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Character Viewer Updated: Female Dwarf!
You can see the previously released models here. The character viewer update also added icons for the Blood Elf and Draenei models.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve updated the model viewer on our website with a look at one of the revised characters you’ll see in Azeroth and beyond with Warlords of Draenor. Meet the new and improved female Dwarf.

It was a challenge for our character artists to find a balance between the classic female dwarf model and the expressiveness of her fluid new animations, but we think the updated model says “descended from unyielding stone” as much as “griffon-riding, ale-swilling, loud-living hero.”

We’ll continue to unearth more of Draenor and the shiny visuals coming to World of Warcraft around the release of Warlords. Keep your magnifiers and spectacles ready!

New Orc Model Skin Colors
A few people were excited by the wording of the new Orc Female model post yesterday, so Bashiok made it clear that players won't have access to brown skins at this time.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
oh wait, green and brown-skinned, long-tusked heroine.
This is in reference to the brown skinned Orcs of Draenor, who will be using the new updated models as well of course.

We know there are a lot of requests for additional features and options, but as stated in this article "we made the decision early on to stay focused on improving what already exists in-game, and making sure we really nail it.

That said, we’ve also read your great ideas and feedback about features that you’d like to see as character customization options. Your collective voice matters to us, and we’d love to bring some of the coolest ideas to life someday if we can."

New Orc Female Model Feedback
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Can we please get rid of the corn row buzz cut thing? I would think my orc would know how to keep parts of her head clean shaven she has been keeping it clean shaven for years.
They're actually shaved lines, not braids. In some of the shots you can see they're not exact and not symmetrical, and that's intentional. Chris tweeted some backstory, and the intent is to give a bit more of a savage-warrior type vibe.


I painted in some shaved lines, like she shaves that area of her head with her axe as a sign of her kills. as an example of where we're making small adj. to give characters more depth without (hopefully) deviating too much (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Looks good, only quibble is the tusks, seem too thin. In the kiss pose they look like little mustachios
We're actually animating those for more range of motion with the face, so they're scaled down in that pose, not all the time. (Source)

Patch 5.4.7 Hotfixes - February 20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Missing Battle Pets and Mounts
  • Battle Pets and mounts that went missing since the patch should be restored on login.

  • Death Knight
    • Resolved an issue where Death Knights that had not completed the starter quests Where Kings Walk or Warchief's Blessing were able to attack NPCs belonging to their own faction.

  • Resolved an issue where tracking for Honor Point awards on the first kill of rare spawns in Krasarang Wilds were not resetting correctly at the end of each day.

  • User Interface Add-Ons are now able to send and receive friend invites with a note over Battle.net®.
    • Send event: BNSendFriendInvite(,)
    • Receive event to see the note text: BNGetFriendInviteInfoByAddon()

Isle of Thunder
  • Key to the Palace of Lei Shen should now have a chance to drop from rare spawns and golden treasure chests once more.

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved a crash that could occur if network connection is lost while loading into an area or instance.
  • Resolved an issue where the client was crashing while using certain User Interface Add-Ons.
  • Resolved an issue where the loading bar does not go away if the user cancels a cinematic while it's being streamed.

Connected Realms Update 2/20
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, February 27th during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PST through approximately 1:00 p.m. PST. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.

  • Alexstrasza and Terokkar
  • Exodar and Medivh
  • Frostwolf and Vashj
  • Gorefiend and Spinebreaker/Wildhammer
  • Gundrak and Jubei'Thos
  • Mug'thol and Dragonmaw/Akama

We will be connecting the realms listed below on Thursday, March 6 during a scheduled maintenance beginning at 5 a.m. PST through approximately 1:00 p.m. PST. Once maintenance is finished, these realm connections will be complete.

  • Alterac Mountains and Balnazzar/Gorgonnash/The Forgotten Coast/ Warsong
  • Drak'thul and Skywall
  • Elune and Gilneas
  • Eredar and Wildhammer/Spinebreaker
  • Ghostlands and Kael'thas
  • Thunderlord and Azgalor/Azshara/Destromath

We do not have a date for the following realm connections, but will update this post when we do.

  • Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
  • Ghostlands and Kael'thas
  • Scarlet Crusade and Feathermoon

The connection for Sisters of Elune and Cenarion Circle has been delayed. We'll provide an update at a later point in time.

* Plans for these connections may change at any time, but we’ll provide additional updates on specific dates for future connections here as we can. Please note that as a part of the connection process realm times may change to match each other.

Battle.Net Shop Updates
The Battle.Net Shop was updated recently to list 3 Games and 8 Services, while only 2 Games and 7 Services are listed. This is likely another step towards Warlords of Draenor pre-orders and Level 90 Boosts!

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