Patch 5.4.7 Live This Week
Patch 5.4.7 is going live this week, with a new PvP season, Level 90 Boost preparation, and other assets for future use.

  • Season 15 PvP gear will use the same models as Season 14, but with the colors available to each faction switched.
  • There will be some minor adjustments to Heroic Garrosh (10).
  • The Level 90 boost feature will be added in this patch, but no announcement has been made as to when it will actually be available.
  • This patch and launcher updates prepared things for the Warlords of Draenor pre-order, but no date has been announced yet.
  • The Warlords of Draenor Collector's Edition mount and pet are included in this patch.
  • The Scroll of Resurrection ends on Tuesday, so be sure to send out any final invitations before then.
  • No new realm connections are currently listed for this week.

Season 14 Ending

New Icons

Level 90 Boost
The Level 90 Boost feature is in Patch 5.4.7, but it may not be enabled this week. After being boosted, your character will have a set of item level 483 greens.

New Models

New Items
You can see all of the new items on the WoWDB PTR site.

Level Type Slot Name
20Companion Pets Dreadful Egg
20Mount Reins of the Dread Raven
90Food & Drink Lemon Flower Pudding

Automated In-game Mail
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Automated In-game Mail #403 - Character Boost: We've supplied you with a whole new set of high-level gear, but attached you'll find all the old items and equipment you once carried.

    - The WoW Dev Team

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Dread Raven (New) Summons and dismisses an Dread Raven. This mount changes depending on your Riding skill and location. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.


Item Set Bonuses
  • Fortitude Now increases PvP Resilience by 5,280, up from 2,600.

Shaman (Forums)
  • Far Sight Changes the caster's viewpoint to the targeted location. Lasts 60 sec. Only useable outdoors. 3.5% of Base Mana. 1,000 yd Unlimited range. 60 sec cast (Channeled).

Warlock (Forums)

Warrior (Forums)

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Aftershock Deals 700,000 Fire damage to enemies within the aftershock and grants General Nazgrim 2 1 rage for each target struck. 1,000 yd range. 3 sec cast.
  • Deafening Screech Inflicts 240,000 Inflicts 200,000 Physical damage to all enemies and interrupts spellcasting for 2 sec. 100 Mana. 3 sec cast. 1.5 sec cooldown.
  • Empowered Chain Heal Heals an ally for 4% 1% of their maximum health and jumps to a nearby ally, increasing healing by 50% per jump. Affects 5 total targets. 50 yd range. 2.5 sec cast.
  • Empowered Chain Heal Heals an ally for 4% 1% of their maximum health and jumps to a nearby ally, increasing healing by 50% per jump. Affects 5 total targets. 50 yd range. 2.5 sec cast.
  • Fire Storm Fires a rocket barrage that inflicts 15,304 10,000 Fire damage every 0.75 sec. to random enemies 100 yd range. 3 sec cast.
  • Healing Tide Heals allies within 8 yards for 2% 1% of their maximum health every 3 sec. Instant.
  • Healing Tide Heals allies within 8 yards for 2% 1% of their maximum health every 3 sec. Instant.
  • Ravager Throw a whirling blade, inflicting 200,000 100,000 Physical damage to enemies within 6 yards every 1 sec. and granting General Nazgrim 1 0 rage for each enemy struck. Instant.
  • Shock Blast Inflicts 70,000 Inflicts 63,000 Nature damage to random enemies. 300 yd range. Instant.
  • War Banner Increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 25% 50%, and also increases damage dealt by 55% 50% for all friendly targets within 15 yards for 2 min. Instant.

Patch 5.4.7 PTR Notes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Talents
      • Heart of the Wild now provides the following benefits from PvP Power when activated.
        • Restoration Druids now receive 50% of their PvP Power applied towards damage while the ability is active (down from 100%).
        • Feral and Balance Druids now receive 100% of their PvP Power applied towards healing while the ability is active (down from 120%).
  • Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Talents
      • Nerve Strike now causes a successful Kidney Shot or Cheap Shot to also reduce the damage dealt by player targets by 25% (down from 50% for player targets). No changes to the talent when used against non-player targets.
  • Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Demonology
      • Felguard Legion Strike and Wrathguard Mortal Cleave now reduces the effectiveness of any healing received for 6 seconds (up from 5 seconds) so the pet can maintain the effect without Haste.
  • Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • General


  • Season 15 Prideful Gladiator gear, and weapons are now available for purchase.
  • Season 14 Grievous Gladiator gear and weapons can now be purchased using Honor Points instead of Conquest Points.
  • Base Resilience for level-90 players is now 77% (up from 72%). Base Resilience for players below level 90 remain at 40%.
  • Resilience Diminishing Returns curve for Resilience has been adjusted for the new base resilience value to maintain the same value per point of Resilience as previously.
  • Battle Fatigue now reduces healing received while in PvP combat by 60% (up from 55%).
  • Gladiator’s Distinction, the set bonus for wearing two PvP trinkets, now grants 5280 Resilience (up from 2600).

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Arenas
    • For the 2v2 Arena bracket, Dampening is now applied to the match starting at the 5 minute mark (down from 10 minutes).
    • For 3v3 and 5v5 Arena brackets, there is no change. Dampening will continue to be applied at the 10 minute mark.
  • Alterac Valley
    • The following NPCs now have more health and deal more damage.
      • Alliance: Vanndar Stormpike, Balinda Stonehearth, Stormpike Defenders, Stormpike Bowman, and all Marshals.
      • Horde: Captain Galvangar, Drek'thar, Frostwolf Guardian, Frostwolf Bowman, and all Warmasters.
    • The following NPCs are now immune to disarm, daze, and Death Grip.
      • Alliance: Vanndar Stormpike, Balinda Stonehearth
      • Horde: Captain Galvangar, Drek'thar


Strings Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_BEING_PROCESSED_CHECK_BACK_LATER - Your order is being processed.\nPlease check back later.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_SERVICES - Services purchased will be accessible at the character select screen when processing has been completed.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_SERVICES_EUR - Services purchased will be accessible at the character select screen when processing has been completed. |HurlIndex:21|h|cff006995Change your payment method|r|h
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_SERVICES_TEST - Services purchased here will use the Test Currency. You will not actually be charged.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_ERROR_MESSAGE_PARENTAL_CONTROLS - Purchasing is disabled by Parental Controls. Please visit Account Management.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_YOU_ALREADY_OWN_THIS - You already own this item.
  • CHAR_LOGIN_LOCKED_BY_CHARACTER_UPGRADE - You cannot log in until the character boost process you recently initiated is complete.
  • CHAR_LOGIN_LOCKED_BY_REVOKED_CHARACTER_UPGRADE - This boosted character is locked out due to a billing issue.
  • CHARACTER_SERVICES_NO_ELIGIBLE_CHARACTERS - None of your characters on this realm are eligible for this service.
  • CHARACTER_SERVICES_PLEASE_WAIT - This may take several minutes.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_CHARACTER_LIST_CHANGED_ERROR - Something went wrong. Restarting the character boost process.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_COMPLETE_LABEL - Character Boost Complete!
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_FREE_CHARACTER_UPGRADE_DESCRIPTION - Thank you for joining us!|nHere is the boost that comes with your purchase of Warlords of Draenor.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_KRW_FINISH_BUTTON_POPUP_TEXT - Are you sure that you want to boost this character? If you click the "Level Up!" button, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_KRW_STATIC_WARNING - You can cancel this purchase within 7 days from the time of purchase. However, you can no longer cancel this purchase once you have completed all the steps to boost your character, even if it's within 7 days from the time of purchase.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_PROFESSION_BOOST - |cff00ff00Veteran Bonus:|r |cffffffffLevel 60+ characters will also receive a skill level boost to their primary professions and First Aid.|r
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_READY - Your Level 90 Character Boost is Ready!
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_READY_DESCRIPTION - Log out to boost your character. You can do this at any time.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_TOKEN_DESCRIPTION - Can be used on one character on your account.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_WOD_TOKEN_DESCRIPTION - Included with your expansion purchase. Can be used on one character on this World of Warcraft account.
  • CHARACTER_UPGRADE_WOD_TOKEN_TITLE - Warlords of Draenor Character Boost
  • DEVICE_BLACKLISTED - Your video device is not compatible. Please see for more information.
  • DRIVER_BLACKLISTED - Your device driver is not compatible. Please see for more information.
  • DRIVER_OUTOFDATE - Your device driver is out of date. Please see for more information.
  • ERR_LFG_MISMATCHED_SLOTS_LOCAL_XREALM - You cannot mix realm-only and x-realm entries when listing your name in other raids.
  • FIXEDFUNCTION_UNSUPPORTED - This video card will not be supported in future versions of World of Warcraft. Please see for more information.
  • SELECT_CHARACTER_ACTIVE_LABEL - Choose your character on the right
  • SELECT_CHARACTER_RESULTS_FORMAT - |c%s%s (Level %d %s)|r
  • SELECT_FACTION_ACTIVE_LABEL - Choose your faction
  • SELECT_SPEC_ACTIVE_LABEL - Choose your specialization
  • SELECT_SPEC_RESULTS_LABEL - Specialization:

The Scroll of Resurrection Retires
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The time has come to bid adieu to the Scroll of Resurrection. It’s served its divine purpose, but like most scrolls, it only has so many charges before it loses its magic and crumbles into ethereal dust. For those who’d still like a chance to use the scroll, you have until February 18 before players are no longer able to send invitations. For those who have an invitation outstanding, that’s still good for 30 days from the time it was sent, after which point the invitation will expire and the benefits can no longer be claimed.

For additional information on the Scroll of Resurrection, please visit our FAQ.

Battle.Net Launcher Update
The Battle.Net Launcher was recently updated to add support for Warlords of Draenor.

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  1. Wowforlife79's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by superfula View Post
    His opinion is valid so why do you have to take the low road and be a jerk in every one of your replies? Please tell me you aren't basing your opinion on what Blizzard hasn't shown us. For all we know, everything is done and they are simply prepping for beta.

    If Boub is correct and we see the beta pop in Feb/March, release could be anywhere from June (assuming they do get the expansion out quicker) to September (assuming a full 6 month beta). I'd lean more toward a June/July/early August release but you never know.
    Amen brother preach the gospel, spread the word wooot. Everyone's opinion is valid even if u agree or disagree with it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Goit View Post
    This patch has been on the PTR for how long? - it has literally no content.

    Some minor tweaks that could have been hotfixed/server restart day, PvP season ending... and new one starting - big frikkin deal......

    In the 9+ years of this game I don't think I've ever seen such an underwhelming patch. More content, more often? lol... such bs. Ever start to feel you are being milked/taken the piss out of?

    From a development PoV even the 90 char boost is already in game with the scroll of resurrection coding. All they are doing is adding some minor bells & whistles and increasing the level from 80 to 90 to SoR and making this the 'level 90 boost' feature - you think it is just a coincidence that SoR is 'retiring'? It is being re-purposed to make moolah.

    We're a casual 25m guild on a low pop realm, 11/14hc, Just soon as we clear 14/14hc (I don't want to let my in game friends down), I think I'll be cancelling my sub until WoD, if I do even actually come back.

    I'm just guessing, but i think this patch was so underwhelming because they are focusing so much on get the possible beta pushed out and WoD released asap.
  1. coldrain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocheku View Post
    And just like that the spectral gryphon / wyvern tied to the scroll of resurrection becomes unobtainable!
    Nah it will move to cash shop $25
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Izzard View Post
    Be ready, an horde of lvl90s without knowing how to play their classes is coming...
    You know what it means? It means fresh meat for killing on the Timeless Isle.
  1. klepp0906's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    It's funny because a lot of people expected the beta to start or be announced right after Blizzcon. And that we'd have a spring release. Because they said they were further along, wanted faster expacs, didn't want another DS 9 month drought and when asked about a summer release they said they wanted it before that. Now here we are, 3 months later and not one peep about beta even starting. And the icing on the pathetic cake is it's not even that much of an expansion, more like a content patch we have to pay for. No new professions, no new classes, no new races. Something like what 5 new dungeons? And it's taking them this long? How sad is this?
    Perhaps its time to move on to a real MMO? Blizzards own developers are disgusted with what they did to the genre. Try FFXIV. Extremely successful, has most of the crutches and training wheels wow provides, but the group content is much more difficult and much better tuned. (which is saying quite a bit)

    Should hold you over until Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, the first true MMO since Everquest/FFXI. Cant come soon enough.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadee View Post
    Reused gear models with different colors. GG Blizz

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