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Warlock Solo - Immerseus 10 Normal
Today we are taking a look at clever use of boss mechanics that allow warlocks to solo Immerseus.

Addon - BossesKilled
The BossesKilled addon is a nice addition to the Raid Finder and Flex Raid UI that quickly shows you how many bosses you have killed in each wing, without having to select each one to check. Clicking a button will select that wing and the buttons will highlight if you are queued for that wing.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character / Items
Is your intent for hybrids to have to carry spare gear or can we get a glyph or something that makes armor/spirit boost dps?
Less extra gear than you do today for sure. (Source)

In Warlords of Draenor, are crafted items likely to be able to acquire the bonus stats/socket?
Considering that just so they can compete. (Source)

A little confused what tanks will gear for on normal items? Mastery/Haste?
Yes, and even crit and other stats. (Source)

I'm assuming gems and enchants will still have spirit options, even though we're paring down. Correct?
Gems, yes. Still debating exact enchanting mechanics. (Source)

you can literally double your dps from one pull to another with different trinket rng right now. Not fun.
That's all a problem with the pull though. Otherwise RNG variance evens out over the course of a fight. (Source)
We want to make the "line up all CDs do do 50% of your DPS in the first 10 sec" thing go away. (Source)
I feel like Stormlash, Skull Banner and Prepot are huge contributors. Would be ok with all of them disappearing.
Except for prepot, none of the CDs offend us alone. It's the synergistic effect that is out of control. (Source)
Yet rules about X not working while Y is active can also be annoying, so it's not a simple fix. (Source)
Sure it is! Just don't add so many cooldowns to the game! If you see two spells too similar on 1 class, axe one
That pitch would mean no Recklessness for Fury or GoaK for Ret. Think there would be no outrage? (Source)

Shouldn't DPS roles in raid be rewarded for following trinket procs? I default UI still and have no problems being in top 98%+
Yeah, totally. That's the point of having them proc. The pendulum just swung too far the other way. (Source)

and all trinkets/CDs on the pull is fun/interesting, not having anything proc in the opener is boring and lowers skillcap.
Again, disagree that it's skillful. It might be fun to see big numbers but it's frustrating when you don't get the big numbers. (Source)
We then get pressure to basically insure that you get the big numbers, at which point pulling them off isn't exciting any longer. (Source)
Fixing things like snapshotting and less "on the pull" emphasis can keep it exciting without failure being debilitating. (Source)

Possible to give pets 15% exp/remove "always behind" in pet AI? Causes many issues that this easily solves
We don't really want pets standing on top of tanks. (Source)

Not sure right person to ask, but will there be any change about asia's different lockout and ilvl things in WoD?
Our hope is Asia can use the same model now. It will support multiple raid lockouts, which the current system does. (Source)

So is 1 in 50 players having their guilds merge/disband acceptable casualties? A "courageous" idea
That argument is an easy one to swing around. There are players who liked downranking or spell components. (Source)
But sometimes the game needs to change for the good of the game as as whole, even if individual players don't agree. (Source)

I'm confused on how loot lockouts will work. do normal, heroic and mythic all share a loot lockout?
No. A loot lockout only applies to one difficulty level. Mythic works mostly like heroic today. (Source)

Cant you keep difficulties same as now, adding Mythic on top of it? People wont careas much at that level is all about progres
It is possible to have too many difficulty levels. Aren't you asking for a 7th? (Source)

But do you PREFER to let them decide that? It's often 1 person thinking for the group, w/o consulting them.
That seems like a social issue if you mistrust your guild or pug. (Source)
Even pugs need to have some teeth, or they are just back to LFR's level of no responsibility for anyone. (Source)

You overuse "depth" like players overuse "clunky."
I'm a former scientist, so I try to use words precisely. "Depth" to me means that there is more going on than first appears. (Source)
That's a useful feature of game design because it plays into easy to learn / difficult to master. (Source)
The problem with "clunky" is many players just use it to mean "I don't like this," which lacks precision. (Source)
Our original, internal use of clunky, which likely spilled out onto the forums, had a precise meaning. (Source)
We originally used "clunky" to mean something that was unintuitive and required extraneous steps to achieve. (Source)
An example could be old Berserker Rage for a tank -- stance dance out of Defensive, break the fear, stance dance back. (Source)

Yes, I agree, swing the nerfbat much much harder at removing cooldowns with dumb visuals :P
Thinking something like GoAK for Prot, wings for Ret, Divine Favor with a better visual for Holy. (Source)
I like it. Guardians should "guard" after all. Does that change Divine Favor mechanically for Holy at all?
I don't know. It was raw idea more than a design. (Source)

Black Friday Sale List
Most of the sales are over now, but there are still some decent deals on leftovers!

Dark Legacy Comics #417
DLC #417 has been released!

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  1. iamthedevil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    That enforces my point even more.
    Lol, go on.
  1. Kreldin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alski View Post
    Raegwyn solo'd Marrowgar at 80 in wrath, your complaints are invalid :P

    Feral druids could reach 100% evasion by the end of T6. Twas a fun time
    I also remember a rogue hitting 100% evasion and doing Gruul solo back in TBC. People will always find shit to complain about.
  1. wrathofmog's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ambushu View Post
    Am I the only one thinking how fucking bullshit this is? If you have a class like a warlock soloing current content, then IMO, blizz is doing it wrong. Back in Wrath and the previous expansions, this was IMPOSSIBLE to do.

    come on really? i remember warlocks soloing hydross in burning crusade so don't tell me its "impossible". its happened every expansion before and will continue after. The sentiment "theres always someone better" comes to mind
  1. Obsession's Avatar
    Gaeowyn didn't solo content (even Gruul was 5 manned) he only did it because his guild's tanks kept getting poached by better guilds on the server.
  1. temp123456's Avatar
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    I'm pretty sure this is an old video. When he enrages he one shots the raid now. I know this because we were doing the achievement for it a few weeks ago, and he berserked cause we took our jolly time with stopping oozes from reaching the middle.
    Video was posted on Nov. 20th. Also, we're talking about a pet class.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoomgpally View Post
    really? if you got 2 accounts with 11 characters on each... many of those doing older lfrs for legendary quests, all doing soo...
    The person is convinced that if you have less than perfect memory, you've got issues.

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