Warlords of Draenor Trailer: Wish You Were Here
Blizzard just published a new trailer/ad for Warlords of Draenor, nothing super new but I do love watching gnomes fly on a lovely sunday.

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  1. Marlamin's Avatar
    A gnome trailer! FINALLY!
  1. The Glitch's Avatar
    That was awesome Blizzard sense of humor never fails to give me a giggle. And a Gnome being central to a trailer? Wheeeeeeee!
  1. Tehterokkar's Avatar
    10/10 nice trailer
  1. mmoc8e13fe598c's Avatar
    LOL pretty funny
  1. Sanguinerd's Avatar
    Would've been a good time to show off that new sexy human female and some progress on the nelf male.. JUST SAYIN

    Awesome trailer none the less though!
  1. mmoc6f8a4359c8's Avatar
    Awesome video
  1. cityguy193's Avatar
    Looks like the preorder is either tomorrow or tuesday for sure now.
  1. Chaosshadow's Avatar
    Really smart marketing strategy to promote the insta-90 featire
  1. mmoc2e7876baee's Avatar
    That was a funny one
  1. Tyresias's Avatar
    A pretty nice vid fun as hell
  1. lunchbox2042's Avatar
    The only time Gnomes will ever get the spotlight in WoW.
  1. mmoc7f51360110's Avatar
    pretty awesome and funny xDD
  1. Talzz's Avatar
    Ehh, "pre-purchase warlords of draenor now to receive a free boost to level 90", doesn't this mean one of the next few days will release option to pre-purchase the xpac?
  1. apepi's Avatar
    One of my favorite trailers, now gnomes will shut up about not being in trailers now?

    And the must have used gnome because it was the furthest along in being done. The other races would not have facial animations.
  1. Caerule's Avatar
    Hah, wow. That was great!
    Loving the new model in action. What I love even more? Him spawning a moustache when he gets the boost! xD
  1. mmoccdcfc5f8d6's Avatar
    That Gnome was bauws!
  1. Nikkaszal's Avatar
    That model revamp is looking reeeeeeal nice =D
  1. Blackearth's Avatar
    Super Gnome OP! Amazing!
  1. Nathanyel's Avatar
    That wasn't a trailer, that was just an ad.
  1. TrollShaman's Avatar
    New models put to good use, imagine fan machinima creations with the new models!

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