Upcoming Mount Preview
Blizzard posted a preview of an upcoming mount on their social media accounts tonight.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    I want this to be a druid flight form badly.
  1. Megix's Avatar
    raven lord but now flying wow..really?
  1. MrExcelion's Avatar
    Like was said in the other thread, probably a CE mount, since preorders are very soon (guessing 2 weeks)
  1. Adoxe's Avatar
    Really hope its WoD CE mount... I'm sick of all the RaF and Store mounts at this point (I buy them anyway, don't take this as QQ).
  1. Skur's Avatar
    Anzu, but flying!
  1. Arno00's Avatar
    Warlords' Collector ?
  1. Sevvy's Avatar
    I'd buy that one. Haven't bought any others. But I'd buy that one.
  1. Evory's Avatar
    Really hope its not another store mount, had a bunch of those recently.
  1. tangers58's Avatar
    Since it doesn't look bland and they aren't showing some copies with slightly different colors, probably blizz store. Anything unique, you have to pay up.
  1. Vildhjarta's Avatar
    noooooooo =[
  1. DeltrusDisc's Avatar
    Oh myyyy... that is a nice one!
  1. Solonar's Avatar
    I'm tempted to say "another" mount? But I seriously hope this is from WoD CE and not the store, three in a row would be madness.
  1. Fahrin's Avatar
    Next from Store -.-?
  1. m2geek's Avatar
    WAAAANT!!! I don't care if it costs me a Collectors Edition!
  1. Gnawty's Avatar
    coming soon... for 25$
  1. Haven's Avatar
    So, the mystery is solved. Anzu does fly. For cash.
  1. ktoth04's Avatar
    Are they really gonna keep doing a new $$ mount every month?
  1. yetifunk223's Avatar
    Pre-order mount, I am calling it. The Arrakoa on Draenor are uncorrupted and can fly, so I am guessing the Raven Lord would have suffered the same corruption and wound up flightless in the process, this is the Raven Lord not suffering from that corruption.
  1. Shampro's Avatar
    They dont tease store mounts, and they literally just released one. Raven lord = Arrakoa themed. Connect the dots.
  1. S7orm's Avatar
    looks like Anzu had some fun with all those hawks inside Sehekk Halls

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