Ghostcrawler to leave Blizzard Entertainment
Ghostcrawler announced this morning on Facebook that he will be leaving Blizzard Entertainment to pursue a "great opportunity for something new and exciting". I don't usually share my opinions in news post, so there's a tweet with my full thoughts on the subject.

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  1. Ineras's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheReptorGekko View Post
    guess a lot of peps gone be happy......... for a time and then they will qq abut the new guy
    Yeah this. I wonder who the new scape goat will be. :P
  1. Naequin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by soulyouth View Post
    Inb4 the game is still the same and you can't blame Greg anymore, you people make me sick
    This. If you genuinely think GC is single-handedly responsible for everything you dislike about this game, you're delusional.
  1. Anevers's Avatar
    How come this isn't reflected in his normal twitter account:
  1. Peacemoon's Avatar
    I am REALLY SAD :-( Don't go!
  1. StrayFox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aerialslayer View Post
    Twist! He's leaving for Elder Scrolls Online!
    Played that game on a beta weekend! Was just a standard MMO with the Elder scrolls name slapped on it, really unimpressed.
  1. Lyrax's Avatar
    Hahahah, the amount of posts that were like "PLEASE FIRE GC" - and now's he's gone and people are like "Oh shit....". Tbh, I dnt see how this is a huge issue, Blizz team are good enough without him, and unless he's going to develop some massive MMO with some pro team, I don't think it'll have that much of an effect on WoW, and I think this is probably gnna be a bad choice for him tbh.
  1. Ziddy's Avatar
    Good riddance.
  1. Txiv's Avatar
    This sucks I like gc. He took a lot of abuse from morons and did it all in stride. And I like a lot if the systems developed under his helm.

    That being said many people " leave" wow only to return a few years later. So unless he is starting his own company I would not be surprised to see him back before 2020.
  1. Icechaosss's Avatar
    Let's all just watch all the cries of "YES! Now WoW will go back to the Vanilla/BC glory days!"
    And when the new guy enters, "OMG HE'S GONNA KILL WoW!"
  1. Xe4ro's Avatar
    :/ bye bye!
  1. Dundebuns's Avatar
    Considering Ghostcrawler did class balance, and a damn good job of it (Responsible for allowing every spec to be PvP viable) it will be amusing to see the haters screaming for joy, then realising in a few months time he had nothing to do with their perceived woes.
  1. Fleugen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SL1200 View Post
    They finally fired his ass. Good job Blizz.
    Funny; Looks like he LEFT. That's not getting fired.
  1. Axylum's Avatar
    Sad to see you leave Greg. I wish you good luck on your new challenge
  1. ecape's Avatar
    Sad to see him go, best of luck
  1. a little Kappa's Avatar
    About fucking time.

    Next steps:

    1. Remove LFR
    2. Make lvling hard again
    3. Remove all instant CC
    4. Balance warriors
    5. Nerf Hybrid healing

    game fixed
  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    Didn't see that one coming... Good luck to him in the future and good luck to the one taking his place.
  1. Gorthezar's Avatar
    Holy crap.
  1. Doldoc's Avatar
    People are being very disrepectful ashamed of yourself.
    GC worked hard to satisfy millions of people, that isn't easy at all.... so show some respect at least!

    You will miss something when it's gone...
    And I am pretty sure, that i'm not the only 1 to see him go is a saddening thing.

    I wish him the best off luck with whatever he is going to do next.

    I don't care if people bitch at me, go ahead - only shows me more how disrespectful you are towards others
  1. CaptainArlong's Avatar
    In other words, he was tired of taking so much heat for the changes being made in WoD that Furor wanted (no flying til 6.1 being the most obvious), so he got another job. Good on him.
  1. timetravelrocks's Avatar
    I'm the new System Lead. And my first action is that I'm removing Paladins completely from the game, simply because they are a joke.

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