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  • New character models retain the iconic features, but refine them as necessary. The models also have a more consistent style.
  • Undead have bones sticking out, but they don't look great. The new version refined it. (They unveiled the progress on the Undead Male model)
  • The team looked at the existing model and decided what they wanted to maintain and what needed to be exaggerated.
  • They went 956 to 5,408 polygons on the Gnomes. 130 to 196 bones. Texture resolution was 2 to 5x higher depending on the area of the body.
  • The old Dwarf male has 1,160 polygons and was mirrored on both sides. The new model is 7,821 polygons and has higher texture resolutions. The face doesn't have to be symmetrical anymore.
  • Dwarf female is underway and has a basic model.
  • Tauren male is also underway and has a basic model done.
  • Facial hair is animated using bones.
  • Capes are now animated using bones to flow more naturally.
  • Gnome female pigtails are now animated.
  • Concept art helps to determine the feel of the zone, while Zone maps help to determine what is taking place in each part of the zone.
  • Vertex shading is used to make things look much nicer without having to create even more new textures.
  • Lighting is also a big part of adding atmosphere to zones.
  • The Iron Horde make several different tanks, but not a unique mailbox.
  • When it rains, the NPC working on trade skills will go inside and get out of the rain.
  • There are 572 candle models in game, with 42 belonging to the Kobolds.
  • Worgen and Goblin won't be getting new models right away. The team will take a look at those models after all of the other ones are done.
  • The female Troll model is in process right now.
  • The website will show off the new models and provide release date guidance as progress is made on the remaining ones.
  • Ear and hair clipping is a little bit better with the new models.
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  1. Varjo410's Avatar
    That undead model, badass.
  1. Meebo's Avatar
    Now all they need to do is allow undead to be paladins and I'm set.
  1. Sharkcrap's Avatar
    Undead look awesome!
  1. Manthis's Avatar
    The heck!? Dwarf female actually looks like a female now >.<
  1. ProfessorTjc's Avatar

    Am I only one that thought this?
  1. ~Valen~'s Avatar
    Gnome models are sooooo cuteeeee!!!

    They did a great job overall too!
  1. Notos's Avatar
    Amg the undead model is kinda creepy, in a good way. I want to see the females (curious if there will be a "cute" face for females).
  1. Hunterpower's Avatar
    Facial expressions
  1. Msi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorTjc View Post

    Am I only one that thought this?
    You are not the only one my friend
  1. Twin Blades's Avatar
    Omg im gonna die, i think i died !!!! Omggggg the gnome female model looks so cute!!!!
  1. Arbs's Avatar
    OMG the Tauren, I just creamed my pants.
  1. Manthis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorTjc View Post

    Am I only one that thought this?
    Only you. :P
  1. foxHeart's Avatar
    Really excited for these new models. I don't even like most of the races that we got a preview of but they all look way better. Gotta love the cute new fem gnome.
  1. Rakran's Avatar
    Finally the tauren!! It looks amazing.
  1. charizma's Avatar
    they all look great! awesome job blizz.

    the dwarf female is like a new race, very well done!
  1. Nuvuk's Avatar
    Im not sure I like the new tauren look. I think it looks to cartoonish and friendly. But I will have to see the customization before I really decide how I truly feel.
  1. Schaapa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorTjc View Post

    Am I only one that thought this?
    Nope. He just jizzed his pants because of all the information that has popped up.
  1. Drakoes's Avatar
    Would it be wrong to say that the new Gnome female model looks... hawt? : >
  1. Manthis's Avatar
    Oh my gawd, the animations are amazing... Screw new races, I want these updated models naow!
  1. DocThor's Avatar
    I think the new models seem great. Can't wait my night elf upgrade.

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