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Ladder Season 2 Status Update, Constructed Talk: Priest, MLG/MG #11 Interviews

Another PvP Season for Mists of Pandaria
It looks like that Season 15 gear that was added "just in case" may see some use after all, with another PvP season coming before Warlords of Draenor.

Update: Normal Difficulty Cross-Realm Siege of Orgrimmar
It looks like cross-realm normal difficulty may not be off the table after all!

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Storage Space Issues
Even bandaid fixes for storage issues (ie more void storage) take time to develop and implement, so we'd prefer to spend that time working on solutions, like systems that hold your items and gear in new ways that don't actually use inventory slots. We announced the account-wide toy and heirloom systems at BlizzCon, as well as the ability to craft from your bank and bigger stack sizes for some items, and we've hinted at some slightly longer term plans for a gear collection/wardrobe feature that would help serve all the transmoggers out there in not just freeing up space but also providing the ability to easily track set collections - all of which will help in their own way with inventory management. While the toy and heirloom systems are planned for the launch of Warlords, the gear collection system will be a bit later. We expect the toy and heirloom systems will free up enough space for most people, as well as some (albeit bandaid-y) slightly larger bags in Warlords and attaching quest items to the quest log instead of as items to fill up your bags, will all help in the meantime.

Any idea if we will still be able to "use" Dartol's Rod of Transformation or Archmage Vargoth's Staff at will? The first one no longer has a quest associated with it. Will we get to keep it?

I've trashed most "toy" items, opting for transmog bag space. But I have no intention of getting rid of those 2 items, nor a few other old quest things I have.

We'll be handling each item on a case-by-case basis, and will be looking for everyone's help in identifying items that could/should be added to the toy box beyond the probably more obvious ones we already have flagged. It's largely going to be something solidified through testing and feedback. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Pallytank here.My cotank is a warrior.He spamtaunts adds/bosses/doesnt care for tanking just dps.Superannoying and I can do little to stop him. Doesnt care ATALL for tanking,just pure dps.Will this get addressed?
When both tanks have that mindset, it can be quite fun. However, when they don't, it can be aggravating. The Vengeance change will make that no longer with doing. However, we want to improve cooperative tank gameplay so as not to lose that potential fun. (Source)

Warlords of Draenor PvP
Can you talk about WoD BG-s? Are you guys adding new BG for WoD?
WoD release approach is improve existing BG experience and set foundation for faster creation/iteration. Big content is Ashran. (Source)
Really looking forward to seeing objective based rewards and their visibility in the scoreboard/UI
Me too! (Source)

Have you thought of making the achievement Grievous Combat and future achieves like it account wide once you earn? For gearing alts
no it was to help people gear multiple specs, which won't be necessary with WoD gear changes. You can expect to see that go away. (Source)

Is the Grievous Combatant mount going away when the next PvP season starts or will it still be obtainable later? Thanks!
It won't be going away. Planning on a similar achievement each season (and hopefully more mounts) (Source)

You can also be suspended for wintrading which uses the Enter Battle button.
1. We have to have leave queue but it should be smaller and we should also allow you to accept while in combat. (Source)
2. Playing every game should be made more efficient than tanking 10. "Deserter debuff" may be cleanest option. (Source)
3. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet about suspensions. (Source)
4. There will be no 5. (Source)
Or "Leave queue" doesn't lose mmr for your team or gain MMR for the team you would've fought.
People leaving queues is not good for the game. When you enter a match, there should be an opponent. (Source)
We need to enter arenas when dead. Sound setting so that JUST Q POP audible out of game?
You'll be able to accept queues with the same rule set as LFD with respect to combat (Source)

can the battlegound achievements be account wide? Eg 100 wins of this bg, or disarm X bombs. Needs to be more alt friendly.
They already are, I believe. can you confirm? (Source)
I don't believe progress is shared across characters but I don't believe that is unique to BG achievements. (Source)

What do you think about cosmetic arena teams?
Could be fun if the party leader could "name" the temp team. Just isn't a priority right now. (Source)
I miss being able to track comp stats... BTW when can we have arena game history back on armory?
It had a high storage requirement & was 1 of the least used features of the armory. Might explore for trial #nopromises (Source)

revisiting this. Is it intended that the elite gear requires rating? Not the case last season.
Yes it's intentional. Last season it didn't have rating as original plan was to provide better stats. (Source)

I really hate to rush somewhere, to pull something from other players' hands, when somebody pulling stuff from my hands
Competition for profession mats is an interesting situation. On one hand, we want them to feel natural, sometimes scarce. (Source)
On the other, we don't want player collision to feel like a negative thing (ideally a positive). Interesting discussion. (Source)

Is there any chance to let people with crafting professions allowed to repair their armor? By making oils, patches etc.
It's been discussed internally on & off since I started during BC, and probably before that. (Source)

Any changes coming to Archaeology? And will we see Archaeology and Garrisons have any interaction?
Current plan is 1. general quality-of-life tweaks (think gathering in MoP) & 2. garrison interaction (we can't go into details yet). (Source)

Will Proving Grounds leaderboards ever happen? It'd be nice to not depend on wowprogress to make use of the score feature.
It's something we're interested in potentially doing, but I don't know when we'll be able to get to it. Would be easy to read it as an indicator of class/spec balance, when it's not intended to be. So, need to be careful. (Source)

Any plans for pets that are tamed to keep special effects like Duskstalkers in jade forest with the shadowform?
Looking into tech that'll put visuals like that on display level and not an aura; not sure when it'll be ready & applied. (Source)

Btw, next year, how about a Greench pet?
Wanted to 1st year but it's too complex! Needs new art. T_T (Source)
What's wrong with the existing Greench model? Can't he just be shrunk down to battle pet size?
It's bad for same technical reasons the Personal World Destroyer isn't just a shrunken Fel Reaver. (Source)

How about the chance of adding daggers, and fist weapons to the one hand, sword/axe/hammer plate?
Same issue(s)! Unlikely for both philosophical & technical reasons (mostly animations). (Source)

I wouldn't say a complete restriction lift, but plate should be able to xmog mail, mail xmog leather, etc. There is an old paladin mail set and hunters would look great in leather.
Sub-40 armor types are for sub-40 characters. TRIVIA: It's item-based, not class-based, so currently impossible anyhow! (Source)

Reputation / Questing
Wow often gets accused of being faceroll. It's things like minimum quest levels that force it to be faceroll when it needn't be.
Things like minimum quest levels protect new players who don't know any better, though. What's easy for you is hard for others. (Source)

I feel WoW needs immersion, how about random world bosses or bandits attacking towns or players on the road
Me too. Haven't seen many MMOs get it right though; often feels TOO random/irrelevant/annoying. T_T (Source)

Ever think about doing more with Gallywix' Pleasure Palace?
I was going to make the golf course playable (w/ exploding balls of course) but we ran out of time. T_T Would be fun to go back! (Source)

Fan Art
We have some more WoW fan art today, this time with a Disney meets WoW theme!

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  1. Yig's Avatar
    Can't wait for the mog wardrobe, I am down to about 6 slots in my backpack I play with to maybe 10 in all slots, from all the toys and sets I've collected since 2004. Constant vendoring for trash is driving me insane.
  1. VanquishersFate82's Avatar
    So new pvp season confirms late summer or september/october launch of WoD.
  1. Rezhial's Avatar
    20-25 weeks.... O.o seems a bit much, 6 months total of Heroic Garrosh is gonna get old.
  1. dreamtears's Avatar
    Me so sad T.T
  1. mmocf77227e8ed's Avatar
    Only one thing to (doom)say:

    Oh no, WoD will not arrive before summer.
  1. Bawk's Avatar
    Thousands are already bored of the game because of the introduction of the LFR monstrosity. Another season isn't going to solve anything and if they're going to push out another season with the same armor models then it will feel pointless pushing to gear my toons. Prideful gear is already in the game files with Grievous armor models. It's 540 ilvl gear with stat upgrades (from 522). This isn't going to really help pvpers combat pvers in WPvP. It should be closer to 553 ilvl, imo.
  1. Arbs's Avatar
    So June / July release seems probable

    4 weeks in a month + 5 months 4x5 = 20 or 4x6 = 30 = June / July 2014 = Q2 2014

    An I ussually suck at Math
  1. Yig's Avatar
    PVP seasons traditionally give an idea of the expasion's life cycle, but dont make the mistake of assuming anything. Confirmation bias will destroy you. Like Darth Vader.
  1. MrKnubbles's Avatar
    I think my feature of the expansion is going to be the consolidation of inventory. I hoard everything on my main.
  1. vexacus's Avatar
    Patch 4.3.0 "Hour of Twilight", went live on November 29, 2011

    MoP was finally released on September 25, 2012

    so a 9 month period between final boss and next expansion is not uncommon.

    Patch 5.4.0 was released on September 10, 2013

    if you put these facts together Warlords of Draenor is still an option for somewhere late june- early july. the current arena season can end 2 weeks from now. than a bye week than 20 weeks for the next season. 2 bye weeks before WoD and we are somewhere around july 1st maybe
    but i have to admit my gut feeling is they will postpone it till late august. early september
  1. Mormolyce's Avatar
    Wait a Personal World Destroyer ISN'T just a scaled-down Fel Reaver? Huh, didn't realise that.
  1. mmoc0fc2032db7's Avatar
    Again 10 Month of last content Patch...
    And therefore statement of blizz releasing content faster again untrue, same life cycle of xpax as last one....
    I guess its time for an break as another 6month of Garrosh, dead Realms and co are not an option.
  1. Wilhelm137's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Wait a Personal World Destroyer ISN'T just a scaled-down Fel Reaver? Huh, didn't realise that.
    Ofcourse not, it's got that whole blue color to it rather than being green. It's the same thing with mounts where recolors aren't just recolors of other mounts or scaled down versions of mobs. Gotta add the twist in there to make it sound like a meaningful amount of time went into creating these things when in reality all they are is a color swap and scaling it down.

    Also this confirms that for 3 straight expacs.....they have learned literally nothing. If this expac was meant to come out in the first half of the year they would have mentioned a beta for it by now and would be in the process of getting it ready. The new year has started however and not a single word has been said other than "we think it's farther along then previous expacs were at this point". Well obviously it's not when you have to add back in the previously cancelled 5.5 to give some life into the game you know can't hold retention for anymore. Stop telling people something is far along when in reality you just want to save face so people are given hope that after 6 years of this happening, maybe just maybe you learned something.
  1. mmoca34cd1d492's Avatar
    Server transfers are the reason why there has never been a cross realm normal/hc raiding.
  1. mmocecd02275a7's Avatar
    what`s the point of another pvp season if they dont make significant class changes ?! Since they are working on WOD dont think they will work on PVP balance for MOP
  1. Constraint's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AndreiBD View Post
    what`s the point of another pvp season if they dont make significant class changes ?! Since they are working on WOD dont think they will work on PVP balance for MOP
    That's what I'm thinking. Just another season for the sake of another season..? There's ALWAYS been numerous class changes/rebalancing between arena seasons, as they're always implemented at the same time as major content patches. I haven't heard anything of the sort in the works - so it'll be exactly the same as now, just with a higher iLvl? Fun times. Totally excited. Hur hur.
  1. Kobomino's Avatar
    I hope they're adding the same transmog system from D3 Reaper of Souls where you unlock the item when it drops and you can delete/sell it while it stays on the list for future uses.
  1. mmoc8ba596ddc7's Avatar
    wow, are we really stuck with mop THIS long?
    Sorry but i am disappointed, not angry just quite badly disappointed.
  1. Tydrane's Avatar
    Reading Zarhym's tweets, I hope the discussion comes up with a definitive "no". The game has other things to do besides raid, you can wait until WoD - the rest of us would prefer that wait not be extended for your sake.
  1. chaud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steamwheedle View Post
    Reading Zarhym's tweets, I hope the discussion comes up with a definitive "no". The game has other things to do besides raid, you can wait until WoD - the rest of us would prefer that wait not be extended for your sake.
    Just enabling cross realm is unlikely to take significant additional time, especially if they are already doing a patch for the new PvP season.

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