Upcoming Mount Preview
Blizzard posted a preview of an upcoming mount on their social media accounts tonight.

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  1. InfernalDark's Avatar
    another lame one
  1. Hoshkar's Avatar
    Sweet, another mount for the blizzard store already?!?!

  1. Unholyground's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by yetifunk223 View Post
    Pre-order mount, I am calling it. The Arrakoa on Draenor are uncorrupted and can fly, so I am guessing the Raven Lord would have suffered the same corruption and wound up flightless in the process, this is the Raven Lord not suffering from that corruption.
    Then by all means it should be a free upgrade to anyone who already has the raven lord mount :P
  1. Baddger's Avatar
    Way too soon for blizz to put another mount on the blizz store but seeing that they make over 200mil dollars on this shit it wouldnt surprise me

    Any way my money is on the CE which would make some sense seeing that this looks like anzu and the bird people are making a comeback in warlords i believe
  1. Ameradeth's Avatar
    If this is the WoD collector's edition and digital deluxe mount I have to say, wow. Mounts keep looking better and better, if you just compare it to the MoP DD mount it looks like 1000x better.
  1. Rosencrantz's Avatar
    Love it! Blizzard finally hired someone with a sophisticated knowledge of color theory. Now if only they could hire a figure artist with a strong knowledge of anatomy. Fantasy or not, the wings just aren't believable. They ruin an otherwise awesome mount! Hope they are revisited and tweaked just that little bit they need. This creature could not fly through physical ability alone. Yes, this kind of thing bothers me more than it probably should. >_<
  1. McNeil's Avatar
    Finally we get a BIRD mount to fly on, instead of the 99999th dragon. Just hope it doesn't end up in the Blizzard Store
  1. Xaxxor's Avatar
    Might even replace my corrupted firehawk.
    If it comes to the store, I will never own it though.
  1. LaCorpse's Avatar
    I cross my fingers for the new Annual Pass.
  1. det's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by InfernalDark View Post
    another lame one
    Quote Originally Posted by NefaBlackmoore View Post
    hmm, flying anzu -nice hope WoD CE Mount
    I should put this up as an example how pretty much every thread goes.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by mofi View Post
    let me get this straight:
    paying extra for a store mount = not cool
    paying extra for collectors edition to get the mount = cool
    In all fairness you also get a making of DvD, an artbook, a CD with the score and mousepad. Usually the artbook alone is worth the extra money.
  1. akaTheDude's Avatar
    Great...no new content, but more mounts....most likely in the cash shop....
  1. Lobosan's Avatar
    What ever happened to the Storm Crow mount? Was it ever implemented, or is it getting shelved for some reason?
  1. Moradim's Avatar
    I love that my sub goes towards all these store mounts and absolutely zero new content.

    makes me feel valued as a subscriber, ya know?
  1. Ulgrim's Avatar
    I hope it has a lightning effect (like the storm crow model).
  1. Weep's Avatar
    Bleh, I'd happily pay blizzard $25 just to have them concentrate on reskinning the remaining characters instead of wasting resources on another shop mount.
  1. ssviolett's Avatar
    Flying Anzu o_O WTF this is ugly with such HUGE BEAK :S
  1. kraner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shikokumaji View Post
    I didn't say it was a Druid Flight Form, I said it is using the skeleton/model of it.
    It is a reskinned version of it.

    Everyone keeps calling it a Proto Drake reskin when the 2nd image is a flight animation that Proto Drakes don't even have.
    The flight animation is identical to druid's bird form.
    Actually it looks very close to the Millagazor mounts from Firelands with Anzu texture, which in turn are using Proto Drakes skeleton.

  1. toxicrusader's Avatar
    Don't you think that the CE's mount will be related with the content of the xpac? Dunno, seems a store mount to me... They didn't announced the Imperial Quillen, don't think they would do it now. Hope I', wrong and this mount may be obtainable ingame.
  1. Kaldriss's Avatar
    maybe theyll turn the raven lord into this or it will be a separate mount
  1. iriecolorado's Avatar
    Oh good, another store-bought mount. Just what the game needed.

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