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TCG Pets Giveaway - Day #2
WoWTCGLoot was nice enough to send us some things to give away again this year, so a big thanks to them! After yesterday's post on pet collection stats, let's give away some more pets and one month Curse Premium codes.


  • Enter once by replying to this news post and telling us what feature you would like to see in Warlords of Draenor that was not announced at Blizzcon.
  • Winners will receive a PM which they have 72 hours to reply to. After that, a new winner will be selected. Pets will be given out in the order the winners reply to the PM, so be sure to reply promptly. You can turn on email notifications for PMs in the Settings.
  • Entering more than once per contest thread is useless and will get you disqualified. There will be no 2nd chance for people posting more than one comment in this thread, you have been warned. (We will also of course check for double accounts, etc)
  • You have until Monday December 30th @ 11:59 PM EST to enter the contest. After that time this thread will be closed and winners will be selected randomly.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Stats
Minor example is ratio of ambush bonus dmg to backstab bonus dmg is constant at all levels, but backstab scales better with gear
You'd find that all of the base damage on spells/abilities stays in constant ratios at all levels, for a given class, BTW. (Source)
And that's the problem. For a lvl 30 with 150 SP, this increases Wrath by 138% but Healing Touch by just 28%
Heals had higher base healing to make up for players having base health. However, that didn't line up and scale perfectly. (Source)
In WoD, there will be no more base health, or base damage/healing on spells, so it's all just scaling; can line up. (Source)
So whats this going to do to dmg and healing at low lvls if you don't have heirlooms you won't have much stats.
There are still base stats. (Source)
Is there going to be a base amount of the new secondaries? like even with 0 crit rating u still crit
No. You still crit with 0 crit rating because you have 5% base crit, and crit from agi/int. (Source)
More similar to haste, where there is no base amount of haste. (Source)

Does no Dodge/Parry on gear mean Strength -> Parry and Agility -> Dodge are being removed as well?
Nope, those remain. (Source)

Now that we have 3 new secondary stats (Amplify, etc.). How many of these stats will we see on a single piece of gear? Still 2?
Still typically 2 secondary stats on most gear. May be exceptions, as always, but vast majority of the time, 2. (Source)

Will melee abilities still be affected by Weapon damage. Or are those abilities now only scaled by AP?
Yes, weapon damage will still be a thing. (Source)

If this means all dmg spells and heals will scale with primary stat, this is a good thing although simplifies gear
Typically Attack Power or Spell Power, which mostly come from your primary stat. (Source)

would be nice for weapons to means as much to casters a physical.
Somewhat ironically, weapons are actually *more* important for some casters, than some melees. SP bonus is huge. (Source)

sorry if this is a repeat question but if I gem say spirit then trade to dps or tank does that gem change too eg haste for dps ?
No, only primaries on armor slots switch. (Source)
sorry im more asking for the gem side the fact that say pally chest has a gem socket do I have to swap it everytime swap spec ?
Sorry, not sure I understand the question. If you put a Spirit gem in a socket, it provides no value if you respec to Feral. (Source)
ok thank you that means if I have a gem socket armor piece when swap to my off spec I either need new gear or a different gem
To min-max, yes. However, remember that a different item of the same ilvl likely won't have the gem socket; sockets are free. (Source)

Will Cleave on gear mean CC'd mobs have to be moved to Uzbekistan to avoid sheep-busting?
No. Cleave won't hit CC'd or mobs, or mobs you aren't in combat with. (Source)

Does it mean won't be useful or won't be optimal? Is this applying to PVP too?
Spirit will have zero value for non-healers, including in PvP. (Source)

In WoD, does the baseline yellow attack hit cap include attacks against targets that are higher than 3 levels above you?
Yes. (Source)
Does that also mean a lvl 1 character will have 100% hit chance against a level 100 character or mobs? aoe questing inc
No. Just up to +3 levels, then you start missing again. Similar to how Crushing Blows still exist now. (Source)

I've had a question about PvP. Why is there a gear req? Why isn't it stats-agnostic, to make the game 100% skill-dependent? Thanks!
WoW is a character driven game where you participate in different activities for rewards. PvP is one of those activities. (Source)
I know that very well I would just love an option at some point in time for pure stat-agnostic, skill-based pvp. (Source)

Also, kudos for taking out expertise and hit. Step in the right direction! Still, I wish all radials were disabled in PvP though!
While there may be a place for a game with WoW gameplay and no stats/gear, WoW is not that game. WoW is an RPG. (Source)
Why not poll the PvP population and see what they’d think of a permanent Trial-of-the-Champions play style?
Polling the population is not how we design games. Personally, I'd find it pretty unrewarding. I like getting gear. (Source)

Crafted pvp gear feels a bit gated. Not many want to use daily cd on making 476/458 gear. Maybe lower mats over time?
We don't like the starter gear coming from crafting. Exploring the idea of BoE starter gear coming from battleground wins. (Source)
OMFG BoE PvP starter gear?! If it's BoA I will make you a(nother) million cookies (BoE is still awesome though!)
I can see your point but I think BoA might be worse in this case. (Source)

What other steps would be in there to keep those first few BG experiences from being even more brutal to new folk?
I think a lot of the UI changes we're making are in support that goal (Source)

And you are the next Ghostcrawler ?
Nah, I just work on flavor/feels things like Headless Horsemen & Darkmoon Faires & zombie plagues & pets & toys & so on. (Source)
You're my friggin hero for trolling people about Kara so damn hard.
Just wait until Heroic Zul'Farrak gets data mined. (Source)

Fan Art
Some more nice fan art today!

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  1. Rhanna's Avatar
    I'd love it if they finally added the draenei and blood elf starting zones as real parts of their respective continents, with flying included.

    Also, tabard storage, yes!
  1. Taygete's Avatar
    I would love to see an "appear offline" option for battlenet. It's not that I feel like I have to hide from my friends, I just don't feel the need to broadcast every little thing that I'm doing... and it wouldn't hurt to be able to get on an alt that no one knows about once in a while, without having to explain why I don't feel like chatting with people. I like my privacy when I want it!

    Can't wait for WoD!
  1. Icyflamez's Avatar
    Dance studio! It's been years Blizzard, my blood elf's Napoleon Dynamite dance is getting a bit old...
  1. hunterakos's Avatar
    Bring Epic quests for each class . Quests that start at 90 and progress all the way up to 100.
  1. therealozma's Avatar
    A new hero spec! Also, id very much like to see guild cities!
  1. Exhait's Avatar
    I want:
    - "Lesser coin" currency type vendor that sells vanity items. Is not rewarding getting thousand of useless coins.
    - Mail indicator in the character selection list.
  1. Fresh's Avatar
    Good luck everyone!
  1. Mertely's Avatar
    Definitely want to see some more storage for tabards, shirts etc.
  1. SilentBob77's Avatar
    I would love to see the ability to dye gear and the transmog idea they have in mind for the Diablo3 Expac.
  1. NiveouS's Avatar
    Probably some balanced PvP ^^
  1. heffenreffer's Avatar
    id like key chains for raids brought back. who cares if you have the proper ilvl. skill is so much more.
    also two major cities you can't fly to with only one road that goes to both
  1. Stranger763's Avatar
    A legacy system that will provide a variety of different buffs, items or something similar to your other characters depending on how you choose to connect your characters. *Dreams on*
  1. GUZ's Avatar
    you wont pick me lol but all i want an have wanted for years in wow is player housing through out the world that you buy like apts,houses,villas,and mansions.
  1. Ragashii's Avatar
    Same faction random BGs to help alleviate que times
  1. GrieverXIII's Avatar
    More character customisation.
  1. Sunflower's Avatar
    More character slots. Would really be nice to just have any amount we want up to the finite character limit (50, I think it is?), rather than stuck with 11 per server/per account. Like, 13 on one server, or 20 on another server, as long as the total adds up to THAT particular limit.
  1. lobsterkuln's Avatar
    i'd love for them to actually go through with character models.
  1. Ihnasir's Avatar
    I'd like to see more character slots. With the addition of a new class, they gave us one measly spot in MoP, but I'd like to see more so I can try out Alliance quests on my regular server.
  1. Unholyground's Avatar
    this is a post
  1. Meddy's Avatar
    Not so much a new feature as a tweak of an announced feature: have your alts appear in your garrison. You're, say, heading in to the inn to do whatever you'd do at the inn, and lo and behold there's your 76 druid and 42 warlock having an argument at the bar; while your hunter drinks in the corner, muttering to himself. Would be awesome! Also, a selection of your mounts in the stables.

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