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Golden Heroes Coming Soon!

StarCraft Heroes Preview

Warlords of Draenor - No Realm First Achievements
As mentioned in the Patch 5.4 Dev Interviews, realm first leveling and profession achievements won't be added for Warlords of Draenor.

Battleground Honor Increases Coming Tuesday
We now have a date for the battleground honor increases.

Battle.Net Desktop App Chat
We recently got some updates on chat in the Battle.Net Desktop App and the Appear Offline mode from a while back.

A recent update to the client removed one of the older chat display styles, added and tweaked avatars, modified some chat related things, and removed the Beta label.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
If you're an astute observer, you'll note from various postings on the internet that there is indeed chat functionality inside the client, but it is disabled.

The reason why it isn't enabled is simple. The servers aren't ready to handle it yet.

Having said that, chat will be ready soon(tm)

Better answer would be "chat is not ready yet" than "servers can't handle it"
You're right, poor choice of words. Chat was definitely not ready, but it is closer now.

The problem with the chat system was related to when you're logged into multiple games at the same time. For purposes of this discussion, app is considered another game.

See who is online (You'll need friends for this). In a future update (coming soon) you'll be able to chat with them too. (Source)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
"We want to reduce the amount of buttons required to play and make the game easier for players who come back." WHY DUMB IT DOWN?
Reducing the number of buttons required is not the same as dumbing it down. (Celestalon)

More behind the scenes of class design:There are hard many parts of designing a spell, but most people wouldn't guess one of the hardest. Naming it. Giving a spell a good name is paramount. It has to be representative, awesome sounding, appropriate, etc. (Celestalon)
One of the most difficult things is resisting the urge to use "Divine" or "Holy" on a Paladin/Priest spell, *again*. (Celestalon)

Keeping 100% uptime on DOTs and performing a filler rotation is not engaging. Intelligently using procs is
Intelligently using procs isn't going away. (Celestalon)
Don't mistake snapshotting's removal for procs not benefitting you. Procs' effects are just restricted to their duration now. (Celestalon)
if that is the case are we looking at dynamic updating of DOTs in Warlord's?
Yes, that's what removing snapshotting is. (Celestalon)
Since it Dynamically updates there's no other point. Basically DoT classes are boring now?
No, pretty sure you're misunderstanding something fundamental. DoTs are updated on every tick, not when they wear off. (Celestalon)

will you update the character login backgrounds along with the new models? The UD one is very outdated. Thanks!
I agree those need some love, maybe not at same time as characters but its something we've wanted to do for a while now. (artofcgrobinson)

Hello good sir, with the new character model updates in WoD i was hoping to see an option for long beards for my casters!
cool idea, not adding extra options with this pass, hope to do so in the future. (artofcgrobinson)

Proving Grounds
Any plans for handling scaling of CMs/PGs different in WoD? Scaling down 120 ilvls makes classes play very differently.
We're investigating the potential of scaling PGs up to your ilvl. Not a guarantee, just an investigation. Has Pros/Cons. (Celestalon)

Will most classes only have one viable spec for pvp (like warriors) in WoD? would be easier to balance?
It is a decent goal for classes that only have one role, but not for classes that have multiple. (holinka)

Can you implement the SotA bomb extra action button in IoC as well?
Yes eventually. (holinka)

you know why resi should be in gear? Smooth resi scaling. Suddenly added big resi feels bad. Takes time for gear to fix.
Certainly true. But the whole player base doesn't gear at the same rate, specifically ungeared players entering the game. (holinka)

Was leaving resilience on heirlooms an oversight? Maybe it could be replaced with something more useful?
Resilience is on all lower level gear (holinka)

why didnt you reset mmr?
We don't reset MMR because it is system designed to match up players of equal skill. We do reset inflation however. (holinka)

Hearthstone - Golden Heros
Starting with the next patch, 500 ranked wins will earn a golden hero for you, complete with animations. You can find out more on Hearthpwn.

TCG Art Update
Blizzard has updated the TCG art gallery to feature ten new pieces.

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  1. dezmondo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by willemh View Post
    With no raids released the first week, and no realm first achievements available, what are you actually going to do the first week? Level to 90 day 1, get all dungeon gear day 2-3 and log off day 4-7?
    not everyone is going to be whoring the game none-stop to the level cap. 1 week before raids go live is fine for 90% of the games player base imo
  1. glowpipe's Avatar
    Urm. They are removing realm first to avoid exploiting and people rushing all content in 1 day?

    Yeah. urm. Newsflash. People gonna do that anyways. Removing the achievment will just put a few people off. The exploiters will still exploit. The rushers will still rush
  1. Dzudzadzo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lobstarrr View Post
    Wondering if people complaining here actually got any realm first themselves.
    I dont think everyone here is so selfish as to care only when it affects them. People are not that miserable... not yet.
  1. Antherios's Avatar
    I just have to laugh at people saying Realm First = Exploiting.
    Just because you tried once a realm first and failed and thought "!!this is BS, how can anyone level faster than me >=(!!" , doesnt mean everyone is exploiting.

    On my mid/high population realm i got realm first Blacksmith on MoP and maybe missed realm first 90 by like 2 hours. And i didnt participate in the beta, or read any info whatsoever. And i wasnt even trying to level fast, i just quest fast i guess.

    Blizzard removing them is just another way to cater to those people that feel discouraged because they cant get some achievements, and its a wrong move imo.
  1. Raelbo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Skr View Post
    That's their very own business.
    What I am saying is that something that was meant to a bit of fun for the community got spoiled because some people chose to turn it something far more serious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skr View Post
    Nobody is holding a gun at someone's head forcing them to compete for realm first. If it's not your thing- good, I'm sure that there are other part of the gameplay of the incoming expansion that concern you, but there are people that enjoy this particular thing.
    I believe there are a lot of people who enjoyed a fair and honest race. World first level cap has been neither fair nor honest for some time now because of the very small minority who have decided that they enjoy "winning" at all costs.

    When Athene went and "won" the race the level 85 I was mildly intrigued to see how he did it. Once I saw what he did, my first thought was that he had been pretty clever. But it very soon dawned on me that he had just killed all the fun for the vast majority of the WoW playerbase.

    So your attitude about how it's fun for a few, and the majority must go away is actually pretty abhorrent. When the cost of "fun" for a small minority comes at the cost of fun for the vast majority, there is something very, very wrong and Blizzard have recognised that.
  1. Dastreus's Avatar
    What's this I see with the TCG art? Are they finally going to advance the TCG art from burning crusade and into wotlk? Le gasp! I've only been seeing TBC artwork since the damn card game came out!
  1. Relg's Avatar
    I quit playing about a year ago. Had played since the open beta.
    Ive always loved expansion releases with a passion. In MoP I managed to get realm first Paladin on Grim Batol. I had played to 90 in the beta but had not really paid attention to any specific route or doing any research. That Realm First achievements makes people enjoy the game less is complete bullshit. Every expansion this game have had Ive been sitting on voice com with several friends, talking and playing for a day nonstop.

    The Realm First achivement is something alot of people enjoy vastly. Not only the ones who actually have a shot at getting the achivement will enjoy it. I was second of my class in Cata and I still enjoyed the hell out of the leveling. In my experience is does nothing but bring people togheter and give you motivation for wanting to play alot during the first day of release. Saying that its mostly people that abuses game flaws to get the achivements is just bullshit, the majority of people that get it deserves it, the people who gets it through abuse of game mechanics is the minority!

    I had planned to sub again just to gear up for the expansion release to get the leveling experience again and perhaps keep playing if it felt good again, but I having seen that they've removed this small part of the game that cost them nothing, I lost so much of the passion that had started up within me again.
    This is a bullshit move from Blizzard. I dont understand why they cant see that they absolutely need top players to make casuals more motivated. Having players to look up to is just a good thing. While not everyone will agree that they ever looked up to a player, I atleast definitely used to do that and strived to become a better player before I got into the very high end of the game.

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