was registered a month ago.

I do realize that we had a lot of fun times with trademarks in the past (*cough* Dark Below *cough*) but let's just say that on a personal level I'm pretty confident about this one. I'll leave the speculation up to you guys until Blizzcon.

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  1. Gheld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalium View Post
    Probably a Hearthstone Expansion.
    It's the NEW NEW title for Blizzard DOTA All Stars HoTS MOBA
  1. Cernunnos's Avatar
    They do register trademarks for hearthstone do they not?
  1. Forgettable's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    "Last Couple".

    You mean one?
    1. The Dark Below

    2. Corgis Unleashed

    That's two!
  1. KaNNis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dierdre View Post

    oh wait...

    WE ON
  1. Phaidrae's Avatar
    If this means venturing back to OL then I'm all for it. Maybe we'll get some new OL zones and have some life breathed into the old ones. I really liked the BC expansion and was kinda sad that they just kinda left it there in the dust when LK dropped.

    It's a whole separate world from Azeroth - which I'm growing really sick of after the last 3 expansions. I know Pandaria feels different; but it's still Azeroth and the story still plays out in Orgrimmar.
  1. mmoc51f27689b0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chimeal View Post
    Draenor - Yes
    Warlords of Draenor - No

    Love the potential this expansion could have, but the name seems a bit....meh
    Kinda like the name, mists of pandaria ? ;p
  1. mmoc8e13fe598c's Avatar
    If this is a outland style ttemed expansion im very tempted to resub =)
  1. mmoc52fe769775's Avatar
    Assumptions being made that you need to go to Draenor to have something to do with ''The Warlords of Draenor''. We may well go back, but people are getting waaaay ahead of themselves. This could almost all take place on Azeroth for all we know.
  1. enchanted's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    "Last Couple".

    You mean one?
    Probably he means dark below and corgis unleashed. He might as well haven't believed in reaper of souls nor heroes of storm before we knew its official and thought of including them as a "couple of last expansions"

    OT; Sounds cool. I hope they don't remake zangarmarsh though if we go through outland again, always hated that place ever since it was made. The concept of time travel seems not bad as well might be one of the best xpacs to date if they don't let people's hope down and mess it up. But why have 2 horde antagonist within 2 expansions? Why not introduce a badass hero or something? But I guess the way they could portray him might turn out well and I hope they dont "force" people to have grom like they did with garrosh.
  1. GrieverXIII's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chimeal View Post
    Draenor - Yes
    Warlords of Draenor - No

    Love the potential this expansion could have, but the name seems a bit....meh
    Its a name, who cares really.

    These boards are kinda annoying to read really, always have to bitch over nothing.
  1. SoundOfGuns's Avatar
    ...well, if i was wrong i gladly accept defeat aswell, but i still can hardly believe Blizzard randomy revives Grom Hellscream... and the Outlands are pretty much the left pocket of Dragonblight. That sure as hell wont motivate me to do anything in terms of leveling again.

    edit: Okay, going out on a limb here, but... yea, let's assume the guy is right... and the guy was mentioning the Caverns of Time... That makes Grom possible as well as Dreanor/Outlands... because it was not always a big pile of broken flying islands but a planet like Azeroth till Gul'Dan and Ner'Zhul (Need ot look it up again) ripped it apart with the burning Legion and the Portals... So... yea... assuming he was indeed telling the truth... that explains the rest quite well.
  1. Sinkuu's Avatar
    ok, I forgot Heroes of the Storm wound up being legit... but it as a WoW-related item was revealed to be fake.

    I, like others, will simply wait for Blizzcon and the Official Announcement.
  1. amazingbrian's Avatar
    That one guy was right!
  1. mmoc0daa967e54's Avatar
    I have no idea wether this is true, but it would kinda make sense.
    Remember the vision that Velen got when Anduin walked into his room while he was meditating?
    "When Velen turned to face Anduin, he had a sudden vision of a hero in gleaming armor, leading not just the Horde and Alliance, but the dragons and naaru as well in a battle against the Burning Legion."

    This new expansion might be the part whereas we get to recruit the long lost Naaru into our ranks!
  1. Flower Milk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Berri View Post
    Christ sake. Instead of exploring the interesting lore that has been developing for years, we gotta go back in time and not learn anything new about the story lines we were actually immersed in? And back to Outland when we could be exploring completely new worlds. Seems uninspired, hope to god it's not the real deal.
    I hope it is, all this canon and pandas, no thank you. Finally we can go back to the original WC3 story that everyone knows and loves.
  1. UnifiedDivide's Avatar
    I like how just the possibility of it being set on Draenor/Outland has people believing it'll be like playing TBC again...
  1. mmoce35ea8b457's Avatar
    Ok, so some thoughts on this. Firstly - while this looks legit, TDB looked legit for me until about less than an hour ago. So I'll reserve full judgment at least until the trademark is approved.

    Secondly, regarding the potential time travel: There are two big problems here (providing we're going back in time to change something, rather than to fix it.). The first is that it makes the Horde questing experience difficult. The second is that if say we stop the Horde before arriving on Azeroth, it will involve pretty much rewriting the entirety of the story after Warcraft II.

    It's possible that the story can be manipulated in such a way that history is changed, but not too drastically. For example the Legion's attempts at corrupting the Orcish Clans could be thwarted, meaning in the present Draenor is still intact and Alleria and Turalyon aren't lost etc. But at the same time the Dark Portal or some approximation could be opened, and the Horde could invade Azeroth, just not under demonic influence.

    I have to say, aside from the generic tingles of expansion excitement, I'm not really feeling this one too much. It will involve a lot of Horde and more specifically Orc lore, after far too much of this already. Blizzard will also need to go through some major narrative gymnastics in order to make sure any time travel isn't too detrimental.
  1. Gheld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    So it possible that we could see Draenor before it shit struck the fan? And that means, can we expect the same treatment for Azeroth in the next expansion after that (Emerald Dream)?
    That's what I would expect from the title and the composite of all the "leaks" that seem to connect to this.

    My guess would be that Wrathion (whose end game is to raise a 1 world army to take on the Burning Legion, presumably) not entirely satisfied with his work on Azeroth tricks Anduin into freeing Garrosh, so that he can go back in time and have that relationship with Dad he always dreamed of. And Garrosh and Wrathion, disappointed by the pacifistic nature of the pre-legion orcs (because before that time they just hung out and picked flowers with the Draenei all day) make Warlords of their tribal leaders so that they are prepared for the legion invasion that we future folk know will happen.

    And of course the moment when the new Horde was born, was when Grom sacrificed himself to free the Orcs from their Legion created bloodlust. So simply by saving Grom he becomes an antagonist becuase he has to die along with Mannoroth in order for history to play out the way it's supposed to.

    EDIT: It's quite possible the storyline could actually have us trying to assist the Legion in enslaving the Orcs and eventually destroying Draenor.
  1. Cantwingrr's Avatar
    I think that the important thing that we are all forgetting here... is that I can hit Grom. With his own axe. From the FUTURE!!!
  1. UnifiedDivide's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tempeste View Post
    I hope it is, all this canon and pandas, no thank you. Finally we can go back to the original WC3 story that everyone knows and loves.
    Yeah, 'cos having the same stuff all the time is hugely fantastical and doesn't get the slightest bit boring >_>

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