Update (9:45 PM EST): Added Blackhand's model

Warlords of Draenor Beta - Second Round of Information
Things are going to take a little longer than normal with all of the changes, but our team is hard at work and we're making amazing progress. Don't miss our Day 1 progress!

This is just a couple of the things we've found so far, check back often for more updates!

New Zone Maps

Draenor World Map
We have a preview of what Draenor will look like, constructed from the game's minimap files!

New Icons

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  1. UnifiedDivide's Avatar
    Velen's epic beard of epic...
  1. Malizio's Avatar
    Must see the other warlords.

    Very happy with Thrall, Grom and Velen so far.
  1. sys01's Avatar
    That badass armor on Grom... damn, I want similar stuff in CMs.
  1. Yarathir's Avatar
    Those Durotan eyes peeking up from under the hood. xD

    Those are just comical.
  1. Dragoon's Avatar
    I figured Grommash would be standing more straight like in the promotional pictures.
  1. Venefico's Avatar
    Good to see he called the image "spacegoatVelen.jpg"
  1. Constellation's Avatar
    I dont wanna go to bed now ;<
  1. Snes's Avatar
    Velen looks badass.

    I hope we get to see him vaporize someone with holy light.
  1. Tehterokkar's Avatar
    Those models are sexy.

    Also Draenei model hype!
  1. oomu's Avatar
    the artwork is always beautiful with blizzard. wow.
  1. Balrog's Avatar

    When he started out, he was an outcast. Then he proved his worth and his determination, gained the respect of his peers, grew extremely powerful as time went on... eventually went into self-imposed exile to learn more powers from even more powerful beings, and then comes back to kick more ass against his old friend he always refused to kill and believed could be redeemed.. then starts wearing a long trenchcoat and looking like an ermit.

  1. Boxerlol's Avatar
    I mean... these models are just incredible, can't wait to see what they do with the others, especially with Nerzhul and Guldan!
  1. wonderlust's Avatar
    Velen looks amazing.
    Thrall looks kinda bald.
  1. Xinkir's Avatar
    Velen and Durotan look like beasts!
  1. Ickabob's Avatar
    I personally can't wait to see all the new creature and pet models. Amazing model work, as usual!
  1. MrExcelion's Avatar
    So that new look Thrall was real
  1. Fullmetal89's Avatar
    Velen's model looks very good. All the orcs look pretty bad, they kept the peon orc hunch, and Thrall looks terrible lol. The samurai pony tail looks horrible on Thrall.
  1. Terminal Lance's Avatar
    Gives me a server error message when I try to look up Thrall's updated model.
    Damn, these look SAVAGE doe..
  1. Magemaer's Avatar
    All looking good, except Thrall who's looking like a pimp.
  1. Adramalech's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RedMosquito View Post
    Thrall looks kinda bald.
    Draenor fashion.

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