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Warlords of Draenor - Garrison Resource
Muffinus shared some more about Garrisons recently, along with letting us know that they will use their own resource.

At Blizzcon and in previous developer interviews, the team has said that upgrading would take gold and some kind of resource like wood or stone. In the UI shown off at Blizzcon you can see a new icon used to represent whatever resource is being used to build the Garrison.

The devs also mentioned that some Garrison upgrades may require plans that you cannot purchase, but instead earned through faction rewards, quest rewards, random world drops, or other ways.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
WRT gear & regen changes, do you think some healers won't even bother gearing spirit? Seems like many won't need it.
I think Spirit will still be valuable where you can find it. Being able to heal more aggressively is often desirable. (WatcherDev)

do you think that the triage healing model in early cata was a success/failure?
There were many positive aspects to it, but in 4.0 it was too easy to run out of mana and be left feeling helpless. (WatcherDev)
There was a big uprising about it, people complained about lack of healers until Blizzard finally fixed it via patch.
Sounds like you're imagining a repeat of Early Cata's healing model. We made several big mistakes there. (Celestalon)
But it had some upsides too. For Warlords, we're taking those upsides, combined with other better gameplay. (Celestalon)
We totally understand and expect skepticism, and look forward to constructive, critical feedback during testing. (Celestalon)

ONLY ppl who like this are top 10-15% and the PVPr's. Cata was a FAILED exp, everyone knows this. its a game not rl. triage=fail
Question: do you think healing is currently perfect? Should we not try to change it? (WatcherDev)

Cata healing was so bad that I quit for over a year. Frustrating = challenge is not fun to play. Please don't repeat mistakes
I understand where you're coming from. The goal is for nothing about this to feel frustrating. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
One question... about the item squish... at lv 90 endgear we're much much more powerful than with fresh 90. Same with lv 100?
Yes, item progression is an essential part of WoW. You'll still get significantly stronger over the course of WoD. (WatcherDev)
in WoD, all flex-style raids will no longer have LFR-like random loot? I vastly preferred that to leaders having master options.
Personal loot (LFR-style) will be available as a loot option for the leader to set; we expect it to be popular with PUGs. (WatcherDev)

with the ilvl squish. Can you guys remove the ilvl requirements for lvl up dungeons in Cata and MoP please. Seems redundant now.
Yes, we can do that -- good suggestion. (WatcherDev)

ilvl squish, how will this affect soloing flame leviathan since vehicles scale with ilvl?
Shouldn't affect it. Item levels aren't changing, just the stat curve as item level increases. You'll still be able to solo it NP. (WatcherDev)

Do you ever consider what you could do if more and more go to the horde side to pvp down the road?
We've been talking about it. A good question is, what would it take for Horde PvP players to switch to Alliance? (holinka)

I am also predicting that the whole increasing follower xp is merged with the Armory?
Each building you choose will have a unique and AWESOME purpose, more info to come in the future! (Muffinus)

I like the fountain. Is that a default doodad, or do we get to pick?
not a complete answer, but we want to focus as many of your choices around gameplay as possible, high impact decisions! (Muffinus)

So whats the deal w/garrisons and alts? Account-wide, or are we asked to micromanage 11 garrisons every day like MoP farms today?
This is a key part of our garrisons discussions, def. want to avoid the "log in and farm on 7 toons every day" gameplay. (Muffinus)

How long does it take a building to upgrade for construction. Say lvl 1 town hall going to a lvl 2 town hall?
Still in flux, will really appreciate some feedback once we get the beta going (Muffinus)

How interactive will Followers be? Will they be quiet NPCs wandering around or can you talk to them and learn about them further?
Highly interactive! Some will want you to escort them to chop wood, others will have an epic followup quest to realize their dream (Muffinus)

Oh good, I can't wait to make a garrison that looks like every boring human town that has been in game since vanilla.
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the interactivity of each building from tier 1 to tier 3+ (Muffinus)

will garrison proff buildings act differently if you have the proff?
There are definite bonuses for having both the building and the profession. (Muffinus)

Diablo III - 100% Bonus XP This Weekend
If you have put off leveling in Diablo III, now is a good time to pick that back up. Patch 2.0.1 is live and you can earn an extra 100% experience from now until March 24th.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
This is it! We're unleashing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™ for Windows and Mac on March 25. To celebrate—this weekend only—we're doubling down on the +50% Bonus XP that's already available in Diablo III, and boosting it all the way to +100% Bonus XP.

This +100% Bonus XP period begins Friday, March 21 at 12:00 p.m. PT ends on Monday, March 24 at 12:01 a.m. PT. So, (if you need to) update your Diablo III game files here, log in this weekend, and rack up some last-minute Paragon Levels to aid you in your upcoming crusade against death itself.

Not sure what's new in Patch 2.0.1? We've got you covered.

Good luck, have fun, and we'll see you back here on Monday at 9:00 p.m. Pacific for the official launch of Reaper of Souls, an epic new chapter in the legendary Diablo series!

Expansion Duration Graphs
Bashiok shared some graphs that he came across on Twitter that put the duration of Mists of Pandaria into context, as well as replying to a few concerns.

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
Not intending any commentary, I just thought it was interesting seeing it laid out like that. I certainly would not have guessed the patch cycles would have looked like that.

It's not only that 5.4 will take a year, it's that it will take a year and they "promised" it wouldn't. You can't commit yourselves to "no more year-long raid tier" and then completely flip the script and expect your paying customers to just understand...
I don't recall seeing/hearing/relating any promises. We always have the best intentions to improve, though.

I guess I misunderstood Bobby Kotick when he said: "To address this, we’re working to release new content more frequently to keep our players engaged longer and make it easier for lapsed players to come back into the game"
Yeah, I suppose, because that's not a promise, that's an intention to improve.
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