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Dustin Browder on Team Experience and Leveling

WowCraft - Episode 1
Carbot showed off their first WoWCraft video today.

WoW Source Returns! Have Questions?
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Another WoW Source is on its way, and once again we’re looking for your questions. This time around we’re planning to feature Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut, Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas, and Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka, along with host Morgan Webb. This time the interview will be geared towards discussing class and PvP changes coming in Warlords of Draenor. Just like last time, post questions you have for the developers in this thread, and feel free to use the “thumbs-up” Like button to let us know if you’d like to see someone else’s question answered.

Your post may be featured on the next episode!

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
What is the diff between glyphs and talents? They seem to accomplish the same thing (mod spells) on a different UI panel.
Talents are more transformative and strictly increase your power. Glyphs offer lateral customization and cosmetics (Minors). (WatcherDev)

There needs to be a feature to be able to blacklist 1-2 random dungeons just like blacklisting random bg's
Which ones would you blacklist? (WatcherDev)

Make fire/acid/void zones really punish DPS by debuffing their damage output. Healers would love if you did this.
In LFR, that'd punish everyone by making the fight longer if DPS were unaware; healers can at least compensate currently. (WatcherDev)

I'm not sure if you have answered this, but I was curious how many healers a mythic group should expect to have on hand for WoD?
Likely 5 on average. Aiming to avoid some of the under/overhealing extremes we saw in the last portion of SoO. (WatcherDev)

Is there a magic number for tanks in mythic raids? 2 or 3? Would like to know cause of planning our roster
Generally 2. You'll probably be well served by having a third player who has a tank spec, but doesn't expect to always tank. (WatcherDev)
Is that for fights that have 3 hard-hitting targets, or so you can swap to a "more ideal" tank class/spec for a fight?
The former. We're not going out of our way to make 3-tank fights, but we're less constrained when it'd add to the design. (WatcherDev)

This is a big issue. Going from 7-8 healers to 4-5 and vice versa is hard. Would like more consistency.
I'd say 4-6, 5 average for Mythic. We're going to try to avoid 3 or 7 ever feeling like the right answer. (WatcherDev)

When you design a fight, what comes first, the boss or the mechanics? Like was the "miasma fight" always going to be Malkorok?
Usually the boss; occasionally the mechanic. With Malkorok we just knew he was a Y'Shaarj-corrupted orc soldier and went from there (WatcherDev)

No spoilers cap'n PVP but how's Ashran going? Looking good on the pvp front?
We are iterating on the design a lot. Really trying to nail a rewarding, persistent sandbox zone focused on PvP. (holinka)

do you consider making pvp gems(esp.resilience)a more viable option? would love being able to change that more situational #scaling
Don't feel like gemming is the right medium for situational choices. Glyphs and talents fit that niche better. (holinka)

in all the other regions th PvP action is 90% horde,15m queue times are ruining the game for most casual
The worst region has 55% horde queuing for bgs vs 45% alliance. This is queue data not realm data. (holinka)
funny how that doesnt match players experience with queue times, including mine, ohh well :P
or that's the amount of imbalance that's causes these queue times. Not denying queue time problem. (holinka)

pvp scene in EU is 90% alliance. You're heavily nerfing horde racials and buffing ally racials. How do you think that'll pan out?
EU BG queues have a very close ratio. Not concerned. (holinka)
The high end scene is going to pick one side or the other and flock there. Mostly concerned with battle ground queue times. (holinka)

Are the embodied spirits in the Fallen Protectors fight dead, or just memories of the bosses' allies?
The sha unleashed when Garrosh ruined the Vale claimed many victims, including those charged with protecting the Vale. (WatcherDev)
But some of the Embodied adds in that fight are still alive, like Ren Firetongue.
Ah, I didn't catch that you meant the ones summoned by Desperate Measures. Those are projections of negative emotion. (WatcherDev)

Warlords of Draenor
When MoP challenge modes are gone, will those reward skins ever be obtainable again?
People who got 9 Golds will be able to re-purchase from the vendor if needed. Otherwise, not planning on it. (WatcherDev)

Poll - Dungeon Blacklist
This set of Blue Tweets had Watcher asking which dungeon you would blacklist if you could. A similar poll popped up on the forum recently, where people also shared the reason why they would blacklist certain dungeons.

Fan Art - Warcraft Wedding
Today we are looking at a different kind of fan art, weapons and other items created for a Warcraft themed wedding! You can see the full set of pictures and read about the creation of the weapons.

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  1. Explicit Teemo Nudes's Avatar
    World of Warcraft themed wedding? That's extremely tacky
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gruffertus View Post
    I mean, there would be no shame in being dismissive of a stranger telling him what he "needs" to do in his job, but asking for feedback and more detail on this idea is the least defensive and dismissive reaction I can think of.
    Unless an individual over-reads any request for more detail/feedback as a loud declaration of 'HEY, PROVE IT' and take it personally. Which seems to happen a whole awful lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Exploitbat View Post
    World of Warcraft themed wedding? That's extremely tacky
    I've been to a wedding that were held in its entirety (service and reception) inside of a bar, with everything decorated with plastic dinosaur toys and 80's punk band posters. The bride wore a dress made by her mom from old bandannas, and cowboy boots. The groom had a foot-long beard and aviator glasses, and the parents of the bride/groom danced to Jimi Hendrix songs. The wedding cake a big chocolate sheet cake made by friends of both bride and groom, and covered with multicolored sprinkles.

    Basically, the couple made the wedding as a big celebration of everything they, their family and their friends loved. It was pretty much the best wedding I've ever attended.

    That wedding just happens to be celebrating something that the couple loved between them as well, which happens to be World of Warcraft. Love and passion is never tacky.
  1. snuzzle's Avatar
    Honestly I can't think of a single dungeon I would blacklist this expansion. They're all equally fun, engaging and stimulating... which is to say they're not any of those things at all. If properly balanced they could be. But in all seriousness, unlike pretty much every expansion prior there really isn't one dungeon that makes me cringe when I see it pop up in my random queue. I wouldn't blacklist any of them.
  1. Alltat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Embriel View Post
    There needs to be a feature to be able to blacklist 1-2 random dungeons just like blacklisting random bg's
    Which ones would you blacklist?

    Is it just me or is that answer a bit defensive and dismissive?
    I think the point is that since there's a new expansion incoming, it would be better to avoid making more of the kind of dungeons that people would want to skip. That doesn't mean they can't add a blacklist in 6.1, but for 6.0 it seems like that time would be better spent making sure the dungeons don't suck.

    Having a blacklist feature would give them pretty solid feedback on which dungeons people hate, though.
  1. Warlord Booty's Avatar
    Yeah, no votes for the Scarlet dungeons cuz they both 3 pull fights. Need to update those to stop them from being completed in under 5 minutes. (kidding, I like 5 minute 5 man scenarios like these).
  1. Rorcanna's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Exploitbat View Post
    World of Warcraft themed wedding? That's extremely tacky
    Lol, imo, ALL weddings are soulless and boring unless they do something that they really want rather than going by tradition. Nothing tacky about having fun on a big day.
  1. papajohn4's Avatar
    I love the fact that people go mad about "rehashed content" when an old and awesome dungeon comes up to date, but then in the poll those dungeons are among the favorite dungeons (since is in the bottom of blacklisted dungeons). Me personally I love the vanilla and some of the Lich King dungeons, not because of mechanics but because of the settings, lore and the atmosphere . I am looking forward for the new BRD in WoD.

    Most of all, I hope one day Blizzard will make all content scalable like GW2. Wow has a 10 years of content and we only play the last month addition everything below the last patch is inefficient/outdated content. That is a shame. Imagine you can go in any place in wow, in every dungeon/raid and be rewarded for your level... no more grey quests, no more outdated zones, just pick the zone that you like to go in the current moment and go play there!
  1. Salech's Avatar
    I would prefer if you could blacklist all the pandaria dungeons.
  1. Dhru's Avatar
    OMG, you are like me! "Poll - Dungeon Blacklist"
    The result of the poll is what I think about the MoP dungeons.
    In the result of the poll: I hate the fiirst two (if I get this with DF I will leave the party instantly), 3-4 are crap and have got a bad taste of wasting time, 5-7 are not so good but I can enjoy those sometimes and 8-9 are the best for me.
  1. Krasomir's Avatar
    Gnomeregan ! :-)
  1. Schintus's Avatar
    Attention MMO-Champion devs:

    It's annoying to open every image seperately...
  1. Vegas82's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Salech View Post
    I would prefer if you could blacklist all the pandaria dungeons.
    And you can!!! It's called not running LFD.
  1. Ooshraxa's Avatar
    They need to add The Oculus to that blacklist. Just so I could blacklist it. Retroactively. With prejudice. The amount of times that I've effectively solo'ed that dungeon because the rest of the PUG was messing around somewhere... argh!
  1. apepi's Avatar
    The little girl with the weapon, I thought it was cute and was scared at the same time.
  1. Azerox's Avatar
    Alot of peope choosing Siege...

    Strange, that is a easy walktrough dungeon imo.

    Shado pan is the one that irritates me most
  1. crazyboris's Avatar
    Brides are dwarfs
  1. Farabee's Avatar
    Dungeons should never have forced RP. Ever. Once you outgear them, nobody should be forced to sit around and hurl sap bombs at stuff while some panda and mantid trade jabs, or sit there while a fish-guy summons elementals that die in 5 seconds flat, one by one. I want to get in, get my JP and get out. A good instance is one that gives you trash and bosses to kill, not makes you sit there and listen to a story hundreds of times that you've heard before. Blizzard needs to realize this and let us move on when the boss HP hits zero and not put a bunch of instakill mobs in the door while the guy gets eaten by dogs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azerox View Post
    Alot of peope choosing Siege...

    Strange, that is a easy walktrough dungeon imo.

    Shado pan is the one that irritates me most
    It's because the 2nd boss is the most boring and tedious thing ever. At least the RP event in Shado-Pan can be sped up by killing stuff faster, and you can even skip the 2nd boss's specials by zerging him fast enough. In Siege you are forced to sit there while the mantid slowly walk up the stairs. Melee can just go AFK.
  1. Epijunky's Avatar
    Please tell me if you guys made any changes to the level 90 talents for Mages, so that we are not required to stand in something or have a cast time just to get a damage buff?? Hopefully it will be good changes to those talents.
  1. Townsend's Avatar
    WoW-themed wedding? Which boss yell would you pick to respond to "Speak now or forever hold your peace"?

    Yogg-Saron: Eternal suffering awaits!
  1. Janon's Avatar
    Triple hurray for geek wed <3
    This is mine

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