Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models
We're progressing through the pile of files available in the Warlords of Draenor Alpha and digged up a couple of new models for your pleasure! Really scary hippos and really cute puppies will be in this expansion.


Draenor Ancients


Wolves (Mount Variations)

Pale Orcs

Giant Boar (Mount Variations)



Clefthoof (Mount and Pack Variations)


Orc Clans Totems

Misc / Cutest Puppies Ever

Leaders / NPCs

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  1. Steehl's Avatar
    I... I need to lie down.
  1. Cervantas's Avatar
    All of these new models look great especially loving the Pale Orcs and the Gorens. And the Hippos and Elekks look sick too.
  1. godlessprayer's Avatar
    Wow, really good looking models!

    I'm thrilled
  1. mmocd1d30cd472's Avatar
    lovely level of details... I hope animations keep the pace
  1. mmocb55ce42dea's Avatar
    That Frostwolfpub ----awwwwwwwww
  1. snegro's Avatar
    Seeing those Ancients, wow. Druidism on Draenor intrigues me.
  1. Super Kami Dende's Avatar
    They look amazing.

    To all the people crying that all the creature models would just be recycled from TBC, I fart in your general direction.
  1. Buck-Shot's Avatar
    I WANT a new Sporebat Mount non Blizz store lol..
  1. mmoc8b6e05f44d's Avatar
    Ohhh, I love those boar mounts. Please let them be for both factions. And that Toucan pet!
  1. mmoc5e1b6abb8c's Avatar
    looks awesome
  1. Auxis's Avatar
    I wonder what the Pale Orcs are?

    Also, Goren! Draenor's Murlocs?
  1. mmoc2b606a4969's Avatar
    I hope they turn those hippo's aswell into a mount :P
  1. Donald Hellscream's Avatar
    Blizzard have got to make those hippos tameable!
  1. krunksmash's Avatar
    Now thats the models wow deserves
  1. Auxis's Avatar
    And an unarmored Dread Raven, maybe Anzu before Outland happened?
  1. Lockula's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darkthunder View Post
    Will any of these models be replicated into "Outland" content? Specifically things like the Clefthoof or Talbuk?
    I would say no. Due to the models in "outland" have been effected by the cataclysm of the world being torn apart. As such that is why they look that way.
  1. Kheirn's Avatar
    Angry Talbuk! Angry Elekk!
    So savage!
  1. Keristrasza's Avatar
    Ok those hippo's are too cute! I kiiiinda want that new talbuk and what in the HELL is that three headed plant thing!?
  1. Auxis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaoskadosk View Post
    Angry Talbuk! Angry Elekk! So savage!
    I know. That puppy is feral.
  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Auxis View Post
    I wonder what the Pale Orcs are?

    Also, Goren! Draenor's Murlocs?
    Probably orcs who stayed behind in the slave mines and were warped to move like a

    Also, these all look great! Even the sporebats, of which I've never been a fan.

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