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Armory Stats - Player Raid Completion Rates
Today we are again taking a look at the overall raid completion rate of players after many people asked for an update after last time. Now that achievements are account wide, we can group characters by account and get an idea of what percentage of players (not characters) have completed a raid at least once, based on earning the achievement for the each wing.

It looks like percentages have changed slightly since the original post due to finding more casual players, returning players being added to the database, and profiles from merged realms disappearing until that character is logged in to again.

The data used today is a sample from 7.6 million characters from 2.9 million accounts. The sample is slightly biased, as players who are not in a guild are much less likely to appear in our sample. You can leave suggestions for future stat posts in the comments!

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Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
Warlords of Draenor and Spirit
Saying spirit isn't a base-line stat for healers is incorrect...Unless you're going to implement a system that replaces it
You guys can call it anything you want. We say Int is the primary stat for healers. (Source)
So, will there be a plate piece that has Primary/Mastery/Spirit say? Primary int/str spirit stays for dps even?
No Spirit on plate (or leather or mail or cloth). Spirit is only on accessories + weapons. (Source)
Sorry if that wasn't clear. Seems like we should have spent more time on this at Blizzcon. (Source)

Disappointing. Spirits such an interesting stat, feels like on such few pieces we'll lack customization.
But each piece can have more Spirit. So unless you really fine tune Spirit (rare in my experience) you can still customize. (Source)
You might want Spirit on 4 slots and I might want it on 2. You can gem it too if you have any gem slots. (Source)

So we'll still see Spirit Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate? It sounds like the change won't do much for healer gearing.
A Healadin would have Int on chest, helm etc. and Spirit on some rings, trinkets, cloak, neck, sword and shield. (Source)

If you want to stack Spirit, get it on all those pieces. But you shouldn't need that much. Spirit will not appear on gloves, hats, etc. (Source)
I thought I needed way more than I had, but once I gemmed and enchanted for it, my mana pool was fine.
Some healers feel the need to stack Spirit in every slot. That's not the intent, or necessary, but to each their own. (Source)
You have no clue about healing GC. Spirit is the most important stat for healers, more than Int.
I've healed every fight in the game (without Spirit in every slot) but keep making those arguments! (Source)
if spirit doesn’t come on hats, gloves etc. and you say we don’t need it on trinket, ring etc. where do we get it then?
You'll get some on rings etc. You don't need it on every slot. You don't even need that today. (Source)
Q: would you have enough regen to do "ok" without wearing *any* spirit accessories? (i.e. full dps gear)
Possibly. It's not fun when you have starter gear (i.e. low Spirit) and constantly run OOM just healing a dungeon. (Source)

Nerfing flying. Nerfing manareg in healing. Anything else?
No, we aren't nerfing mana regen for healing. We're adjusting how many slots you need with Spirit to achieve reasonable regen. (Source)

When this was announced, it was said that spirit plate only gets the paladins excited. Still the case in WoD? Was hoping not.
There is no Spirit plate. There are Spirit rings, but all healers can use those. Spirit axes might still be rare. (Source)

That'd be good if spirit was useful on classes like Mages.
We want healers to have claim on those pieces so they aren't competing for every slot, (Source)

With Spirit being a secondary stat, what is the actual use of dynamic primary stats? Still need seperate DPS/Heal sets, no?
To min/max you'll want different rings etc. But if you need to e.g. heal a fight or are rerolling to heals, you'll be better off. (Source)
Today you would need all different pieces. In 6.0 your armor pieces are still usable, unless you value very different secondaries. (Source)

Spirit is healer only, won't change like Int / Str. Hit gone Spirit does zip for anyone else. Still healer only gear. Why?
Bonus armor has very limited value to DPS in PvE since boss AE damage is rarely physical. (Source)
There will be DPS trinkets with limited value to healers. Again we are talking about 7-8 slots max vs 15-16 today. (Source)

or en Ele shaman wouldnt be able to heal in ele gear if it doesnt have spirit on it
The most mana hungry healer would want Spirit on rings, neck, cloak, trinkets and weapon, assuming they had won all those pieces (Source)
it's more likely you could heal with say just weapon, trinkets and a ring, which is only 4 slots. (Source)
And even then, you *could* DPS with those pieces. They might still be better than lower ilevel spots with no Spirit. (Source)

May i ask what you actually play a game for? To work at a construction line or to have fun?
To have fun obviously. But overcoming some level of challenge is often more fun. (Source)

As much as I love laser light shows, is there any chance well be able to turn off other people's spell effects in the future?
We have been trending towards making your fx look awesome while chilling out those from others. (Source)

Ghostcrawler's Departure
I was Lead Systems Designer most of the time I was on WoW. I split lead duties with Cory as Lead Content Designer. (Source)
Both of us reported to the Game Director, Tom Chilton, Kalgan. Nearly every decision any of us made was by consensus. (Source)

GC, you'll still be playing though, right? Also, it turns out all those players saying you played mage were wrong haha.
Yes, I'm not quitting the game. Just no longer designing it. (Source)

True. But how many universities and colleges had decent game development/software engineering programs 10-15 years ago?
First, I've been in this business for 16 years. Second, look at game devs you admire. How many have a degree in game design? Likely 0. (Source)
None. That is actually my point. What degree are we old farts supposed to have? (Source)
Gee, thanks for that. Nothing like insulting people you don't even know.
It wasn't intended as an insult. Degrees in game development are a pretty new thing. I am not. (Source)
I have one of those degrees. 4 shipped titles, 2 of which are Skylanders games. It sounds like the stuff I hear all the time.
That's awesome. I actually love Skylanders. (Source)

You'll find out my future plans soon enough. For now, let's let this be about World of Warcraft. Warlords is going to be SAVAGE and EPIC. (Source)
Any chance you will at least tell us if it is gaming related or not?
I'm not leaving the industry. (Source)

I would not expect many changes to the game as a result of my departure. We always design from a place of consensus and collaboration. (Source)

I'm just curious did you know about your departure from blizzard pre blizzcon?
Yes. (Source)

Are you going to stick around on Twitter in some form? Hate to see you disappear.
I'll stick around though I'm not sure my insights will be as valuable in the future. (Source)

do you think a game design degree is a bad idea?
No. (Source)

I wish you all the best... it's a shame Blizzard is losing someone as passionate as you. It won't quite be the same now
I appreciate it, but Blizzard has a ton of passionate folks. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving if WoW wasn't in good hands. (Source)

Greg will you stay with Blizz til WoD releases?
I'm afraid not, but it's in very good hands. (Source)

What is the 'feature' you were hoping for. Sans NDA. Thanks for making the best you could.
I can't tell you, because I hope they'll still do it! (Source)

Lots of things have been claimed as the imminent death of WoW, but this talk of you leaving is the first I actually believe.
No way. I'm very confident in the direction of Warlords. I'll be playing it with you guys. (Source)

True story. Everyone seems to think I was trolling. My mage is like level 86. (Source)

good luck on your future travels. But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now? :P
They'll find another name and still miss the point that Blizzard designs as a collective. (Source)

I am leaving on good terms with all of my friends at Blizzard and I'm still going to be playing WoW. (Source)
The internet loves to play detective, but in this case it was a great opportunity and time to move on. I wasn't fired or asked to step down. (Source)
And leaving certainly has nothing to do with the community. WoW has a great community. We never took you all for granted. (Source)
The next time someone kicks your butt in DPS, you can wonder... was that GC? (Source)

Poll: Best World PvE Content
Another thing that people asked us to revisit after the "new things are better" effect wore off was this poll. Now is a good time to do so after this thread popped up complaining about some of the aspects of Timeless Isle, as well as this thread that talks about missing daily quests now that they are gone.

Have your thoughts on Timeless Isle changed in the past few months? Let us know in the comments.

Fan Art
Today we have some nice art by d1eSEL.

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  1. Xanwryn's Avatar
    The amount of healing QQ is pretty funny. Spirit is a buffer. More of it helps those who have no understanding of mana efficiency.

    It helps at the start of the expansion when your heals aren't as powerful and you're not too sure on what you'll be facing and how prepared you'll need to be, but it's a stat that many start trying to get rid of around mid-to-late game because when you become more efficient at mana control you don't need as much mana regen.

    Healers need to stop thinking they can spam big heals as they could in Wrath. Hell, even then mana efficiency was a strategy in and of itself. Stacking Spirit is not a sign of how skilled you are, it's a sign you have no understanding of your class and its limits.
  1. Chickat's Avatar
    Think if the molten front had had lots of rares and events plus the dailys. It would have been much more epic. I hope thats where they end up going with it. Heavy story based scenarios mixed with limited dailys, and random world content. Think a new story scenario every tier of rep, 3-6 dailys a day, and random world events all in one small zone. Thats what i want.
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pacster View Post
    I think it goes along with the decline of the player base. On most servers there are just not enough organized players anymore. So on most servers only those down Ordos that actually do the xrealm-thing and kill it on the high-pop servers. I don't think that Ordos was killed more than 2 or 3 times on my server...

    On top of that you simply have the situation that player say "for what shall I kill Ordos now? Nobody raids on my server and in 6.0 we get a better dress immidiately anyway. It's not even stylish.".
    Ordos is very easy to kill using oQueue. That's how I've done almost all my kills of him, from a medium pop server.
  1. Togaman5000's Avatar
    Naturally I have no source, but if my memory serves they're looking at having Timeless Isle as their blueprint for the final content patch, er, content at the end of each expansion. This ties in well with how, as someone mentioned, it's really just a very long, unguided grind - it fills the months very well. Content between expansion release and the final tier release will mirror Isle of Thunder or The Barrens more.
  1. Wozniak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vandam View Post
    Timeless Island is sht .

    I hope they will keep this stupid Jump-and-run-platformer design out of WOW in the future.

    Wow is not Mario Brothers.
    Timeless Isle is probably the best thing they have done, much better then fucking dailies.
  1. Stellan's Avatar
    Re: Armory Stats - Player Raid Completion Rates

    How many players were missed because they aren't in a guild?

    Should we assume that the people that were missed (non-guilded players) are much less likely to have run any raid or killed any world boss?

    Why is the sample only "slightly" biased? And how does the author know that it is only "slightly" biased?

    What method did the author use to get his sample?

    I think this chart is pretty inexact and not particularly helpful. I guess what I get from it, though, is that a lot of players don't raid or kill bosses.
  1. ihyln's Avatar
    Ghostcrawler getting let go? This is only 2 years too late.
  1. Phood's Avatar
    What's up with that dude jumping all over his "degree" statement. I mean c'mon. A degree in game design is the nerd/geek equivalent of majoring in theater or voice performance.
  1. chaud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stellan View Post
    How many players were missed because they aren't in a guild?

    Should we assume that the people that were missed (non-guilded players) are much less likely to have run any raid or killed any world boss?

    Why is the sample only "slightly" biased? And how does the author know that it is only "slightly" biased?

    What method did the author use to get his sample?
    Some, but there aren't many players with no guild anymore. The people missed are less likely to have participated in this content. It is only slightly biased because it covers the majority of active level 90 players, just with some that are guildless missing.
  1. Bashkar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ikkarus View Post
    I don't understand the Poll, why should we choose only one? Why not make a system combining all of them?

    "For this faction we gonna have only dynamic events to farm reputation"

    Why? Why not misc Daily Quests plus Dynamic Events to farm rep with that faction? It would be much less boring if we could choose the way we want to play..
    I think that's they way they're leaning, or at least I really hope so.

    5.1 meets Timeless Isle would be the best of it. Daily quests to direct flow and push the story forward, in an area littered with random events and rare spawns.

    I'd like events to expand beyond just elite spawns, especially events to prompt PvP. Add a little bit of tower control, some STV style events like the Arena or Fishing Derby, etc. It doesn't have to be new or groundbreaking, just enough to keep these areas populated, which would provide a little more room to implement massive group events or encounters.
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    13% of accounts have done Chapter IV: Celestial Blessings and 4.6% Chapter V: Judgment of the Black Prince. I'll go through and list percentages for all of them in a future post.
    That is remarkable. I would think once people pass their role-trial that killing the 4 celestials would be a breeze. So 2/3 of the people who completed their role-test were not able to kill celestials.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Thneed View Post
    What's up with that dude jumping all over his "degree" statement. I mean c'mon. A degree in game design is the nerd/geek equivalent of majoring in theater or voice performance.
    And that wasn´t even his point. His point was when most of the famous developers got into the industry, there was no such thing as a degree in game design.

    That said, i think it is a waste to major in game design. You are much better off just majoring in computer programming and taking some gaming classes. Probably today, most people being hired in the gaming industry don´t have degrees in gaming, and majoring in programming leaves you a lot more options. The gaming industry would take you seriously with a degree in programming, but a regular programming company would not take you as serious if your degree is in game design.
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    That is remarkable. I would think once people pass their role-trial that killing the 4 celestials would be a breeze. So 2/3 of the people who completed their role-test were not able to kill celestials.
    I think the roadblock for that last quest is defeating Garrosh.
  1. Jabin's Avatar
    Wow didn't realize I was in that much of a minority with 0.36%
  1. corebit's Avatar
    Very interesting stats. It's funny seeing the forums complaining how the legendary cloak is now "being handed to everyone" but then you see such low completion rates.

    There is a big disconnect between forum perception and the actual state of the game, and these numbers are a big help in bridging that gap.
  1. Ealyssa's Avatar
    Would love to see ToT glory completion rate to see the impact of heroics removal from SoO glory.
    And "proud" member of the 0,36% minority (and to be clear only because of said removal. My first legit glory since ICC)

    For the questing patch. I really liked IoT, but I love Timeless Isle. Even if now I'm pretty much done (have the Huolon mount, nearly all pets, killed all rare, found all chests. Only shaohao is really missing outside the insane collect everything achievment) I personnaly think it was one of the best patch content ever made.

    The absolute perfection for me would be : timeless isle a bit bigger (1,5-2,5x bigger) AND with a few (3-6) dailies (not tied to the main reputation like shaohao). I really enjoyed the one month discover of the isle, the rare hunting, chess hunting. Evenr redoing a few of the less grindy task with alts was really enjoyable. It's just that now it's a bit harder for me to go there and just kill elite. That's when a few dailies could be nice (for lucky charms a few valors points, etc.).

    But in overall really excited to see how the whole "TI everywhere" of WoD will really look like.
  1. crazy8's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Timeless isle was great for the first week. After that it's all undirected grind. Like I said in the linked thread, the objective should be to minimize grind, not find new ways to artificially extend content. That said, the question is whether undirected grind (timeless style) is better than directed grind (daily quests). And the answer is no, not really, but combining the two is somewhat less horrible than using solely one or the other.

    Fantastic post, a bit more you could add but bang on, I just cancelled my sub as well, not a hardcore raider but have killed a few heroics on 25 man and for more then a few of us its enough till the next xpac.
  1. MrKnubbles's Avatar
    Really? Most people enjoyed Timeless Isle over the other patches?
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MrKnubbles View Post
    Really? Most people enjoyed Timeless Isle over the other patches?
    It had the most easy loot.
  1. Wormweir's Avatar
    I wanted to comment on the patch quest structure poll. I opted not to vote because it's not as vanilla as what is presented. I hated the faction daily quests IN PATCH 5.0. That doesn't mean I don't like faction daily quests.... it mean's I didn't like the way they used them as a means of gating gear and content. I like have PURELY OPTIONAL daily quests as a means to acquire gold and do something out of the usual grind... but DON'T OBLIGATE ME TO DO THEM. So I don't want to vote no on it because I like daily faction quests in general, but not as they were used in this expansion. I can't even really comment on the daily quests or story line in any of the subsequent patches because, by then, I was so sick of daily quests I avoided them as much as possible.
  1. Vegas82's Avatar
    I'm not a huge fan of timeless isle. Most of what I did on it was camp various rares or farm for rep. Was repetitive and, in the case of rares, boring as hell. Yeah, lots of gear dropped. Much like D3 it wasn't gear I could use. On the characters I sent the gear to it was usually poorly itemized when they turned it into gear. Wasn't interesting, just frustrating if I'd actually been trying to min/max my alts with that gear. As it was I stopped sending them the gear and d/e'd what I could, sold the tokens for the rest at a loss. Wasn't even worth my time mailing it to all my alts so they could turn them into gear and sell them.

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