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Warlords of Draenor PvP Stats
Blizzard recently shared some more information on the plans for PvP stats in Warlords of Draenor.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
We are looking at reducing or completely removing baseline Resilience, but it's a big change and requires other larger changes to go with it. Changes that big we tend to wait until an expansion (Warlords) to make - as well as a lot of testing and feedback from y'all during beta. We do have some changes with Season 15, but they won't be a huge departure from where we're already at, mainly tweaks to existing numbers.

Bashiok, I made a suggestion in a thread i created a few days ago, as well as again earlier today in a new thread someone made.
I think in-general we like to avoid piling on more systems when we can achieve the same or (ideally) better results just through intelligent use of the ones we already have - to be entirely vague about it. In any case, I think it'll be something we can really only come to a conclusion on through a ton of testing during the Warlords beta. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Can we get a pvp dummy?
Great suggestion. I'll be sure to bring it up with the team.

That said, we're doing a lot of retuning of how health works in comparison to incoming damage in Warlords, with the hope that we won't need (or can significantly lessen the effects of) things like Battle Fatigue or Base Resilience. If all goes well, there shouldn't be as nearly as substantial of a difference between PvE and PvP damage output.

Still, it's a great suggestion, and there will likely still be at least a small difference (due to PvP Power if nothing else), so I'll make sure to pass it on.

Sounds like a good goal but probably to hard of goal to hit.
It's definitely tough, but we think we can at least get things a lot closer than they currently are.

I think he means more along the lines of "Why can I Chaos Bolt for 1.5 million in PvE while PvP I can rarely go above 180k?" kinds of situations, which I think is a legit concern.

If you guys are doing as much number tinkering as you claim I don't know why you wouldn't take this opportunity to rethink pvp power altogether. I'm all for differentiating gear but I find it pretty silly that a stat called "pvp power" exists at all.
We are planning to revisit PvP Power in Warlords. Our current thinking is that, instead of a flat percentage increase to your normal damage/healing in PvP (as it is currently), it'll be a bonus amount of your spec's primary stat (Strength, Agility, or Intellect).

Here's an example with some completely made-up numbers: lets say a piece of gear has 80 Strength and 30 PvP Power on it. In a PvP environment, that would total out to be 110 Strength. Meanwhile, an equivalent piece of PvE gear might only have 100 Strength on it. Again, those numbers are purely hypothetical, but hopefully it illustrates the idea.

That change accomplishes a couple of things for us. First, it lets us keep PvP and PvE item levels closer together, while still ensuring that PvP gear remains best for PvP and vice versa. It also "demystifies" PvP Power quite a bit; a percentage-based increase can be hard to really quantify without a lot of math, but raw stats are much easier to understand.

As to the name, we can talk about it, but part of why we chose the term "PvP Power" to begin with was that it makes it extremely obvious that the stat only functions inside PvP environments. We want to be sure that players who purchase PvP gear know that it's going to be less effective in PvE situations. I'll bring it up, though.

I really like the idea behind that and it's similar to what I suggested previously. Why not something like this (ROUGH numbers) :

PvP Item A has 70 agi/str/int + 30 PvP Power
PvE Item A has 100 agi/str/int
PvP power does not function in PvE "instances", but functions everywhere else.
1 PvP Power = 1 agi/str/int in the open world
1 PvP Power = 2 agi/str/int inside PvP instances

That way both gear types are basically equal in the open world and equally handicapped in the respective instances. I see no reason that PvP gear should be weaker in the open world against mobs. Gear differences are mainly been for instances anyway.

We've discussed a similar idea (and may yet decide to go with something like it), but our concern with it is that it's still somewhat complicated for players to figure out. As I mentioned earlier, one of the issues we'd like to solve is how difficult it can be to figure out exactly what impact PvP Power is going to have on your effectiveness. "1 PvP Power = 1 Strength vs Players" is easy to get across and understand. "1 PvP Power = 2 Strength in Arenas and Battlegrounds, worthless in dungeons and raids, and 1 Strength in the open world," not so much.

One other thing I should mention based on some other comments in here is that, just like today, PvP Power will be active vs players in any context, not just inside PvP instances. So if you're comparing a PvE and PvP piece of the same item level -- for example, a piece of Conquest gear and a piece of Heroic raid gear -- it should work out something like this:

  • The PvE item is stronger in PvE instances
  • The PvP item is stronger in PvP instances
  • The PvE item is slightly stronger vs creatures in the open world
  • The PvP item is slightly stronger vs players in the open world

Once again, I need to be clear that this is all early development thinking and anything might change, but our hope is that whatever we end up doing makes things work something like that. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Battleground Queue Times
Battlegrounds have used region-wide matchmaking since Cataclysm. Battlegroups are only used by matchmaking systems as a preferred set of realms to match you with, but queue times will dictate how fast and far it'll attempt to match you with others outside your Battlegroup. So really there are no longer any Battlegroup restrictions or limitations in the game.

Since your post was made in the morning/early afternoon I'd hazard a guess that your play time could be a factor, as most people play the game in the evening, and queue times are of course mainly going to be about how many other people are in the queue with you.

I'd recommend spending your wait-time doing something to pass the time that also works toward a goal, maybe an achievement, or even something more PvP focused like the 5.1 rare spawns that drop Honor tokens - probably a bit more fun that staring at the queue time anyway.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Are you going to continue updating Brawler's Guild in WoD? It's a cool feature...
Side/flavor content like that usually happens & evolves whenever the designer can squeeze time into the schedule. So, maybe? (Source)

what is happening with quivers in WoD?
Dunno. They never quite 100% worked. Needed new/better tech. They looked awesome, though! (Source)

you guys maybe work Kara into a 5man or scenariopost WoD launch ?? Pretty please :-)
I'd be surprised if something didn't happen w/ it eventually. It's too cool a place for just solo mount & pet runs. (Source)

I think people should be able to transmog their items to look like their banked Legendaries. But only that.
Yes, internally, there's a range of opinions on what's valid for it. Can't say if it's changing anytime soon. (Source)

Any chance for Silvermoon city guard armor to be added as transmog gear? Was suggested a while back that it'd be implimented.
There's no armor. That guard asset is one solid piece, shield and weapon included. Also... *whispers*'s actually a night elf! (Source)
Aw... that's a real shame. That weapon and shield are beautiful. Any chance for them to be added? Maybe along with glaives?
Shield too big & glaives discouraged internally, but maybe! Ideal time would've been back when BE warriors were introduced. T_T (Source)
Can we ask why glaives are discouraged?
Some decisions, old & new, are flavor, or lore, or art; just "gut"/feels stuff. Sometimes they change, sometimes not. (Source)

Speaking of funky gas masks... any chance of making that thing transmoggable? With or without the backpack.
A chance, perhaps, but it's not quite in line w/ current item/reward philosophy. (Source)

Oh! Oh! Any chance for more flowers like Forever-Lovely Rose? One of my favorite flavor items!
Would be cool! That one was a character artist's GF's idea. I was like, U MAKE DAT ART, I'LL MAKE DAT ITEM <3 (Source)

UI / Addons
Will we ever get better combat log support for encounters that have an "upstairs" and "downstairs" (ex: Gara'jal)
While we can't guarantee 100% coverage, this is a problem that we recognize and are going to make an effort on going forward. (Source)

Pet Battles
could the Everlook goblins develop the robo cub/chick technology more, and train engineer hunters to craft their own mech pets?
Engineers & mechanical pets, jewelcrafters & gem/figurine pets, etc. etc. It's all come up many times over the years, yes. (Source)
i was meaning for hunter pets not companion/battle pets
So was I. *queue dramatic music* Jade tigers, mechanical tallstriders, robo-apes, that sort of thing. (Source)

like Eye of the legion is undead and not magical?
Battle pets are a totally different animal, pun intended; more a balance/ability call. 100% flavor thing w/ Hunter pets. (Source)
There is no Demon BP family, so demonic BPs are tossed into either Undead or Magic as current design need/flavor dictates. (Source)

Do you think we could get bunny rabbit mounts from Noblegarden
Even I am not that silly. Well... wait. Yeah, you're right. Maybe. But probably not! (Source)

where did Prince Malchezar come from? Why does he mention time and space? sure doodads...
Medivh's meddling/experiments weakened barrier between realities, thus warp creatures etc. (Source)
This doesn't jive with the Eredar Prince's claims of being able to control time and spice.
It does; he sensed a weak point and drilled thru the infinite Twisting Nether to open it! (Source)
Prince Malchezaar basically drew the tower top "up" into infinite chaos. And floaty rocks. (Source)
and Midevh was cool with this? Was he looking for a roommate?
Totally; he posted a craigslist ad and everything: pets/smoking/drama ok, must like opera (Source)
sounds like a chill guy. He looking for more?
Only if you don't mind being a crazy ghost! (But seriously, Medivh was long gone by then.) (Source)

Upcoming Hearthstone Beta Patch
Blizzard posted the changes coming to Hearthstone in a patch later this week today. If you are interested in the reasoning for these changes, see the full post on Hearthpwn.

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  1. Baracuda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Woakerio View Post
    I know a few people that quit mostly because of the baseline resilience change, so depending on how they change it perhaps I could lure them back...
    They're not removing it, just making it baseline in the way that health pools are balanced around PvP and PvE.
  1. kamuimac's Avatar
    bu hu poor fully conquest geared pvpers couldnt anymore one shot pve geared players so blizzard has to remove base resilence so that moronic gankers can feel better about themselves again -_- brilliant move just brilliant
  1. Trumpresident's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by markdall View Post
    They ruined PVP bThe truth of the matter is that they took a look at their two kinds of players - people who PVE all the time, and people who PVP all the time. Then they gave the people who PVP all the time a massive advantage against anybody who doesn't.

    But of course they won't. People would cry and moan, mostly the people who are used to their unfair advantage. Because here's the deal - nobody wants a fair fight. We just want to win.
    From what I've heared in Vanilla WoW there was Ahn Qiraj Raid which gave people so strung gear that they would global other players. Not Swifty Macro or such, kill others with one instant cast. This continued until Cataclysm where the Firelands Legendary Staff for Casters, Dragon Soul weapons and Trinkets for non-casters were Best in Slot to PvP with.
    As you see, so far PvE gear provably gave "all the time a massive advantage against anybody who doesn't PvE" for PvP combat. And what is "But of course they won't" supposed to mean? You wrote nothing which this sentence could refer to.
  1. Infinitus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    bu hu poor fully conquest geared pvpers couldnt anymore one shot pve geared players so blizzard has to remove base resilence so that moronic gankers can feel better about themselves again -_- brilliant move just brilliant
    Learn some PvP skills, gear properly and world PvP shouldn't be a problem for you. Either that or roll on a PvE realm.

    /Problem Solved
  1. Johnkie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ziv0rk View Post
    Rip pyroblast
    who says the old will be changed.
  1. Amithyst's Avatar
    D: All them card nerfs! Makes me a sad panda.
  1. Azylo's Avatar
    Speaking of Dummies. Where's the tank and healer dummies ? 1 Heavy hitter, 1 AoE pck, a Caster, and some friendly units for playing with single target and AoE heals. Fx. 6 targets, where you to test your Tranq without or without int proc. With or without SoF. With or without Berserking etc. etc.

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