Warlords of Draenor Trailer: Wish You Were Here
Blizzard just published a new trailer/ad for Warlords of Draenor, nothing super new but I do love watching gnomes fly on a lovely sunday.

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  1. UcanDoSht's Avatar
    Boost tomorrow! :O
  1. Penric's Avatar
    Pure awesome. Best trailer I've seen in a long, long time.
  1. Primernova's Avatar
    Fly past all the leveling and gear flies in out of nowhere.

    Pretty accurate IMO.
  1. Wildmoon's Avatar
    lol that was cool.
  1. Archangel Tyrael's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    That trailer was made from 100% epic, not mere polygons and textures! Therefore it had no impact on game development.
    I couldn't disagree more with you.

    That trailer seemed like trash, but then again, opinions...
  1. hyruna's Avatar
    the 90 boost will be prior to WoD and the raid in the picture was for lvl 90.
  1. Mongoose19's Avatar
    This trailer cost us one tier of raid.
  1. boyrot's Avatar
    At the end it says pre-purchase NOW, i checked but i can't find it.
    Could someone find it?
  1. Eerokhi's Avatar
    i think i was the only one expecting the incubus song to start playing.
  1. Ventian's Avatar
    the pre order is not active yet but we guess is going to be very soon
  1. Prothall's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    Well, this just confirms that we'll have no raids planned for the first patch of WoD, since they had to use their resources to make this trailer.
    You're just such a bundle of joy... There must be things you could be doing right now that you would find more fun than ragging on a video game you obviously find lacking.
  1. ScottAllen11's Avatar
    This in turn introduces us to the new WoW comic spinoff, "Iron Gnome".
  1. Seriss's Avatar
    This trailer is soooo cute! And it shows EXACTLY why the boost is an awesome thing!

  1. The Stormbringer's Avatar
    Giving us this trailer and still not having the option available! Uuraaagh! @[email protected] Want it now!
  1. Kharli's Avatar
    Well! that quells the gnome rebellion now does it?
    GG blizz finally a gnome in a trailer!
  1. Mandible's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    Interesting that their first trailer has a character flying to get to Draenor... Where they will be unable to fly for 6 months.
    Except it is to Pandaria - not Draenor. This ad only adresses the boost to 90.
  1. Chookchan's Avatar
    I wonder how many features won't be implemented because of this trailer
  1. CalasEU's Avatar
    Just FYI, that video was uploaded two days ago and you can only see it if you have the link.
    Eg, the boost isn't out yet. It's just preparation for when it is
    Nonetheless I still think we'll have it very soon!
  1. Vegas82's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanyel View Post
    That wasn't a trailer, that was just an ad.
    That's what a trailer is... an excerpt or series of excerpts from a movie or program used to advertise it in advance; a preview.
  1. derpkitteh's Avatar
    that was pretty funny, gnome going super saiyan xD

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