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Warlords of Draenor Beta - Second Round of Information
Things are going to take a little longer than normal with all of the changes, but our team is hard at work and we're making amazing progress. Don't miss our Day 1 progress!

This is just a couple of the things we've found so far, check back often for more updates!

New Zone Maps

Draenor World Map
We have a preview of what Draenor will look like, constructed from the game's minimap files!

New Icons

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  1. Kryss's Avatar
    Thrall is too human-like. He could benefit from more hair and more armor pieces instead of this trench coat totally out of place (Clint Eastwood, anyone?).
  1. Mgann-Morzz's Avatar
  1. urieliszcze's Avatar
    Blackhand made me lol.
  1. Deathlord666's Avatar
    Why the fuck is Grommash one of the most honorable orcs who gave his own life to free the hellscream clan from the curse brought down by the pitlord & trained thrall leader of the frost wolf clan to take over leading both his clan & his own after the merger when he passed coming back as a red skin Orc & then u hint that he tampered with powers out of his control in the pre-soo content cinematic way to villainize one of the greatest Orc heroes of the horde good job story artist at blizzard golfclap you've officially ruined Warcraft for me

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah 2 of the heroes here are dead so either a this expansion sends us back in time or b they're resurrecting them either way this consistent back & forth with story content oh classic is suppose to take place more or less during & after Warcraft 3 that's why u kept adding & removing content then altering quest lines like 50times right? Bc is after Warcraft 3 really so why is the reign of chaos still in the dark portal while illidan has the scar on his chest from when Arthas was doin missions as a death knight for the banshee queen sylvanas? It's quite obvious the new story writers you have just breezed through the original Warcraft story line that's not even factoring in Grommash never was born or ever came down from the sickness effecting orcs making them red skin unlike his son. From being exposed to it as a early child so why is he red unless this takes place in the future when he's dead. so what? Thrall is goin to Rez him then he comes back red skinned & Frankenstein? Do you really want to trash such an honorable hero of the horde that way blizzard?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh to top it off you're altering how haste works yet again with dots & hots when you blizzard practically openly admitted to having a hard time balancing pvp partially do to cc dr & a consistent rework patch by patch of rescaling pvp power & resil in fact why did u even add pvp power if you were goin to force scale resil might as well have not even invented the stat. All these new & old changes blizzard still hasn't balanced out & you thought to yourselves hey let's change how haste works with periodic spells cause that's a great idea when you still havnt figured out all these other imbalances & bugs lots of bugs you guys are neglecting to fix or even pay attention too with this new technical support you Blizzard have neglected us your players=customers with this automated support & lack of game masters system. Did you know there is a bug that's been here since mop 5.0 when the expansion came out that's consistently used in arenas where warriors have the ability to charm players & use their spells such as heals on themselves? Like fix your game fix your story cya again in 2 years for the patch you intend to charge us for again for lvl 100-110 or 105 & I'll look at the reviews for balancing & bugs to see if it's worth my time

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh yeah ps diablo 3 is a step back in gameplay from d2 maybe not graphically. But mechanics wise /yawn enjoy yourselves Gayzard Entertainment I call you this because blizzard entertainment died in 2009

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