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Introducing Azeroth Choppers

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Earlier today, we announced the Azeroth Choppers head-to-head match-up between the Horde and Alliance, and we’re very excited to share the upcoming episodes and final bike creations with you. We saw a few questions following the announcement and wanted to take a moment to clarify things.

First, we want to make it clear that players globally will be able to vote for their favorite faction bike—either Alliance or Horde. Second, the bike that receives the most votes will then be made into a faction-specific-only mount and be available FREE to all players (usable when playing characters of the winning faction, of course). Your vote will be very important and could just be the one that lands your favorite faction a shiny new mount. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, check it out here and stay tuned to Azerothchoppers.com for more details!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Led by legendary chopper builder Paul Jr., Team Horde will face off against Team Alliance to determine which epic custom-built bike will come out on top in the ultimate showdown. When the dust settles and the final designs are revealed it will be YOUR vote that decides which of these mechanical marvels will be recreated as an in-game mount.

Meet the Blizzard Teams

  • Sam Didier
  • Jason Hutchins
  • Gary Platner

  • Chris Metzen
  • Terran Gregory
  • Monte Krol

Don’t miss out on all of the action! Azeroth Choppers premieres 4.17.14 on http://www.AzerothChoppers.com
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  1. crzyman007's Avatar
    Cool stuff. Couldnt believe what my eyes had seen
  1. MrExcelion's Avatar
    I expect a lot of comments about why Metzen isn't on the Horde team lol (or that "raid tier" meme). Wonder if it'll be Engineering crafted.
  1. Kaneiac's Avatar
    oh god. what?
  1. QwertySham's Avatar
    lol sick idea
  1. ForPandaria's Avatar
    It's kind of late in the month for jokes isn't it? Like 9 days late?
  1. Tikiya's Avatar
    haha I will totally watch this.
  1. Mepeteatu's Avatar
    As long as its a new Engi recipe and not a store mount....

    I'll be ok with this.
  1. Rhiziana's Avatar
    Chris Metzen on alliance?
    Lol wut
  1. Keile's Avatar
    ....I thought this was a late April fools until I actually saw Paul Jr....

    I might watch this, I'm not a motorcycle guy myself but I enjoy the building process/designs....I just hope they keep the American Chopper "drama" out of this....all that forced (likely scripted) drama got annoying on their actual show.
  1. squid's Avatar
    Clearly Horde side will win. They shouldn't have divided it by faction, now whichever gets voted in will be "Faction Favouritism" forever.
  1. Timp's Avatar
    The fuck did I just watch ?
  1. Fullmetal89's Avatar
    "Alright guys let's gear up for them micro-transactions." Seriously this should have been the April Fools. Is this what they mean when we can't update 'x' because it will cost us a raid tier?
  1. Takoshell's Avatar
    Yay! Another microtransaction mount!
  1. Keile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mepeteatu View Post
    As long as its a new Engi recipe and not a store mount....

    I'll be ok with this.
    no...it should just be a freebie to all players for a short period of time, imo.
  1. taheen74's Avatar
    I'll have to keep my Mom up to date on this- she's the biker of the family.
  1. Znarkharka's Avatar
    That's just Epic.
  1. Fenwicked's Avatar
    Cool idea, but the designs won't matter. Players will just vote on their faction's bike.
  1. Layla's Avatar
    This is costing us a raid content
  1. mmoc058e0f1fe5's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MrExcelion View Post
    I expect a lot of comments about why Metzen isn't on the Horde team lol (or that "raid tier" meme). Wonder if it'll be Engineering crafted.
    he wants to support alliance because he spent 10 years developing lore content for horde.
    He wants to make it up, kind of...
  1. Zephriel's Avatar
    Less Choppers and more expansion.... I can't handle any more Heroic SoO farming... Let it end!

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