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Patch 5.4.2 Hotfixes: December 20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Flying and Gameplay
Using a flight path to automate travel between predetermined travel points isn't an argument to remove the need to be on the ground and work toward objectives through combat and exploration in a dangerous/challenging environment.

These things are not linked just because a flight path is "flight".

This is a problem they need to fix. Gameplay should not only exist in raids and Arena.
Both of which don't allow flying.

Not because the mobs don't hit hard enough but because it's easy as hell to skirt around their aggro range and not aggro them in the first place.
I've seen this response more than a few times, and it falls into the same line of reasoning. "Because I can put thought and effort into potentially avoiding "unnecessary" combat, those combat situations shouldn't exist." The same could be said of almost any content or mechanic or system, but it isn't a good argument for its removal as a part of the game.

Well of course not they are both very small environments that teams enter to work toward a common goal and therefore share nothing with the wide open world of wow where we used to be free to explore by every means possible.

So being able to fly in AV wouldn't make it easier to fly over combat to capture objectives? Being able to fly in a raid wouldn't trivialize encounters and remove the need to progress through the content, fly to the last boss, etc.? You can quest in a group of people, does that then negate your desire to fly and trivialize outdoor content?

I think you guys are missing the point that you still do have to fight. GC didn't want people swooping in on prison cages, but you need keys to open them which require you to kill mobs.
I think you'd appreciate more variety in your quests than kill collections. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Subrace Fan Art
Shoc put together some nice subrace mockups on the forum recently. Keep in mind this is just fan art!

Subraces in WoW
What do you think about adding subrace options to WoW? Keep in mind that time spent creating new textures and model tweaks for this would take away from the time spent on other art. The same applies for any lore and in game story that could be created to go along with them.

It appears Chris Robinson (Senior Art Director) took a look and liked the idea, with custom skins being something that he would like to see one day as well.

Other than that, the latest we have heard about subraces from the developers was in an interview:

  • The team has talked about more customization, such as sub races, for a long time. Some would require different models with different textures. A good way to give players access to the different races would also be required. Perks for the different sub races might also be interesting.

We also saw a mention of subraces a year or so ago in another interview:

  • Q: Recently in Twitter Ghostcrawler mentioned the possibility of making subraces such as Maghar orcs and Wildhammer dwarfs available with the player character model updates, how high chance is there that this would also allow us to play as Broken or Taunka?
  • A: If we ever opened up more races, I suspect we'd be pretty liberal about it, but to be clear, that feature is no more than a twinkle in some designer's eye at this stage.

Share your opinion and ideas on how to unlock subraces in the comments!

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  1. Explicit Teemo Nudes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad View Post
    If adding more variety makes you consider quitting the game, then good riddance. You're seriously equating the addition of pokemon, anime, and furbys to adding playable races that already exist within the game. You have no argument whatsoever.

    Leper gnomes are supposed to be our enemies. My argument is lore and immersion.
  1. chefsnoopy's Avatar
    love the pet giveaway
  1. Artenesse's Avatar
    What about opening up all the races for either faction? (*assumes the brace position for hate replies*)
  1. Tartys's Avatar
    I prefered the idea to have sub-races just like an alternative customization option for a race... just to change the look of my main and alts after 12 years playing...

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