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Armory Stats - Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar Class Representation
Today we are taking a look at class representation for characters that have killed a Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar boss at least once. There is no date restriction this time, so the sample comes from ~8.8 million characters and ~3.2 million accounts. Keep in mind that the sample size for Heroic Garrosh is less than 10,000 characters, so it is going to vary more than the larger samples.

We looked at the same kind of thing back in Catacylsm for Heroic Madness of Deathwing if you are interested in seeing how things changed.

When there is time, we can also look a this data by item level, Normal Siege of Orgrimmar kills, or several other factors. You can leave suggestions for future stat posts in the comments!

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Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
hardest thing I do as a RL is helping healers know theyre doing a good job / how to improve. New tool to help eval in #warlords?
We agree that healer performance is difficult to evaluate. Do you have any suggestions for what would help? (Celestalon)

The data! Malk:, Jugg:, Sha:, Thok:
Compare All Parses to Top 100. Shadow is deceptively hard to play optimally. Single target is low average, but high potential. (Source)
You must have some very hidden numbers, hunters were beating Spriest on many fights before 6%? buff ask most raiders 1/2
We balance around more than just single target DPS. (Source)
I think that's the summary of this conversation. Many Shadow priests value ST damage above all else. Considering changes for WoD. (Source)
That's just preposterous. Shadow playing perfection with miraculous RNG does not have the potencial of mage/lock
I agree. That's an Arcane/Warlock problem. (Source)
No it's not. It's a rogue/hunter/mage/warlock/shaman/druid problem. Shadow is simply not playable on e.g. H malkorok.
And we disagree. Your damage is lower than average, but not crippling so, and your utility is higher on that fight. (Source)
Not the case for any other spec. They all have good and bad fights, sure, but shadow has 2 good, 10 bad and 2 unplayable ones.
Total hyperbole. They have 3 great, 2 bad, 9 average, damage-wise. Most of those they have very high utility. (Source)

So the solution for Spriest single target is to remove dots from single target...but thats why I play Spriest, to use dots.
The talent you're referring to is not a "solution for Spriest single target". It's an optional different rotation. (Celestalon)

Hi, is there anything still happening with the ability bloat? A good thread on about this-
Yes. We haven't given specifics, but we're definitely going to be making big strides in combating ability bloat. (Celestalon)
Thanks. Big strides is what lots of specs need desperately. If you had to guess - before WoD or not?
Not. That sort of thing requires significant change, which we save for expansions. (Celestalon)

past comments have said that dps are balanced around that fact. Not sure about tanks.
Str and Agi are balanced once Agi/Int no longer give crit. (Celestalon)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
could u please fix the deathgrip bug in tolvir and tigers peak finally which is in the game since the start of mop? please
Yes we're working on a fix but it won't be available until our next patch. It is not hotfixable. (Source)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
did mages ice lance get -20% nerf? Can you clarify for us in the pvp community?
I've heard reports but we are not aware of any change to ice lance. (Source)

Also, hear desire for Garrison update - not sure when that will happen but it's on my radar. (artofcgrobinson)

Quick question, are druids getting a new aquatic form model in WoD? YES or NO?
MAYBE (Dave_Maldo)

Then why were Undead allowed to be hunters? That makes no sense at all.
At least pick one w/o tons of in-game precedence! P.S. I once tried arguing for undead paladins because SIR ZELIEK. (Dave_Maldo)

must Cloud Serpents shrink character models? Not sure if bug or intended. Would prefer if it didn't. Thanks for reading
Intended. Last-minute solution to realizing they were even more absurdly huge than intended, w/no time to remake saddles. T_T (Dave_Maldo)

could we see faction specificity removed from random BG's as it has been for RBG? ie Horde vs Horde. Would this improve que times?
It would but one of the high level fantasies of WoW is red versus blue. We're exploring a lot of options now. (holinka)

said new PvP season would last aroun 20-25 weeks. I'd say, around that.
I definitely did NOT say the new PvP season would last around 20-25 weeks. I'd say that's the max length I'd want it. (holinka)
out of curiosity? What is min length of a pvp season that you want.
Ha ha. This is a fun game of release date we're playing. (holinka)
what season will it be in Australia when wod arrives?
Season 16 (holinka)

To add some more detail to the DR category conversations, you won't see things like Silence, Stun, Fear or Mez combined into one category. (Source)
Can you tell us what we might see? Am very excited for streamlining of DR categories
I know everyone wants to know what we're doing, but I was mostly concerned with putting some fears to rest. (Source)
Only hint: Despite his declaration we can't get it right isn't far off with what we're thinking. (Source)
Also we hate the single DR idea. That will not happen. (Source)

Necrotic strike and aura of enfeeble and arcane slow is nerfed without second thought
They weren't nerfed by accident. (Source)
sad about enfeeblement nerf. It's fundamentally different from passively applied effects. Should be treated differently.
If it the argument is it's bad gameplay, I don't think warlocks should be exempt from the change. (Source)

Warriors can use shield wall without equip shield. May we remove the physical punishment of Divine Shield and Hand of Protection?
I don't normally like to compare specs but I hope you can see what a profound difference there is between those spells. (holinka)

so dks lose runic power going blood pres. Warrs lose?
Rage generation (holinka)

Poll: What Class is Your Main Character?
Defining main however you want (best gear, most time spent playing that character lately, or something else), what class are you playing?

Fan Art Update
The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with new fan artwork.

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