Upcoming Mount Preview
Blizzard posted a preview of an upcoming mount on their social media accounts tonight.

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  1. Malenurse's Avatar
    lol they're upping speed with these mounts releases.
  1. Galluccio's Avatar
    For the love if god, it's just 25 bucks. Holy crap. It's not like someone died.
  1. Goretex's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MrApple View Post
    As a druid i dont feel interested in any new flying mounts since i already have the best flying mount in-game.
    If this or any other mount would be an upgrade for the swift flight form then we could talk.

    And also.. people comparing this to iron skyreaver... really? The skyreaver looks like retard and retarderer.
    Go to shadowmoon valley and watch the original mount there with some extra armor and 2 cannons or jetpacks?!

    Complete shit is what it looks like and i was surprised it was even put in the shop along with masterpieces like enchanted fey dragon etc.
    Your opinion, so I'll give mine. Iron Skyreaver looks savage and beastly, as for the enchanted gey dragon is just girly. Something you would get your GF or small boy lover.

    The bat mount is cool I bought that one, goes good with my undead toons. But Iron Skyreaver flows so nice and the animations are cool and looks savage. This blue bird mount however does not look savage. Looks like an Alliance druid mount, so I'm not interested. and as for the sky golem, looks too steampunk for me so I made one on my engineer and sold it on the ah
  1. mofi's Avatar
    let me get this straight:
    paying extra for a store mount = not cool
    paying extra for collectors edition to get the mount = cool
  1. Crovyn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Goretex View Post
    People that say this, I hope you do realize there 2 seperate teams that work on mount designs and content design. Really make you look stupid.
    While you are right, that some complaints are plain stupid, like " I rather want class balance instead of a mount" I fear you are wrong here. Mounts are models and I am sure there is a team that creates models. So while it would be stupid to think that because of new models things like balance are negatively affected it most likely IS true that the same team who created this mount could have also created pets or a new Moonkin model instead.
  1. brothernads's Avatar
    Wonder if this is not the Digital Deluxe / CE mount, but instead a new Scroll of Resurrection reward?

    The hype photo is similar to when they did the first SoR reward:


    The timing would also fit - they want to get people back in advance of a new expansion, just like with Mists. The first SoR teaser pics went out on March 5, 2012, and the SoR itself went live on March 7, 2012. Then, Mists beta came out two weeks later. They could be doing the same thing here - SoR teaser yesterday, SoR release tomorrow, beta in two weeks?
  1. Crovyn's Avatar
    So far all the CEs came with a PET not a mount. Wonder if they really change that...
  1. Jaylock's Avatar
    I hope this is a Blizz store mount, would be so cool. Id definitely pay $25 bucks for this.

    Oh yeah this just in: vocal minority not liking in game cash shop. More at 11.
  1. Amnix's Avatar
    "Coming soon... on the Blizzard store... again!"
  1. Elegant's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Crovyn View Post
    So far all the CEs came with a PET not a mount. Wonder if they really change that...
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say you either don't read or have a poor memory. MoP CE had a mount.
  1. DocKro's Avatar
    Considering I've been trying to get the Raven Lord mount for several years, with no luck -- I'm getting this, whether it's store, CE or whatever.
  1. Igzorn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Michalus View Post
    Flying Anzu. So, next time maybe a ground version of Al'ar?
    Looks nice, and I would be surprised if it's tied to any achievement. My bet is it's next store toy for kids that barely worked in their lives.
    Gonna wait for levels for $, and gear for $.
    as far as i know al'ar has no feet its a spirit. (but hey its a f...ing game so who knows ^^)
  1. Unbelfpain's Avatar
    I hope this mount will be a upgrade for flying in WOD like it was in northrend/pandaria and stuff
  1. valax's Avatar
    man it should clearly be a free update of the current raven lord.... it's rng gave him rarity and this is still the same mount but able to fly .. now don't tell me i farmed anzu so much and he was the retarded crow of the murder.......not going to pay tho i'll stick to this
  1. Kuunzite's Avatar
    Anzu + Pterodactyl model <_<
  1. Raugnaut's Avatar
    My guess, either WoD CE, OR annual pass 2.0.
  1. Kashii's Avatar
    I will add my voice to those who hope this mount is for in game activity/achievement and not another Blizzard Store mount - since you have already collected ~ $1,439.04 in sub fees from me...in addition to the few items I have purchased from the store already.

    If it's a Blizzard store item, it will be uncool on day 1.
  1. Zamalamin's Avatar
    Sethekk Halls was merely a setback
  1. Bruceleroy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shikokumaji View Post
    I didn't say it was a Druid Flight Form, I said it is using the skeleton/model of it.
    It is a reskinned version of it.

    Everyone keeps calling it a Proto Drake reskin when the 2nd image is a flight animation that Proto Drakes don't even have.
    The flight animation is identical to druid's bird form.
    Indeed it is ^^
  1. NefaBlackmoore's Avatar
    hmm, flying anzu -nice hope WoD CE Mount

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