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Patch 5.4.2 - Raid Browser
Patch 5.4.2 updated the old Raid Browser interface to work across all realms for Ordos, Celestials, and Siege of Orgrimmar Flex wings. This has made finding a group much quicker, allowing you to list your character or your own group in the Browser, as well as a comment.

The Raid Browser also passes along other information that isn't displayed by the default UI, as well as allowing anyone to message anyone listed for a raid, which could allow for enterprising addon authors to create an alternative listing view that would allow other users of the addon to share information such as achievements, number of boss kills, and groups for other things by using hidden whispers. This could be done without requiring people to make a mess of their friends list with random battletags or impacting performance when not looking for a group.

Addon - LFRAdvanced
Using the additional information passed along by the game, LFRAdvanced will make the default Browser UI slightly more useful by displaying the item level of players looking for a group, the item level of players in a group, and the group item level. The item level is provided by the game, which uses your maximum item level, rather than equipped item level.

It also shows other stats that are passed along by the game, but not normally displayed in the window. If you want to disable those stats, you can do "/script LFRAdvancedOptions.ShowStats=false".

It will also add a button to open the Raid Browser to the frame used to queue for PvE activities. The addon is still rough around the edges, but is a nice improvement over the default listing UI.

Dampening Hotfix Incoming
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
No need for alarm – we’ll be hotfixing Dampening back to a 10-minute start time (with Arena matches ending at 20 minutes).

As you might be aware, the WoW Arena Invitational at BlizzCon was configured to have Dampening begin at 5 minutes, with a 15-minute round timer. Those changes were intended solely for BlizzCon, but made it over to live servers as part of the 5.4.2 patch. Again, this was unintentional, and we’ll be hotfixing things back to normal ASAP.

no, but saying "it will be reverted" (Lore) isn't the same as PLAINLY NOT SAYING it will be reverted when asked (Holinka) but rather saying "it's out there now, so gauging reaction".
I spoke with Brian immediately before posting. Since his tweet, we had continued to discuss internally, looked at the initial feedback, and decided the right thing to do was to put things back how they were. There is no contradiction here, only the passage of time.

Dismiss Pet and Arenas
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
This change was intentional. Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the patch notes.

Dismiss Pet was frequently being used to bypass cooldowns on certain pet abilities, such as Roar of Sacrifice, or to swap out a dangerously wounded pet for one at full health. Neither of those were intended behavior. Furthermore, our design is that choosing your pet should feel similar to choosing a glyph or talent during pre-match preparation.

With this change, Hunters are able to switch pets during the pre-match preparation period, but unable to dismiss them once the match has begun.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Upcoming Paragons Hotfix
This was an unintended side-effect of attempting to fix the occasional issue where a Paragon would melee a player from midair while jumping into battle. We're reverting the change ASAP (overnight restarts will probably be required), since the current state is clearly far worse. Apologies for the inconvenience. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Garrosh's Trial
Getting real sick of these books to be honest. I'd like to see all these story arcs in game, seeing as how Warcraft has always been a video game series first and foremost.
We try to fit in what we can. There are a variety of factors that go into deciding these things. Time, resources, and (of course) whether there's some compelling gameplay to go with it are all factors. We can also tell a much deeper story in the novel. That doesn't mean there can't be elements that you can experience or encounter to some extent within the game (story wise). These aren't always easy decisions for the designers, but they do what they can. Our Creative Development team also puts a lot of work into the novels to make sure we do a good job of filling in what doesn't make it into the game and the book is in good hands with Christie Golden.

I have to imagine this answer was unintentionally vague.
I was actually intentionally a bit vague since I'm not aware of what specific elements surrounding this will make it into the game and in what ways (at current). It's all in development and consists of many layers. At the same time, we've already announced the book and that it will cover the trial among other revelations. WoW Insider has a nice look at it - http://wow.joystiq.com/2013/11/18/ex...el-war-crimes/

A point worth noting in the interview is the following:

Is this going to tie into Warlords of Draenor, like Tides of War and The Shattering?

It's more of a bridge. It'll take us from one place to the other.

Dave Kosak has said as well that we want to tie in what we can tie in, but I couldn't say how much we'll be able to do or how currently. I also disdain being the bearer of spoilers when I can avoid it (which is sometimes more difficult that you might think.)

I understand the concerns and this has been a good thread to read. I just wouldn't get too caught up in what is or what won't be. The expansion is in development and there's a lot of ground we'll be covering including a lot of great new story arcs and experiences. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 5.4.2 In-Game Store
When you go to purchase in game, you click the "Buy Now" option (after selecting the pet or mount you want) and an additional window will open saying you're being connected to the Shop. You'll then get another confirmation window that explains how you'll be charged. (I believe if you want to change this, you have to change that in your Battle.net Account options on the site.) The transaction should only finalize when you click the "Buy Now" button again.

I didnt even see what it was charging it too? Is that what the confirmation window does?

Because i pressed to buy now buttons 1 was in the window with all the pets, the 2nd one with the individual pets and then all my UI disappeared and a blue boarder came up and i got the mount..?

In the second window that pops up it will say : "This will be charged to your: [payment method ]" right within the Shop Confirmation (above where the price is).

We'll keep an eye on things to see if there are issues with it, but it should be working properly. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Shop for Pets and Mounts In-Game! - 50% off Most Pets and Mounts
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
You can now browse and purchase a bevy of mounts and pets* from directly within World of Warcraft through our newly added Shop interface. Just click the Shop icon on the menu bar once you’ve logged in to a character, and you’ll be able to pick out a new friend to add to your collection and start your adventures together right away. By combining the best of cutting-edge goblin and gnomish technology, we’ve also made it possible for you to receive your new pal right in your inventory (or via mail if your inventory is full).

We want to make sure these cuddly creatures and loyal mounts find a good home, so for a limited time, you’ll be able to purchase select pets and mounts friend for 50%** off the regular price either through the new in-game interface or via the web-based Battle.net Shop. Read more details about the sale here.

Here are the available mounts and pets for purchase within the in-game Blizzard Shop:

*Wyvern and Gryphon plushies, Guardian Cubpet and Moonkin Hatchling pet are not available for purchase within the Blizzard Shop.

**The Enchanted Fey Dragon mount, Alterac Brew Pup pet, and Blossoming Ancient pet are not available at a discounted price. In addition, Charity Bundle pricing is not available within the in-game Blizzard Shop.
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  1. moveth's Avatar
    The in game store is very convenient. My wallet dislikes it.
  1. Aliok's Avatar
    Excellent news post, chaud. I may actually give the Raid Finder a look.
  1. Outofmana's Avatar
    Having spent 150E these past months on FIFA fut, I'll just quit wow before WoD, which is when the shitstorm is probably gonna happen with microtransactions and I'll be tempted to make myself even more poor.
  1. WarlockJack's Avatar
    *Wyvern and Gryphon plushies, Guardian Cubpet and Moonkin Hatchling pet are not available for purchase within the Blizzard Shop.
    uh... since when are the Wyvern and Gryphon plushies available at all?

    Edit: What I meant was... I haven't seen them on the store in a LONG time. I've been waiting to pick one up but they've never been in stock.
  1. Coote's Avatar
    The changes to the Raid Browser are nice. I can imagine OpenRaid getting a lot more love with this new setup.
  1. Kaleredar's Avatar
    More stuff has been relegated to novels instead of in game?

  1. Aliok's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WarlockJack View Post
    uh... since when are the Wyvern and Gryphon plushies available at all?
    There used to be plushies on the Blizzard Store, but the new store doesn't sell any non-digital merchandise right now (including the physical authenticator, ouchies).
  1. Janysa's Avatar
    Very unhappy with another book and less story / lore ingame !
  1. b0ogdann's Avatar
    why 50% off only for US?
  1. Thundermoose's Avatar
    Any chance the XP boost consumable will still go live? Krol the Blade is getting annoying.
  1. DarthMurdock's Avatar
    For me personally, I love the books. And can't wait to read the new one.
  1. Aerr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thundermoose View Post
    Any chance the XP boost consumable will still go live? Krol the Blade is getting annoying.
    I believe it will only go live in asia
  1. Tenkich's Avatar
    I just wonder which idiot recruited ilvl 500 retri paladin in SoO flex group ...
  1. Shauni's Avatar
    A friend of the paladin that want to help him gear up ?
  1. Captiosus's Avatar
    This shop button needs to go. I'd expect this kind of fourth-wall shattering garbage menu in a struggling free-to-play title which warrants the convenience of having players (and their wallets) engaged within the game at all times.

    In Warcraft? No. The online webshop has functioned well enough for years and the launcher and official webpage has advertised whenever new pets and mounts are available. The online webshop can continue to be used for consumable when/if they add them, as well.

    When/if Warcraft goes F2P, they can force a Paragon Market or Cartel Market or whatever they want to call it in front of everyone's face as much as they want. So long as it has a subscription fee, this button should either not exist or players should have the option to turn it the hell off without having to resort to a completely modified UI package.
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    Heh LFRAdvanced will just cause more problems.
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    The in game store is very convenient. My wallet dislikes it.
    cant find the icon for ingame stop or the name on my elvui drop down list.

    on another notei didnt know hunters were dismissing and resummoning pets to avoid ability cds in arena
  1. Spellscarred's Avatar
    as a little time saver for all else who wondered:
    "Be sure to pick up some pets, mounts, and games soon, because these deals end January 1, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST."
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WarlockJack View Post
    uh... since when are the Wyvern and Gryphon plushies available at all?
    They have been for years, got the Wyvern plush.
  1. Serendia's Avatar
    my raid browser looks as ever... hmmm

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