Warlords of Draenor Gameplay Videos
It seems there were more gameplay videos at the recent press events!

Orc Character Creation

Hunter Talents

Dungeon Journal

Gameplay Videos (Playlist)

Connected Realms Update - 05/03 (EU)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The following realms are scheduled to be connected next:

English Realms
  • (PvP) Sunstrider and Shattered Halls/Balnazzar/Ahn'Qiraj/Trollbane/Talnivarr/Chromaggus/Boulderfist/Daggerspine/Laughing Skull
  • (PvP) Darksorrow and Genjuros
  • (RP) Moonglade and The Sha'tar

French Realms
  • (PvE) Elune and Varimathras
  • (PvE) Marécage de Zangar and Dalaran

Plans for these connections may change at any time. We’ll provide additional updates for future connections here as soon as we can.

To see a list of all realms connected so far, see our other forum post.

Free Character Migrations Available (EU)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
If you're on one of the source realms listed below, you can move your characters to one of the designated destination realms and avoid the queues—for free!

By initiating one of these transfers, you will be moving your character to a new realm and home. This is a one-time, one-way move. If you wish to move your character elsewhere, you will need to use the paid transfer service.

  • Silvermoon => Magtheridon / Azuremyst
  • Kazzak / Outland / Stormscale => Auchindoun

Please be aware that, due to the unpredictable nature of free transfers, we may close down any Free Character Migrations at any time and without warning if the target realm becomes full. If you plan to move with friends or your guild, we suggest that you coordinate the effort to reduce the chance of any stragglers being left behind.

Early closures aside, this set of Free Character Migrations will end on Tuesday, March 11

Begin a Free Character Migration now! We recommend reviewing the FAQ, as it details what is or isn't allowed for transferred characters.

Blizzard Holiday Gift
It looks like the people at Blizzard got their 2013 Holiday gifts in today! You can see it glowing here.

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  1. Doomchicken's Avatar
    I laughed my ass off at the forge boss, boss of the forge, boss, forge descriptor. Talk about Redundancy
  1. xact4's Avatar
    A petless hunter talent?! I might actually play my hunter!
    Seriously, what kind of weirdo plays a hunter for the buggy, annoying, gimmicky pet?

    I play my hunter because he can shoot a trap full of snakes out of a gun.
  1. Wayne25uk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Doomchicken View Post
    I laughed my ass off at the forge boss, boss of the forge, boss, forge descriptor. Talk about Redundancy
    Its just a temporary placeholder name stupid its not going to be his real name. Gratz on the smarts tho
  1. Xaroc's Avatar
    Well from the videos shown , nothing has been done so far to make the game better.
  1. Excellion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bootyraider View Post
    I'm so glad they change this: http://imgur.com/qRQqFzk or else I probably would have left PVP forever.
    I agree...I like Marksman, I like my Pet, and I like to PvP...the options would of made Hunter a no go for me.

    I wonder if Essence of the Viper will increase the damage of Flaming Shots...
  1. Trassk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Toiran View Post
    Hunter talents are ridiculous, flaming arrows? Worlds most boring lvl 100 talent.

    Hearthstone light looks great.

    you must be joking right?

    Funny, seeing how just about every post listed on that videos comment section mentioned how there was no variety, everyone spotting it. Yet a few wrinkles convinces you theres variety.

    Maybe in valley of the clones.
  1. Posvio's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    WoW will eventually die just like everything else. Deal with it.
    And after it dies it will come to Life again, and again !!! So keep dealing with it
  1. buiak's Avatar
    Sorry, I may not be up to date with the story of WoD, but if I understood correctly, Garrosh goes to the past to create the Iron Horde 31 years in the past to be more precise, before The Legion got grip of the orcs. And when WoD goes live, we, noble defenders of Azeroth go to this alternate universe created by Garrosh's incursion but we go through the portal that only takes us through space and not through time so we go to Draenor like it is 31 years after Garrosh meddled with it. I hope I am clear and right until now.
    Now to actually make my point: if all that is written above is true, then how can Drek'Thar claim (as seen in the last - WoD gameplay movie youtube.com/watch?v=cBkMaq5keLA&list=PLSUoPsd4rukaC6bzp3T3qORfN0blnED0G#t=49 ) that the leader of the clan is Durotan, a noble soul that is YOUNG, bla bla but still VERY YOUNG ??? I mean if this is a parallel universe that was exactly the same as ours up to 31 years ago, how can Durotan still be very young?

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