Warlords of Draenor Logo
It looks like someone wasn't careful when editing the Blizzcon pre-show footage, as the Warlords of Draenor Logo just appeared on the stream.

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  1. Raqubor's Avatar
    Fuck I was hoping it was just smoke from Blizz... damn it.
  1. cypher1169's Avatar
    That looks like a horrible PS
  1. Lolsteak's Avatar
    Whelp GG Blizz
  1. Teasy's Avatar
    Now this is golden
  1. dannypoos's Avatar
    Is it just talking with blue blizcon screen atm?
  1. Wythel's Avatar
    Epic fail...
  1. BandagedPotato's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cypher1169 View Post
    That looks like a horrible PS

    but it's from the livestream so it's not
  1. Beet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lolsteak View Post
    Whelp GG Blizz
    LOL I hope you don't mean GG as in its all over for them. There were more people angry and sad when they heard MoP was the expansion than any others so I doubt this will be any more foreboding.
  1. Taurous's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kalfos View Post
    Looks like it's official. Also http://i.imgur.com/z84vN07.jpg
    logo looks different
  1. ZwuckeL's Avatar
    It would be so epic if this was high level trolling by Blizzard LOL... i don't believe it was though
  1. Daws's Avatar
    So it's true after all, now do they follow up with hey Garrosh is the bad guy and it a horde centric expansion (again) or will the alliance fanbase rush the stage and kidnap blizzard employees until they change the plot...
  1. Madruga's Avatar
    I still believe in The Dark Below!

    ...just joking!
  1. Ronnosh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Malrune View Post
    Blizzard has to be the most incompetent company out there, plus that looks like they just recycled the Cata logo, so freaking lazy...
    Glad I wasn't the only one who thought so
  1. Arbs's Avatar
    I admit defeat, I am excited for the next expansion either way !!
  1. Doomaz's Avatar
    i want a link to a free stream!
  1. Peso's Avatar
    The Dark Below guys it's The Dark Below...
  1. Shamza's Avatar
    So lame was hoping wod was a fake.
  1. Mychelle's Avatar
    Not really understanding why everyone would have a fit about it...I mean, aren't they going to be showing us this very soon anyways? If maybe it was many months from now I could understand it being a "EPIC FAIL" leak. But otherwise, nothing really for anyone to laugh and point fingers at.
  1. Trassk's Avatar
    I just laugh. There ability to keep reveals is beyond sloppy.

    Can you imagine when they do reveal on stage the name of the expansion. I'm hoping there isn't any kind of cheer, just the crowd shrugging with people saying "We know, we already heard"
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    The Dark Warlords Below Draenor!

    No, seriously, I feel good about this expansion.

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