Ghostcrawler to leave Blizzard Entertainment
Ghostcrawler announced this morning on Facebook that he will be leaving Blizzard Entertainment to pursue a "great opportunity for something new and exciting". I don't usually share my opinions in news post, so there's a tweet with my full thoughts on the subject.

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  1. cenkiss's Avatar
    Age of Empires 4 or Age of Mythology 2? What is the new business?
  1. Torais's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zmago View Post
    How much do we bet people will still blame wow-related-stuff on him in a year?
    Well considering he did work on WoD to which what we can fairly assume was unto recently, that isn't exactly an unfair argument to make.
  1. Kourvith's Avatar
    This means another king, Pardo, will take the lead back. I'm quite mixed though, as GC was (let's say it frankly) an exceptional systems designer. He made some mistakes, but we absolutely can't forget all the passionate work he put into slowly building some outstanding, fun class mechanics. Plus his dedication to communication with players. Blizzard loses a great man, here. The king is dead, all hail the new king.
  1. InfernalDark's Avatar
    Best news ever
  1. Pacster's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drutt View Post
    Blizzard being successful in their market has nothing to do with GC's personal career trajectory. If he got a better offer elsewhere, he'd have been insane to turn it down.

    I'm sure the vindictive part of the community would love nothing more than for him to have been removed from his position, but the fact is he probably got a higher paying position elsewhere and good luck to him with that.

    Honestly, the conspiracy theories...incredible.

    Let's say it like this: It's not likely that Blizz tried very hard to keep him. Not exactly surprising given what happened to WoW during the last 3 years...
  1. CalamityHeart's Avatar
    Someone new will take his throne and absorb the hate.

    There must always be a Ghostcrawler.
  1. regardoz's Avatar
    Thats better , he is from the ppl that making wow low ''Awesomeness'' as we feel in old , he is the reason why we feel Wotlk not like tbc or vanilla , since he come to our world we just didnot see awesome things balance like tbc or vanilla ,
  1. Centauron's Avatar
    Many people say now that GC did a good job and so on (often related as GC fanboys), but what exactly you think he did good? To talk to the community in a calm matter? (whats obviously the job of every game designer and community manager). So I want to summarize shortly what I personally feel he did wrong and I dont care If you agree or not. Just sharing my opinion since I started playing WoW classic and quit the game when LFR was released.

    1. Classes
    GC was a balance freak. The homogenization of classes and their abilities in order to "balance" the game was a clear decision of GC. Some may say, yeah we stacked classes in sunwell and so on (before GC was lead), but I didnt have that experience myself. Neither have I seen many guilds doing this. The only guilds who could do this were the really big ones who had 5 or more good warlocks or shamans. Thats the minority.
    Also, to go back a bit further in the past when I just reached lvl60 in vanilla, I really thought this game could be providing fun endlessly to me, since I had so many different classes and unique abilities to figure out. It took ages to get epic gear on 1 class, so I thought this game could take forever, If I had to have all classes being successful and in epic gear.
    But now I have no motivation to start playing a new class, since everything feels the same. Homogenization is in my opinion the worst decision that could happen to WoW.

    2. Quests
    Since I clearly remember GC talking about daily quests and their limit back in Wotlk (25 a day), I really thought this was a bad decision again. Why? Well, why limitate quests, why not grind yourself to the top? Sure grind is boring, but remember: Almost everything was a grind in vanilla, and people still came to the game and played it. The grind made you unique, since you had those things that others didnt have. Feeling elite or unique in your own niche is a good thing!

    3. Raids and Dungeons
    Well I cant say that GC is responsible for Heroics being easy as shit nowadays and the LFR being a social desaster. But since he is the lead designer, he could have at least try to change the direction in the past years. Did he do so? probably not. I guess they will not remove LFR, neither make the heroics harder again. The point of no return is reached in my opinion. They should make vanilla/tbc servers after WoD (probably last expansion with lvl100), so that veterans can at least play the game they liked and dont bother playing on private vanilla/TBC servers.

    Maybe Tigole can change direction, but I dont think he will come back since he is the Lead on Titan. The game is too fcked up in my opinion to change anything.
  1. Kezuma's Avatar
    1) open MMO
    2) see GC quitting news
    3) resub wow
    4) profit ?!!!
    fking finally a good news
  1. Statix's Avatar
    Smart move, cause a rapid decline in subscriptions and then leave before you can be blamed for the inevitable death of World of Warcraft.
  1. JayJay09's Avatar
    Way too late. He has irreparably destroyed WoW for me. The game probably won't ever recover.
  1. Silentrogue's Avatar
    Goodbye Ol Greg...the majority of this community will miss you including me...cya around buddy and best of luck
  1. KirbStyle's Avatar
    Weather or not he destroyed the game or you liked the guy he still has been apart of this game we all have played in at one time another for awhile and has made significant changes for the good or worsts. Hopefully he enjoys the new avenue in life.

    Now time to sit back and see what Jay Wilson can do with the WoW community!
  1. JayJay09's Avatar
    The Jay Wilson who somewhat deliberately (or he is just clueless) destroyed everything that was good in D2 and released some sort of abomination called D3? That guy?
  1. Redcinder's Avatar
    You people make me sad.... you really do.
  1. Kourvith's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Redcinder View Post
    You people make me sad.... you really do.
    Yeah, people have no clue, but still assume that everything they hate in WoW is GC's fault. I'm no fanboy, as I clearly prefer Rob Pardo's designs, but people acting all medieval against a hard working man always make me sick.
  1. Danifilth's Avatar
    Hopefully all my 90s stop getting nerfed every 24 hours. Perhaps ill reactivate my account in 4 months if classes stop getting nerfed
  1. art-75's Avatar
    Is that true he killed rogues and constantly showed them no love over warriors?
  1. Sigma's Avatar
    could it be that the reason he left was to go work on the Warcraft movie ?
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Last Starfighter View Post
    I have a feeling that GC split because he didn't agree with something. People can say what they want about him, but the integrity of the game is/was important to him. I think WoW is getting ready to go down some dark places. The in game store UI has alot of icons. I have a feeling they're going to start selling alot of shit, and he's not happy with it. Or maybe he fought too hard and they canned him. Hard to tell. But the truth will come out eventually. Me personally though, I never thought he was the source of anything bad. I loved the game during his time at Blizz. And I know how human beings can be from far away and behind a keyboard.
    I do wonder what this implies for the game going forward. The "ding dong the witch is dead, now the game can go back to what it was" people are very likely to be disappointed though.

    I doubt he was canned, but perhaps it's more likely he was to be moved to a position of lesser (perhaps much lesser) responsibility. If that were to happen, I could easily see him deciding to leave for a company that would use him more effectively.

    If I blame GC for anything, it's over-complexification of talents and rotations. You see them talking about an "ability squish" now; that's a tacit admission they may have gone too far. Compare WoW to some competing games with fewer buttons/keybinds.

    Blaming GC for things outside his sphere of responsibility, like end game tuning, is not proper IMO.

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