Warlords of Draenor Alpha Models
We're progressing through the pile of files available in the Warlords of Draenor Alpha and digged up a couple of new models for your pleasure! Really scary hippos and really cute puppies will be in this expansion.


Draenor Ancients


Wolves (Mount Variations)

Pale Orcs

Giant Boar (Mount Variations)



Clefthoof (Mount and Pack Variations)


Orc Clans Totems

Misc / Cutest Puppies Ever

Leaders / NPCs

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  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Auxis View Post
    I wonder what the Pale Orcs are?

    Also, Goren! Draenor's Murlocs?
    Probably orcs who stayed behind in the slave mines and were warped to move like a

    Also, these all look great! Even the sporebats, of which I've never been a fan.
  1. Mojo Risin's Avatar
    I bet the Dread Raven's were pretty common as battle mounts or something in Spires of Arak.
  1. Auxis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Keristrasza View Post
    Ok those hippo's are too cute! I kiiiinda want that new talbuk and what in the HELL is that three headed plant thing!?
    Probably a plant pet/hydra-thing from Tanaan.
  1. Skeletroll's Avatar
    Meh, i think i'll use my old talbuk mounts... those new talbuks does not look "cool" at all IMO.
  1. Singularity's Avatar
    This is going to be the best expansion ever. Everything will feel new which is something the game desperately needed.
  1. Lupen202's Avatar
    Oh my god. So many new pets to tame. And those mount versions...

    Just makes me all the more impatient for WoD. If anything else, this certainly will be the most gorgeous expansion.
  1. Wyrt's Avatar
    What did they do to my beautiful talbuks? They orcified them!
  1. De Lupe's Avatar

    /tame beast
  1. EruptorNZ's Avatar
    Shit these look good
  1. Tromage's Avatar
    Pale Orcs

    Looks like Ner'zhul is turning into the LK early on.
  1. Kheirn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    What did they do to my beautiful talbuks? They orcified them!
    They needed more Savage™.
  1. Thagnus's Avatar
    These models are awesome, can't wait for more
  1. Noomz's Avatar
    These models are so amazingly good! So much detail!

    Also, very savage!
  1. Caerule's Avatar
    Hell freaking yeah! Loving these new models!

    Curious about these Pale Orcs though.. Wonder what's up with that.

    Also I want to ride all of these animals!
  1. The-Shan's Avatar
    I assume the Dark Iron are leading the main alliance charge on Draenor, seeing as there are Dark Iron siege tanks there.
  1. PomPomPop's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    Meh, i think i'll use my old talbuk mounts... those new talbuks does not look "cool" at all IMO.
    I too am also a but torn about the new Talbuk models. The talbuks are one of my most favorite mounts but these new models just... It lost the majestic and regal look and made way for *dundundunDUN* savage. More muscles, thicker legs, blockier hooves.

    I like the longer tail though. Meh, I just think the muzzle is bothering me. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see them animated. Did always love the talbuk's 'run' animation, it was very fluid.
  1. voxTree's Avatar
    Clefthoof mounts omg finally
  1. Die Hard's Avatar
    Wow, i am really liking the new animal models! Very detailed, especially looking forward to wolf mount
  1. aycheff's Avatar
    Waiting for one of the Pale Orcs to have a name similar to Gollum from LotR and some kinda quest involving a ring or something. Blizzard, make it happen!
  1. Tromage's Avatar
    IF Draenor has Ancients does that mean Dreanor has a world tree? or a emerald dream aswell?

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