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Developer Interviews
We are catching up on a few more Blizzcon interviews that we didn't get in our first round, this time from The Sundering and LazyGamer.

  • Garrisons might bring in other players by allowing you to share a crafting skill or loaning another player some followers.
  • There is a dungeon, prop, character, and environment team working on the art for Warlords of Draenor, so art for Garrison upgrades didn't delay the new character models.
  • The team started working on the Warlords of Draenor art and story right after Mists of Pandaria shipped, with concepts being worked on before that.
  • Buffs to class abilities will be given out in a somewhat random order as you level, but by the time you get to level 100 you will have them all.
  • You will get your garrison soon after arriving in Draenor, making it useful as you level and progress through the story.
  • Garrisons will be heavily integrated into the game, making it something that will be hard to skip.
  • The Goblin and Worgen were the first demo of new character models, but the team felt like they could take that even further and created the Pandaren. The Goblin and Worgen aren't planned to have any update right now, but they could be updated after all of the other models are done.

New Character Models Update
Chris Robinson mentioned that we will see some more new character model previews early next year!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New Character Models
A little question: will/could we get great and glorious beards for humans and nightelves? (Think of Antonidas or Malfurion)
Agree that would be cool - good thing to think about now while we're adding bones. (Source)

The worgen males 2h animation has bothered me for a long time. Mostly looks bad when used repeatedly
haha, that's funny - I get the translation issue. We typically avoid adjusting established content but I'll bring it up with anim (Source)

When the human models get updated will this also update the human side of the worgen player models
yes, it effects the transform animation/fx as well - all will be updated to match. (Source)

WC3 Dwarf Mountain King had skulls on his moustache. Can we expect that as a possible option for the new male Dwarf beards?
not without breaking the game with pure unfiltered awesome New facial hair combos are on the wishlist - no eta (Source)

Could you imagine some NPC armors being upgraded to keep up with the new models? Some are terribly outdated and yet reused
yes,would love to update a LOT of older armor,race specific armor to replace level up stuff has been discussed. It's give and take (Source)
I loved seeing racial armor in the Draenei and Blood Elf starting area. In Cataclysm I expected to see it for all
yeh, we're all pretty fired up about the vision of racial specific armor (Source)

Will it be possible to have an Orc model like Thrall's? I love the new model, but I'd prefer a straight back rather (cont)
It just need happen - just talk to lore guys, they would be so happy to have real orcs instead that peons...
feel like we took a step away from peon with model update, but realize that upright pose option is desired (Source)

Hey, there! Quick question: Will my orcs finally be able to have full heads of hair like Grom and Thrall do in WoD?
We see Huge RP value in hero hairstyles, ongoing discussions on which to include/how to roll them out. (Source)

We will see, someday, brown orcs for players?
We love the idea of "alt" skins to unlock - Mag'har orcs, dark iron dwarves, etc. - but not a high-priority feature. (Source)
Lot of questions about this - would be a cool option but no concrete plans. It's on the wishlist now. (Source)

Will we be getting more faces for any races in Warlords? Tauren females have only 4 options, human females have 16.
Noted! no promises but I would like to even those counts out. (Source)

Will Draenei have a longer tail (as more often shown in art than not), or will they be stuck with the small ones?
That's a cool idea, no promises but I'll add it to my list. Hard to pull off with current skeleton, but possible with new version. (Source)

Have you guys looked into making collars anchored if tech allows?
Indeed - this isn't my favorite limitation, still working on a solve but it's on the radar. (Source)

Any chance Off-hands could hang at characters' hip? Right now they're not visible unless you unsheathe.
I'll look into this (Source)

Tabards... will they work with robes on the great new character models?
Torn on this, hard to ensure tabard design works well with robe design - like the layering effect though. (Source)

Here's hoping for better feet for my monk with the new models
New player models have feet fully modeled when not wearing boots - trolls will benefit greatly (Source)

Love your work so far. I hope you dont forget to make distinct faces for each race. Unfortunately all pandas look the same
Working hard to find solution for distinct facial variants with new anim system. Tricky but we have top people on it! (Source)

With models and skeletons being updated are actual skeletons being upgraded? Like the ones after death.
I agree, could use update (Source)

Will the new models fix problems with old armour, specifically hands? Dwarven hands in armour need help
A few potential solutions for this, exploring attachments on hands to help with detail in that area, still in development (Source)

New Ghost Wolf model happening any time soon?
Agree that it needs a face/body lift. No solid eta but on the radar. Lots of new wolf stuff for Warsong clan might be headstart (Source)

Have you and the team ever given some thought to creating female and/or racial metamorphosis forms?
We've talked about gender specific, but we do have racial-like Troll/Worgen/Tauren, cat form. (Source)

Meet Lewt, the Papercraft Treasure Goblin
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
To help celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year, we've put together a fun little papercraft project for our creative community. In true Diablo fashion, this particular papercraft is of a Treasure Goblin, complete with his very own papercraft Treasure Bag.

We call him Lewt.

For the printable designs, assembly instructions, festive photos and more, read on!

Creating your own Lewt is easy. To begin, you'll want to decide how big of a goblin you want. We've offered two sizes for printing: one standard (fits an 8 ½ by 11 sheet) and one large (fits an 11 by 17 sheet). Pick your poison and then proceed to the assembly instructions.


Lewt is already busy helping us here at Blizzard prepare for and celebrate the holidays.

But what about you?

After you've trimmed, folded, and adhered your way to sweet goblin victory, be sure to send us a photo of your Lewt in action. To do so, tweet us at @Diablo using the #WHERESMYLEWT hashtag. We'll be retweeting and sharing our favorite Lewt adventures on Twitter and Facebook as well as posting more photos of our own throughout the holidays.

Happy crafting!

Happy Holidays!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
From everyone at Blizzard to you and yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!

To help celebrate, we prepared a Holiday Card Gallery, and we’ve also made this year’s holiday card and five images from the children's book, Snow Fight A Warcraft Tale, available as new wallpapers. Enjoy!

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