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Bugfix Patch 4973, Tinkmaster & Nat Disenchant Timeframe, Deckbuilding 101

Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha is now LIVE!

Warlords of Draenor Developer Interviews
There were a few developer interviews at the recent press events, so today we are taking a look at interviews with Alex Afrasiabi from Ausgamers. Most of the information has already been covered in other interviews, but there are a few new things:

  • Warlords of Draenor has roughly 10 new mounts.
  • Warlords of Draenor has roughly 10 new scenarios.
  • Garrisons could come to Azeroth in the future if the devs feel like it is the right decision based on what they learn from Warlords of Draenor.

Cross-Realm Normal Siege of Orgrimmar and Feat of Strength Achievements
The idea of being able to do Cross-Realm Siege of Orgrimmar in normal difficulty came up again recently, but the chances don't appear much better than they did a few months ago. It appears that the Siege of Orgrimmar Feat of Strength achievements will also be removed with Patch 6.0.

New Character Models - Face Variations
There has been some concern about the variety of faces offered with the new models. It looks like we will get some answers in a future Artcraft post!

Warlords of Draenor Flying
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It's only in the new areas. There is no difference than any other past expansions. You cannot fly at the beginning of expansions (cata being the one exception). I'm sure we will all live.
This is pretty true. You couldn't get flying in Outland until you reached maximum level and bought the skill. Wrath of the Lich King you couldn't fly right away either. The same recently for Mists of Pandaria in which until you reached the maximum level to get the ability to do so. This is not new for an expansion to not allow flying immediately upon entering into a new expansion.

That said, the developers are also aware of the concerns that people may have about how easy or difficult it will be to get around to the various locations. They have said before that they want to still provide convenient ways for people to still travel without minimizing the impact on exploration within the zones. As always, we welcome constructive feedback and discussion provided it's kept constructive. We'll also continue to keep an eye on things not only within beta (when that occurs) but also when we go live to see just how people truly end up playing and interacting.

I just wanted to take a moment to reiterate that constructive feedback is great –we love it– and also to reemphasize that our goal is not to make it take longer to travel from zone to zone. We're not looking to make things inconvenient or a big time sink, we want to make sure that you're getting where you need to go in as convenient of a way as we possibly can. We said this much at BlizzCon already and that still holds true.

We will do our best to keep everyone as up to date on ongoing developments as we can.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Venom Zest sounds cool. one thing I'm worried about is a talent having only a choice for 1 specific spec.
We don't do that, there's always a choice in each slot for every spec. Venom Zest is for all 3 specs. (Celestalon)
I meant as an example for other talents. That one favors assassination for example. Works for others but preferred for X.
A talent doesn't need to be exactly balanced between specs, just close. It needs to be well balanced against is its *row*. (Celestalon)

I know it's bit trivial in the broad scope but will the faction flight mounts get a model update? Wyverns/Bats look clunky
I agree, this is another one of those-hope to, but can't get to soon enough desires. On the radar, no eta (artofcgrobinson)

Proving Grounds
silver proving grounds for heroics?? With what gear may I ask? I could not do silver until I had 520 ilevel, doing it with quest greens will be a joke.
Proving Grounds normalizes your gear to 463s. Quest Greens would be hard, but anything 463+ should be fine. (Celestalon)

So, we're thinking of Tradeskills as a vector for high dedication. (hwoome)
We'd like for there to be something to progress towards, even if you don't have access to high end raiding, (hwoome)
(like, not part of a high end raiding guild, may not have the best internet connection, etc.) (hwoome)
Something you can achieve as player who may not have access to those things, but who loves to play, and does so regularly. (hwoome)
We try to tune things so that high intensity players don't feel like it's mandatory, however. How are we doing? (hwoome)

Poll - Cross-Realm Siege of Orgrimmar Normal
Would you like to see cross-realm Normal difficulty Siege of Orgrimmar enabled before Warlords of Draenor? This question came up in January, before we had a Fall 2014 release date for Warlords of Draenor.

Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha Walkthrough
The Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha started tonight, with a limited number of invites going out. You can find out more on HeroesNexus.

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  1. Lycanthat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    I can see where blizzard is putting their time.. I just don't get it. They plan on releasing a new game, work on two other games expansion with one game covering for it and just one total team divided into smaller bits? How.. just how..

    Explains the lack of content.
    Yeah, basically your subscription is (currently) funding Heroes of the Storm so Blizz can chase after that sweet sweet LoL $$$...
  1. Immitis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lycanthat View Post
    Yeah, basically your subscription is (currently) funding Heroes of the Storm so Blizz can chase after that sweet sweet LoL $$$...
    you mean just like every other game developer in the world?

    money to make games doesnt just poof out of nowhere people.

    and each game has its own team, sometimes people move around different teams, and some people are on multiple teams but overall the development is all separate
  1. Chaoss17's Avatar
    At least Blizzard is releasing games to earn its money while people just throw their money on Star Citizen so much that it reached 40 million... By doing "nothing".
    At the same time, Blizzard always worked hard to show us real content and delivered it to us.
  1. xytech's Avatar
    Why are they so afraid of allowing cross-realm SoO HC? I just can't see a problem about it. It'd certainly boost my activity.
  1. Kaleredar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phuongvi View Post
    How many of those mounts will be available to buy with gold ? And how many will be available in Blizzard store only ?
    Hey smartypants, what's the current ratio of "store to in-game" mounts look like, hmmm?

    Oh, there are ridiculously more in-game mounts in nigh every patch and tier than there are store mounts that are introduced once every two or three months?

    Still feeling smug?

    Anyway... If Blizzard's goal is to make the world "not inconvenient to get through without flying," I really fail to see how making a larger world, with flying, would somehow be "too convenient" if it's intended to be "convenient" in the first place. Dynamic events wont matter whether flying mounts are included or not, nor will exploring. World PvP is only marginally applicable.

    Also... No idea why anybody would have any reservations about making normal SoO (or heroic for that matter) cross-realm. There's really no reason to not allow it to be in full.
  1. Aerna's Avatar
    Alas, unlikely. Tech limitation: pre-6.0, we actually can't make Normal x-realm without also doing so for Heroic.
    And what's wrong with making SoO heroic cross realm too?
  1. Shrugal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aerna View Post
    And what's wrong with making SoO heroic cross realm too?
    No first kill competition on servers anymore. That's a real thing and removing it would be a shame and piss of many players.
  1. billielecter's Avatar
    No new content until September. What a smart way to save WoW!
  1. Firebert's Avatar
    Voted "Yes with restrictions": Add a soloqueue mechanic to Flex and Normal with sensible item level restrictions.
  1. Syridian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gephyrophobia View Post
    Only 10 new mounts........?
    10 new mounts likely means several slightly different versions of each, like colours or attached armour/decorations. That's not so far from the norm when you think about the previous expansions. Yaks, Goats, Mushan, Dragon Turtles, Cloud Serpents, Giant Yak, Water Strider... probably forgot some from MoP launch but there's far more than 10 mounts from those archetypes I've just listed.
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    Warlords of Draenor has roughly 10 new mounts.
    wow don't go overboard for our sakes blizzard -.-
  1. The Darkener's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    I am assuming he is talking about models and not actual mounts. MoP released with ~15 or so models IIRC?
    20 models.
  1. Benvil's Avatar
    Who cares about the amount of mounts we get, as long as they are good.

    Give us a brown boar, armour is a plus!
  1. Protar's Avatar
    How are people coming to the conclusion that this post supports the idea that we'll be getting sameface? Do you really think Blizzard is going to write an artcraft on something they can't do? If we were just getting samefaces we'd get a blue post squirrelled away in the forums, not an article slapped on the front page for all to see.
  1. Mic_128's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by arcaneshot View Post
    MoP had at release:

    1. Armored Water Strider
    2. Normal Cloud Serpent
    3. Thundering Cloud Serpent
    4. Heavenly Cloud Serpent
    5. Astral Cloud Serpent
    6. Amber Scorpion
    7. Shado-Pan Tiger
    8. Imperial Quilen
    9. Flying Cloud
    10. Dragon Turtle (Pandaren racial mount)
    11. Armored Dragon Turtle (Pandaren speed racial mount)
    12. Crane
    13. Goat
    14. Son of Galleon (regardless of it being bugged)
    15. Geosynchronous World Spinner
    16. the other Engineering mount
    17. Jeweled Panther
    18. Pandaren Kite
    19. Yak
    20. Traveler's Yak

    That doesn't even go into the color variations. WoD having 10 mounts isn't something to freak out over.

    ED: forgot about the Yak

    Thanks for reminding me that I still haven't got about half of those.
  1. Arvandor's Avatar
    people from the press are smart enough.. when they said mounts, than they mean mounts and not models..

    interesting that blizzard speak for two of their negative wod infos.. flying and one face option..
  1. Firebert's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrugal View Post
    No first kill competition on servers anymore. That's a real thing and removing it would be a shame and piss of many players.
    That finished ages ago. Just remove the FoS.
  1. VanishO2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    That finished ages ago. Just remove the FoS.
    World 1st yes, server 1st nope. There are servers still going for it.
  1. Illiterate's Avatar
    Does the 10 new mounts include store mounts? If not I would expect 8-9 of them to be from the pay to win store.
  1. Firebert's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VanishO2 View Post
    World 1st yes, server 1st nope. There are servers still going for it.
    Those servers must be so unpopulated that they must be merged already.

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