Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models
We're progressing through the pile of files available in the Warlords of Draenor Alpha and digged up a couple of new models for your pleasure! Really scary hippos and really cute puppies will be in this expansion.


Draenor Ancients


Wolves (Mount Variations)

Pale Orcs

Giant Boar (Mount Variations)



Clefthoof (Mount and Pack Variations)


Orc Clans Totems

Misc / Cutest Puppies Ever

Leaders / NPCs

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  1. mikencarly's Avatar
    nice! models
  1. Deuse's Avatar
    AHHH!!! I want all of these mounts NOWWWW!
  1. NotFunny008's Avatar
    The models look great. I don't like Thrall's new bald head. What happened? He does not look like Thrall.
  1. Tyrgannus's Avatar
    12 years later, WoW enemies finally look as good as Final Fantasy 10 enemies.

    12 years later.
  1. Goretex's Avatar
    Badass Thrall is back! He looks amazing and the rest of the orc npc models GJ I am impressed!
  1. Notos's Avatar
    I need those mounts...glad ground mounts are getting a lot of love with the flying restrictions in WoD.
  1. The Aub's Avatar
    I must be the only person who cares about the fact that Wolves and Boars are native to Azeroth and NOT Draenor. It makes no sense for them to be in Draenor when the only reason they're in Outland is because the Orcs took them from Azeroth when the Dark Portal was initially open. In addition, the only reason the Helboars were giant and had spikes was due to the raw fel energy they were exposed to in Hellfire Peninsula. Now they exist in the past and have spikes because SAVAGE... I guess Talbuks needed moar savage too and got spikes coming out of their rears.

    Clefthoof (Clefthooves?) now have tusks? I guess after the portal summoning incident that turned it into Outland there was a huge Ivory shortage and they generously donated their tusks for the good of Orc-kind. Those greedy Elekk held on to theirs. I guess that's why we slaughter them for theirs for the Consortium.

    While I kinda like the updated models, it only looks like 10 new creature models with plenty of colored variants. I'm being generous and including the Kor'kron War Wolf (They just removed the armor) and the Sporebats (which are pretty much recolored). This is pretty much what they've done with every expansion; create a dozen or so "new" models and then recolor them several times over and claim new content.

    As for Thrall, I like his updated look. He has his old Doom Plate back on while still wearing his Shaman trench coat and beads. It's a very nice mesh of what he was and what he has become. People freaking out about his hair are a strange lot. Hairstyles can change and he updated his.

    I really wish Blizzard would not make the hunchbacked Orc mandatory if you want to play one, the only orcs who should be hunchbacked are the Peons. Every other Orc should be as upright as they've made Thrall. That's a major reason I won't ever play a male Orc. Grommash looks like a hulking behemoth, completely unlike how he's always been described.
  1. arakell's Avatar
    I hope i can ride a hippo as a mount.
  1. phelioz's Avatar
    What a beautiful expansion this will be... I hope it's not only the models that look good, but the story they create for this brand new Draenor...
    Not going to lie: hoping to see some demons too, since we still have Gul'dan there, green like he ever was... Updated demons (for a future patch, at least would be awesome for my Lock XD
  1. Protar's Avatar
    The existence of Velen's new model intrigues me. Now obviously there would be a fair bit of pressure to update him because of the Draenei update, but to create an entirely new model for one zone (where a simple polygon increase would have sufficed) is intriguing. It lends some credence to my predictions that MU Velen will have a fair amount of importance in later patches.
  1. Strafer's Avatar
    Damn, that new Wolf model. <3
  1. HeavnlyOdyssey's Avatar
    I can't believe how good the new models look, the detail and animations are just fantastic!
    I'm glad to see that WOW is getting the model overhaul it needed, the games progressed so much even from when I started (WOTLK).
    Well done Blizz, I look forward to getting these beauties-and of course using guildies as hippo fodder as I run like hell.

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