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New Game Job Listing - Lead Producer
An interesting job listing was added earlier this week for a Lead Producer to work on a new game. This game is apparently also using a small team, just like Hearthstone did, as the listing mentions following in the footsteps of the small and nimble game team.

According to his most recent tweet, it looks like Michael Booth is also on this team. He was lead on Left 4 Dead and worked on Counter-Strike, but started at Blizzard in May and is currently Game Director.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Free Character Migrations
Firstly, I appreciate your efforts to remain constructive while clearly feeling frustrated by the topic.

This time around, we opened up FCMs to the minority factions as well, so they can move away from realms with queues if they want to, as you suggested. The main reason for FCMs right now is to relieve queues, so it makes sense to allow as many people to move as possible.

Previously, we tried to help with faction balance on realms with queues by only offering FCMs to players on the dominant faction. To help with faction balance on the destination realms too, these FCMs would generally place people on a realm where they would now be in the minority faction. This wasn't working. So, to make FCMs appeal to more people, in some cases we're now opening FCMs between realms with similar faction balance, e.g. from a horde-dominant realm to another horde-dominant realm.

We're keeping tabs on the situation, people still may not take the offer, but we'll see how it goes. As I said, our current main goal is to reduce queues so people can actually play.

There's a lot going on at the moment, what with Connected Realms happening. Populations and faction balances are fluctuating across the board. Right now, our focus is making sure as many people as possible can get online to play without having to queue. However, when things have settled, we hope to be in a position to help with other factors. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Revive Pet Hotfix
I'm seeing the Revive Pet hotfix active on my Hunter. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Really? Getting rid of factions is the only solution to imbalanced pvp realms I can think of.
Arenas and BGs already ignore realms and the world PvP zone in Warlords will use a partial connected realm solution. (Source)

S12 community outcry "FFS LOWER PVP BURST!" A: "Okay we'll buff PvPower on all weapons", and you still wonder why we hate you?
I don't wonder. I just don't take people who hate other people because of a *video game* very seriously. (Source)
Ok "hate" might be a strong word here, however those kind of nonsense decisions are the reason why people are happy you quit.
If we hadn't buffed PvP power on weapons, people would have used PvE weapons. The DPS would have been there anyway. (Source)
That's why the PvP community suggested to buff resilience accordingly, you didn't listen and subs were cancelled, go figure...
Players can make stronger arguments by just arguing fun, which will resonate more with the devs you're presumably trying to reach (Source)
You can't admit those mistakes and that's another big reason why PvPers dislike you. Whatever, you finally left, take care man
We admit PvP mistakes all the time, which is why we constantly change the way gear and resilience work and are again for 6.0. (Source)
We're in pretty close contact with many great PvP players. They may not agree with every call we make but they know we hear them, (Source)
But your original argument IIRC was that we didn't listen to PvP players, which just isn't true. (Source)
Nothing has bene done about RMD and WMD. People want quick changes if something is broken. PvE gets hotfixes.
So does PvP, though to be fair, it is easier to test and predict the result of PvE changes. PvP ultimately needs to be played. (Source)

Spirit on Items
if spirit is limited to non-armour pieces, won't it cripple healers early on before they get those (somewhat rare) items?
Base regen will be higher. (Source)

Spirit is a buffer. More of it helps those who have no understanding of mana efficiency.
That is the intent for sure. Some healers grab Spirit the way a rogue would grab Agility, which detracts from it being a choice. (Source)
so as a DK I can us all my Items for Tank and DPS, since Tank also uses Haste/Crit. But Elesham still need Healgear?
Tanks also need bonus armor and trinkets that proc on damage taken. The difference should be about the same as swapping to heal. (Source)

You probably already considered this, but having Spirit "replace" Intellect as a primary stat might work?
We like Spirit being a choice though. Agility can never really be a choice. More Agi is always better. (Source)

But why do this back and forth stuff? Spirit is important. Now it's not as important. Ok, now it's important again.
We have often had a problem where regen is too tough in blues and too easy in endgame epics. MoP was a big improvement though. (Source)
The problem with spirit is that it's a quality of life stat at the expense of a through-put stat.
We disagree. It's not quality of life -- it's how many expensive spells you can afford to cast. (Source)

Why exactly do healers get their own stat, but you refuse to make dps-only items? (short of certain proc trinks)
Largely because there are a lot more DPS players, both in a group and across the population as a whole. (Source)

Spirit is always important to healers. We're not changing that philosophy. Important and maxxed out aren't the same thing though. (Source)

Having hit on a healer set is a wasted stat. I'd even buy having your worst secondary stat on every piece might be a waste. (Source)

Dark Legacy Comics - #419
DLC #419 has been released!

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  1. balir's Avatar
    Starcraft fps? Small, intense combat arenas like cs perhaps?
  1. Strakha's Avatar
    I wonder if it's related to SteamOS(been playing with it since friday night, SteamOS that is) already have a good similar Zerg vs Humans game named Alien Swarm on Steam that is moddable.

    Would not be very hard to make it Starcraft-ish and have marines vs zergs and a real plot.

    Just my random thought of what i'd like.
  1. Azutael's Avatar
    Very interesting that they are planning another game, they got plenty of projects as it is. So to me it is kinda odd they plan yet another game.

    Wonder what on earth it could be.
  1. La's Avatar
    Well, let's see, Blizzard has

    Card Game

    And they just hired a guy who worked on LFD and Counterstrike, so...I'd go ahead and venture a guess it's going to involve guns and similarish gameplay. You don't exactly hire someone like that who is known for a certain type of work to do a different type of work outside of the skillset, otherwise you'd hire someone with a skillset in that field, not like there aren't plenty of people to.
  1. temp123456's Avatar
  1. Majestian's Avatar
    I'd like to see them integrate Hearthstone into WoW, playable perhaps in garrisons or via a "game room" in capital cities. I'm playing the beta and am awful at it, but it could be a fun aside for a lot of people. Make it a "lite" version to get people into it?

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